How Health Labs Care Runs 600+ Brand Ambassadors with only 3 Influencer Marketers

Health Labs Care is an online retailer & distributor of wellness & fitness products. Based in Poland, they make & sell everything from dietary supplements to cosmetics, skincare & beauty care products. In 2020, Health Labs brought in Aleksander Kopyt as Head of Affiliate Marketing to make their influencer marketing program infinitely scalable.

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2+ years

using Modash API

600+ influencers

vetted & recruited using Modash data

3 influencer marketers

managing the entire program
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"Right now, data is king, data is money. Modash is data, so by the law of transitive property, it follows that Modash is money!"

Aleksander Kopyt
Head of Affiliate Marketing, Health Labs Care

How do you fill up a CRM with accurate influencer data at scale?

Nothing Health Labs Care does is by chance. 

Launched in 2019, the online retailer quickly became one of the leading dietary supplement brands in the Polish market. Pharmaceutical giant UPS Group took notice & acquired a majority stake in 2022. 

Part of the blazing fast & continued success of Health Labs Care lands squarely at the feet of Aleksander Kopyt. Aleks joined the company as Head of Affiliate Marketing with a vision & a masterplan. 

“My first objective was to create a foolproof CRM system that we could use to optimize & automate as many tasks as possible to support our influencer marketing managers.” 

He knew that the only way to scale influencer marketing & keep it profitable was to make the process as efficient as possible. With full backing from the founder, Aleks dug in. 

The first challenge? How do you kick an influencer marketing program into high gear to meet ambitious eCommerce goals while also building a one-stop CRM shop?

Modash API – the bridge between influencer data & sales data

Aleks was already using Modash at his previous employer. It was a no-brainer to bring it over to Health Labs & continue using the platform. 

“One of the main reasons I chose Modash was the people. When you meet someone who believes in their product & you see their eyes sparkling when they're talking about all the ideas they want to implement & then you see new features coming out every quarter? That’s something I can rely on & believe in.”

It was a natural next step to add the API to support key data points to the internal CRM they were building.

Health Labs pulls influencer profile information, profile analytics, audience data & post data from Modash.

Examples of that data:

Profile Information Data Profile Analytics Data Audience Data Posts Data
Name Total media count Audience locations Media file and link
Username Engagements Languages Caption
Profile image Engagement rate Audience interests Author
Followers Follower growth Audience age groups Media type
Contact info (email, other socials) Interests Audience genders Hashtags
Account type (e.g. business/creator) Creator location Brand affinity Users tagged
Description / Bio Profile lookalikes Audience lookalikes Engagements
Profiles mentioned Paid post performance Credibility (fake followers) Media comments
Verified or not (Instagram) Average likes / reel plays / comments Notable followers

Pulling data from Modash doesn’t only help the influencer marketers at Health Labs to make key decisions during recruitment, but gives them information they can use to optimize campaigns in the future.

As influencer data is pulled into their CRM, Health Labs combines it with data from other sources giving them the ability to make in-depth analyses. They use sales data to find patterns between the profiles of creators that perform well & then look for other creators with similar profiles. 

No more guessing or hoping that a campaign goes well. This data-led approach makes sure that every campaign is more optimized than the last. 

Modash Platform - Strategic decisions & daily tracking

In addition to the API, Aleks & the team use the Modash platform to make other strategic decisions when selecting the right brand ambassadors for each campaign. 

Notably, the Audience Overlap feature gives them a way to control the perception of their brand. Since influencer marketing at Health Labs is less about reach, and more about sales, they use Audience Overlap to identify influencers who share the same followers at a high rate. 

“We wanted to create an impression in the heads of the followers that everyone is using this product. Sure, this influencer uses it, but so does my colleague Chris. This is the combination we wanted to hit and we got the sales to prove it worked. That wouldn’t have been possible without Modash’s Audience Overlap.”

Since Modash lists every influencer with over 1K followers on Instagram, TikTok & YouTube, Health Lab is able to also find smaller social media users whose followers are mostly coworkers, friends & family. This means they’re able to use influencer marketing & word-of-mouth marketing seamlessly.

With his experience in Affiliate Marketing & the nature of dietary supplements, Aleks prefers to run long-term commission-based collaborations without a strict number of deliverables. This strategy brings an extra set of challenges, specifically in collecting content. 

Everyday, Health Labs Care also uses Modash’s Monitoring tool to collect their brand ambassador’ content.

The team no longer needs all hands on deck to take screenshots of content to keep a record of who posted. With Modash, one person manually tracks certain content while the majority is automatically collected in Modash. 

Recruit, vet & manage 600+ brand ambassadors with only 3 influencer marketers

Since 2020, Aleks has built a fully functional CRM that not only automates much of the team's processes but also gives them accurate data to make smarter decisions; they only need 3 influencer marketers to recruit, vet & manage 600+ brand ambassadors. 

“Modash is our essential partner in very modern, data-driven influencer marketing. Without Modash, it’d be impossible for us to build our CRM with the resources we have.”

Looking to the future, Aleks’ focus remains on completing his master plan of a one-stop CRM for the influencer marketers on his team. He knows he’ll have succeeded once they no longer need Modash the platform for any of their daily processes.

Until then, the team continues to use parts of Modash & the Modash API to grow & experiment with new social media channels & partnerships. 

When asked how he’d describe Modash to others looking for an influencer marketing tool, he says:  

"Right now, data is king because data is money. Modash is data, so by the law of transitive property, it follows that Modash is money!"

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