Scaling Influencer Marketing by Building Internal Software with Andrei Gigîrtu (AdoreMe)

AdoreMe’s VP of Software Incubation Andrei Gigîrtu comes on the pod to share his experiences on building tech for influencer marketing. From 0 to a thriving community of 6000 creators, hear how AdoreMe leveraged software to reach their goals.

Today's guest

Andrei Gigîrtu
VP of Software Incubation @ AdoreMe
As VP of Software Incubation & former Head of Business Software, Andrei Gigîrtu cut his teeth at AdoreMe helping the company scale from 0 to $100 million. Andrei is also the founder of Foodkit – the first sous-vide cooked, vacuum packed and delivered meals business in Romania.

Show notes

Acquired by Victoria Secret for $400 million in 2022, AdoreMe is a direct to consumer lingerie brand headquartered in New York City.

VP of Software Incubation Andrei Gigîrtu was part of the meteoric rise of the brands and he and Avery discuss the ins and outs of scaling influencer marketing from a tech point of view.

Some nuggets you'll uncover in this episode:

  • Why you don’t need engineers to start experimenting 
  • How a design thinking workshop changed clarified their offer to influencers
  • Why he takes a sustainable systems approach to goal setting 

Highlights & timestamps

  • [01:15] The function of creators at Adore me 
  • [02:31] How AdoreMe manages 6000 creators in their network: what is expected of creators?
  • [7:15] How the digital culture of AdoreMe drove their influencer marketing strategy
  • [09:05]  Why AdoreMe chose to start with a simple chatbot  & a crazy goal
  • [13:14] Why the team decided to run a Design Thinking workshop to understand influencers & the outcome
  • [17:05] What ties empathy for the creator & building a sustainable process together
  • [12:36] How investing in relationships led to opportunities for surprising opportunities for AdoreMe
  • [20:24] The moment Andrei decided that influencer marketing was a worthy pursuit, even before they had established ROI
  • [23:15] Evolving from simple chat functionality to building a platform designed for insights & automation
  • [26:01] How the team is structured & how they approach collaborations today
  • [31:28] Andrei’s advice to other marketers: choosing between scrappiness for a goal vs building sustainable systems
  • [35:15] Why experimentation is more important than anything else

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