Influencer Marketing In A Highly Regulated Industry With Maia Pedro (Bitpanda)

Maia Pedro is building the influencer marketing global team at BitPanda from scratch. Avery talks to Maia about how to approach influencer marketing in a highly regulated industry, the importance of creator briefing, and everything in between.

Today's guest

Maia Pedro
Influencer Marketing Team Lead @ Bitpanda
Formerly at Bolt, Maia is building the influencer marketing function at BitPanda. He uses a data-driven approach to make partnerships a profitable acquisition channel.

Show notes

Formerly at Bolt, Maia Pedro is the Influencer Marketing Team Lead at Bitpanda, an Austrian investment platform for crypto, stocks, EFTs & more.

Maia & Avery talk about everything he's learned from starting and growing an influencer team in the crypto space (a highly regulated industry).

Some nuggets you'll uncover in this episode:

  • Why Maia's briefs are never longer than 3 pages
  • Why sharing your expectations with creators is fundamental to good relationships
  • How Bitpanda handle content approvals with complex regulations in different countries
  • The core audiences Bitpanda want to reach (and why they look outside of crypto creators)
  • How you can teach creators what's working from past campaigns

Highlights & timestamps

  • [05:12] What was Maia's first priorities when starting as influencer team lead at BitPanda?
  • [06:26] Hiring influencer marketing agencies for BitPanda to move faster
  • [07:55] Agency vs. in-house: what's the long-term plan for BitPanda?
  • [09:55] BitPanda's objective with influencer marketing & how they developed an influencer strategy
  • [11:15] The 4 key audiences BitPanda targeted with creators (spoiler: only 1 of them is crypto fans)
  • [11:52] Why marketers need to look outside of their core niche to find creator partnerships
  • [14:09] How Bitpanda collaborate with creators to craft a 3-part story around crypto (when they don't usually post about crypto)
  • [17:23] How Bitpanda approach onboarding & briefing with new creators
  • [22:26] Attribution & tracking: the process Maia went through to track as much performance data as possible
  • [31:25] Teaching your creators what kind of content converts best
  • [35:46] The content approval process for influencer creatives at BitPanda
  • [42:03] Communicating regulations & disclose requirements to creators
  • [50:12] A general overview of BitPanda's influencer marketing: processes, number of creators, priorities

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