Influencer Outreach With Email: Learnings From Sending 1M Emails With Nikola Sokolov

Nikola Sokolov shares what he's learned from his team sending 1 million emails per MONTH to creators.

Today's guest

Nikola Sokolov
Since founding Influencers. Club in 2018, Nikola has played a vital role in the creator economy space. Nikola took his experience in both the US and European markets & built a place for more than 50 like-minded professionals to work towards a brighter creator future.

Show notes

Nikola Sokolov is CEO of Influencers Club, who run large scale outreach campaigns targeting creators (1M+ emails sent per month 🤯).

As an internal influencer marketing team, it'd take years to gather as many learnings as Influencers Club gets every week. So, let's skip the learning curve & hear all the best practices for creator outreach from Nikola, including:

👉Figuring out who are the right creators to reach out to

👉Figuring out the right message to reach out to those people

👉Figuring out the right time to reach out to those people

... and if that isn't enough, we get into even more nitty gritty influencer outreach questions:

  • Should I use emails, or DMs?
  • What kind of reply rates should you look for before considering automation?
  • How to handle gatekeepers (managers/agencies)
  • What to include in the perfect outreach message
  • What should be the CTA in your first outreach?

Highlights & timestamps

  • [07:10] The first step: deciding the perfect type of creator to reach out to
  • [09:00] Figuring out the target creator for a hypothetical wine delivery brand
  • [15:12] How to actually begin the outreach process
  • [16:20] Writing & personalizing an effective influencer outreach message to get a 'yes'
  • [17:55] A common outreach mistake: writing emails that are too long
  • [18:38] More outreach mistakes: poor personalization (and how to do it right)
  • [21:03] How do you know when it's time to start introducing automation to outreach
  • [24:20] Quick tips: simple things you can implement to improve your outreach fast
  • [26:29] Why plain text emails beat fancy HTML emails with design
  • [29:57] The important metrics in a cold outreach campaign & how to optimize
  • [38:00] What changes between managed creators & independent creator outreach?
  • [44:07] Which is better for influencer outreach: DMs, or emails?
  • [47:54] When should you use multichannel outreach? When does it not make sense?

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