How NordVPN Uses Modash to Find YouTubers for 100+ Collabs Per Month

If you haven’t seen a NordVPN integration on YouTube, you’re probably not on YouTube enough. Established in 2012, cybersecurity software NordVPN has been on the influencer beat for over 4 years. We spoke to influencer marketing manager Laura Garsdal to learn how Modash supports the 14-strong team with their awareness & acquisition efforts.

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3 years

using Modash

⏰ 2 hours ⏰

saved each day vetting influencer profiles before reaching out

100 collabs

a month (new & recurring)
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Before Modash, I had to search for profiles manually. With Modash, I find creators that actually match our targets & our needs and I do it faster!

Laura Garsdal
‍Influencer Marketing ManagerNordVPN

Digging through 51 million YouTube channels to find the right influencers

NordVPN is no stranger to influencer marketing. They’ve been using influencers to drive brand awareness, brand trust, and revenue for over 4 years.

After many experiments across different social media platforms, they found that YouTube is the best platform to showcase the capabilities of their cybersecurity product.

With over 51 million YouTube channels this presents a challenge for NordVPN. How do they find and select the right creators for their brand?

Influencer Marketing Manager Laura Garsdal keeps it simple – know your audience.

Using Modash to find YouTube creators with the right audience demographics
“I’ve been working with Modash for over 3 years. Previously, I was at a beauty brand and when I started at NordVPN I told my team lead, "I'm going to need Modash.”

With Modash and a very good understanding of their target audience, NordVPN follows an audience-led influencer strategy when finding YouTube influencers to partner with. Before even looking at the creator stats, they first run an audience search focusing on a specific list of demographics.

“Modash helps us find the channels that match our target audience better & faster”

By using Modash, NordVPNs influencer marketers can easily narrow down YouTube channels by audience demographics like gender, age & location.

Once they’ve identified the YouTube channels with the right audiences, they can focus on qualitative aspects of their decision making. 

“We look at what kind of videos they make. We look at the topics they cover that we know work for us, like travel, remote work, anything where internet security might be an issue or there is a need to secure content access from home while traveling.”

NordVPN also uses Modash to get contact details for creators they want to reach out to. Laura downloads all the creator emails she needs from Modash Lists – making her workflow far simpler. 

“I had a task where I had to find a list of 200 influencers to reach out to. I searched around 800 profiles to find the good ones. Before Modash, I had to search for profiles manually. With Modash, I find creators that actually match our targets & our needs and I do it faster”

2 hours saved a day by removing manual vetting

Today, influencer marketing at NordVPN supports all other marketing channels including ads and SEO. Video integrations and more recently Instagram Stories help raise awareness of the brand and directly impact revenue goals.

As all marketers know, once a channel starts getting traction like this, the next step is to streamline processes and scale the initiative.

Laura gives Modash props for not only helping her streamline the discovery process, but also completely erase the frustratingly manual process of getting insights directly from influencers.

“Asking influencers for metrics regarding their audiences can sometimes be complicated. With Modash I'm able to find all the information I need with a few clicks before reaching out to any influencers.”

How much time does Laura think Modash saves her on average?

“Modash saves me about 1-2 hours a day when I’m searching profiles and list gathering.”

When you’re running 100 different collabs a month, every minute saved counts big.

NordVPN doesn’t rest on their YouTube laurels. They’re always testing to find new awareness & acquisition channels to further the success of their influencer marketing efforts. Currently, Instagram is on the testing block where Modash also plays a supporting role.  

“I use the Audience Interest filter a lot for our Instagram campaigns to find audiences who are interested in certain topics. And the Fake Follower rate feature comes in handy when choosing which influencers we’ll add to our list.”

As NordVPN tries to find the perfect recipe for Instagram influencer marketing, Modash is proud to stand next to them as they take the world by storm.

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