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Search & filter every creator on Earth for the big 3 platforms. Find the perfect influencers, analyze their profiles, get contact emails, & more.

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Search & filter every creator on Earth

Modash lists every creator on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok with 1k+ followers. That's 200M profiles. Your perfect partners are in there; you just have to find them. Here's some examples of the filters you can use to search.

Influencer filters

Locations & languages
Follower range
Engagement rate
Bio keywords & hashtags
Hashtags used
Growth rate

Audience filters

Locations (city/country)
Demographics (age/gender)
Fake followers
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Analyze audience & performance data

Before you even reach out, use Modash to ensure they're a good fit. Check their audience locations, age, & gender -- their engagement rates & growth rates, check for fake followers, and more. All in one place.

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Find influencer contact emails in bulk

If there's an email address publicly available, Modash will find it (in 1 click).

Whether it's one influencer or hundreds, you can find (and export) all available email addresses, ready for outreach.

Drastically cut down the time you spend on influencer recruitment.

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Modash's founder on stage interviewing with Kipwise founder

“We have run thousands of searches through Modash without fail, finding influencers for clients like Aldi UK and Warner Leisure Hotels. Within a few clicks, there are results we're super happy with.”

Paul Strong
Creative Director at Hoopla Marketing UK

Modash influencer search engine FAQs

How many influencers are in the Modash database?

Modash simply lists every creator on Earth with 1k+ followers across Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. That’s over 200M+ profiles; the largest database on the market, and it grows every day.

Which influencer search filters are available?

There are filters available for the influencer, and for their audience – and they vary slightly per platform. Influencer filter examples: location, follower range, engagement rate, language, bio keywords, hashtags used, and more. Audience filter examples: location (city/country), gender, interests, fake followers, and more. See all available filters by signing up for a free trial.

Can you use Modash to discover micro influencers?

Yes! A ‘micro influencer’ would typically be defined by their number of followers. In Modash, you can simply apply a filter to only see influencers with a follower range between X and Y (e.g. 10k-25k). Combine those with other filters like interests, keywords, and audience locations to find the perfect fit.

Can Modash help with vetting influencers too?

Yes. Every influencer you discover can be analyzed inside Modash. You can check quantitative factors like engagement rate & fake followers, see audience breakdown by locations & gender, check their recent posts, lookalikes, and more.