Influencer Search Engine: Filter 250M+ Influencers

Search & filter every creator on Earth for Instagram, YouTube & TikTok. Find the perfect influencers for your brand.

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Join 1,400+ marketing teams at globally-loved brands using Modash

Filter 250M+ profiles to always find the right influencers

Never run out of options or settle for kiiinda works again. Using your filters, Modash surfaces countless creators for you to choose from —no matter the size, location or niche.

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Check the performance, audience demographics & posts of any creator

Forget working in the dark. Instead, see what’s happening behind-the-profile and make smart, confident decisions about your influencer partnerships.

14-day free trial・No credit card required

Every country. Every niche. Every creator.

Find more potential partners than ever before. If you're wondering: "Does Modash list creators in X?", the answer is yes.

No matter which country, which city, or which niche you're looking for -- Modash can help you find the perfect-fit influencers that meet your criteria.

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Check if you have influential followers

People who already love your brand make for the best collabs. Connect your account, and use Modash to check your existing followers to find influencers.

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Make sure creators are a good fit BEFORE you reach out

Outreach is one of the most time consuming parts of influencer marketing. Skip the part where you send an email asking for performance & audience screenshots.

Modash has all the data you need. Fake follower checks, engagement rate, follower growth rate, audience data (locations, ages, genders, languages), and more.

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Find creator or audience lookalikes; grow faster by doing more of what works

Use lookalike searches to find influencers & audiences similar to the ones that worked best for your brand.

Replicate your successes faster & more reliably. Partner with hundreds of influencers that effectively promote your brand.

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Discover influencers on Instagram, YouTube, & TikTok

Modash gives you access to every influencer in the world, on 3 major platforms: Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

You know everything about their performance and you know that there are thousands like them who reach your audience.

That power allows you to discover every option and make the right decision, quickly. Never feel stuck again.

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Modash's founder on stage interviewing with Kipwise founder

“We have run thousands of searches through Modash without fail, finding influencers for clients like Aldi UK and Warner Leisure Hotels. Within a few clicks, there are results we're super happy with.”

Paul Strong
Creative Director at Hoopla Marketing UK

Modash discovery tool FAQs

What is influencer discovery?

Influencer discovery is the process of finding influencers that are the right fit to promote your brand or product.

How many influencers are in the Modash database?

Modash simply lists every creator on Earth with 1k+ followers across Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. That’s over 200M+ profiles; the largest database on the market, and it grows every day.

Which discovery filters are available?

There are filters available for the influencer, and for their audience – and they vary slightly per platform. Influencer filter examples: location, follower range, engagement rate, language, bio keywords, hashtags used, and more. Audience filter examples: location (city/country), gender, interests, fake followers, and more. See all available filters by signing up for a free trial.

Can you use Modash to discover micro influencers?

Yes! A ‘micro influencer’ would typically be defined by their number of followers. In Modash, you can simply apply a filter to only see influencers with a follower range between X and Y (e.g. 10k-25k). Combine those with other filters like interests, keywords, and audience locations to find the perfect fit.

Can Modash help with vetting influencers too?

Yes. Every influencer you discover can be analyzed inside Modash. You can check quantitative factors like engagement rate & fake followers, see audience breakdown by locations & gender, check their recent posts, lookalikes, and more.

Modash makes your business grow faster

Quickly find influencers, analyze their audiences, export data and build world-class influencer programs.

Recruit 2 influencers into monthly programs per month and have thousands of monthly conversions in 1 year.

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