Intro To Influencer-Led Live Shopping With Fabian Ouwehand (HSE Hello)

As the undisputed European Champion of Live Shopping, Fabian Ouwehand is the best person to chat with about social commerce & live shopping. Fabian shares his experiences with Live Shopping in China. (Spoiler: Creators are doing 100 different streams simultaneously!)

Today's guest

Fabian Ouwehand
Senior Director Social Commerce @ HSE
After building & exiting a creator management company, Fabian is now working on building a billion-dollar revenue stream at HSE using live shopping with influencers.

Show notes

After spending time working in China with Douyin (the TikTok-equivalent), Fabian brought his experience west and joined HSE to implement social commerce strategies into a traditional live shopping business model.

Fabian & Avery talk about how brands can introduce live shopping as part of their acquisition strategy (+ involve creators in the process).

Some nuggets you'll uncover in this episode:

  • How much budget you'll need to test live shopping with influencers
  • Why TikTok & Twitch creators are typically better than YouTube/Instagram for live shopping collabs
  • What kind of products work well with live shopping?
  • How the future of live shopping with creators looks

Highlights & timestamps

  • [00:51] Fabian's background, and how he got into social commerce / live shopping in China
  • [04:25] The business model behind teleshopping companies like HSE & QVC & how they collab with creators
  • [08:54] Fabian's role at HSE: bringing creators & social to a traditional telesales business model
  • [16:55] The common pitfalls & mistakes brands make when adding a creator to their live shopping strategy
  • [20:50] A hypothetical example: how a pretend gymwear brand could introduce live shopping with creators
  • [25:00] How much should you be ready to spend to test live shopping with influencers?
  • [26:07] How to find creators for live shopping collabs
  • [28:43] What kind of products work well with live shopping?
  • [32:18] The north star performance metric for live shopping
  • [34:15] At what point do you decide it's working & ready to scale?
  • [40:07] How Fabian thinks about training creators to be successful at live streaming

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