The Personal Touch In Managing Influencer Relationships With Georgia Humphries (Tourlane)

Tourlane drive up to €700k/month in revenue from influencer collabs. Hear from Georgia about their strategy, why they don't automate, how they select influencers for $10k+ collabs, and more!

Today's guest

Georgia Humphries
Senior Partnerships & Influencer Manager @ Tourlane
A Brit living in Berlin, Georgia has 7 years experience in influencer marketing. She joined Tourlane in 2021 & scaled the channel from 0 to 4 full-time marketers and up to €700k/month in revenue.

Show notes

Tourlane is like the personal travel butler of your dreams. They book up to 10% of their revenue through influencer collabs, and Georgia is the mastermind behind the whole strategy.

Georgia & Avery talk about how influencer marketing works at Tourlane, including managing relationships, selection, measurement, and more.

Some nuggets you'll uncover in this episode:

  • Why travel influencers aren't the best performers for Tourlane
  • The criteria Georgia's team use for influencer selection & how Tourlane use Modash to vet influencers
  • How Tourlane came up with those criteria ☝
  • Why Georgia avoids automation, and heavily focuses on personal relationships
  • How to get buy-in for influencer marketing from the wider team

Highlights & timestamps

  • [03:01] A high level overview of how influencer marketing looks & performs at Tourlane
  • [03:49] What a typical collab looks like for Tourlane: what is expected of creators?
  • [06:44] How Tourlane choose creator partners to give free trips worth $5-10k
  • [09:05] The criteria & metrics Georgia's team use in influencer selection
  • [10:07] Tourlane's scorecard of weighted criteria to balance quantitative & qualitative factors
  • [12:36] Why Georgia avoids automation, and heavily focuses on personal relationships
  • [15:11] How Tourlane's team initially figured out who were their best performing collabs
  • [17;32] Why travel influencers are NOT the best perfoming collabs for Tourlane
  • [22:10] Doubling down on deep personal connections with creators
  • [28:24] Negotiating with influencers: how Tourlane managed to pay no $$$ beyond trip costs
  • [33:27] The process for receiving & reviewing inbound applications for collabs
  • [34:40] How Georgie builds excitement & gets buy-in for influencer marketing at Tourlane
  • [39:07] The influencer marketing team structure at Tourlane
  • [39:20] How Georgia approached hiring to expand the team for the first time
  • [44:10] How team member performance is measured
  • [47:15] The performance & success of influencer marketing as a channel for Tourlane

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