Scaling Europe’s Fastest Growing Company With Influencers With Rugile Paleviciute (Kilo Health)

As Head of Partnerships at Kilo Health, Rugile Paleviciute is the perfect person to talk to us about creator partnerships in the consumer mobile app space. In this conversation with Avery Schrader, Rugile shares the unvarnished truth about what it takes to find success with influencer marketing.

Today's guest

Rugile Paleviciute
Head of Partnershipsr @ Kilo Health
With a background in social media & international development, Head of Partnerships Rugile Paleviciute now leads the influencer teams across Kilo Health’s portfolio of brands & products. Rugile is also the founder of Make Fashion Better, a platform to promote brands who adopt sustainable fashion practices.

Show notes

In this episode of the Creator Partnerships Podcast, Rugile Paleviciute shares openly about the trials & tribulations of influencer marketing, what’s working today, and why that’s not a guarantee for the future. 

The conversation covers everything from hiring influencer marketing managers to attribution, as Rugile peppers in her own experiences & stories from managing several brands at the same time.  

Some nuggets you'll uncover in this episode:

  • What you need before starting to invest in influencers
  • Why there’s no guarantee that a campaign will work
  • Why patience is probably the best skill to embody as an influencer marketer

Highlights & timestamps

  • [02:40]  What Kilo Health’s creator relationships look like today
  • [05:01] How the team of 20 influencer marketing managers (plus agencies) are structured
  • [07:27] What skills Rugile looks for when hiring influencer marketing managers 
  • [13:37] How the define performance-driven influencer marketing at Kilo Health 
  • [16:47] The biggest challenge facing influencer marketers is exactly what you think it is.
  • [26:01] Building bridges across the Black Box with attribution & analytics
  • [31:04] How to decide when to take risks in your content
  • [38:41] Rugile’s first campaign & her learnings
  • [40:34] Building authentic & long term relationships 

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