The Surprising Mindset Shift You Need For Successful Creator Partnerships With Siim Säinas (Google)

Google’s Siim Säinas comes on the pod to discuss influencer marketing measurement. In a surprising twist, he shares that creative excellence is the thing that’ll move the needle most substantially.

Today's guest

Siim Säinas
Social Measurement & Insights Manager @ Google
With over 15 years of experience in analytics & data, Siim Säinas is currently the Social Measurement & Insights Manager for Google’s consumer marketing in Social Lab where he oversees 16 markets in APAC. More recently, Siim founded the consumer brand SUMA where they manufacture meditation cushions for all ages.

Show notes

Siim Säinas & Avery cover the past, current, and future of influencer marketing. Siim's thinking on influencer marketing has been shaped from decades spent studying the data & measuring marketing effectiveness.

In an all-encompassing conversation, he shares his thesis that creativity is the only way to unlock massive growth. 

Some nuggets you'll uncover in this episode:

  • How marketers should approach creator partnerships to unlock growth 
  • Why giving creative freedom to creators is so important
  • The future of influencer marketing is messy & ambiguous & why that’s exciting

Highlights & timestamps

  • [05:07] Siim’s major learnings after 12 years measuring influencer partnerships 
  • [05:18] Why new relationships take a lot of effort for the value they provide
  • [08:20] Why marketers are taking the wrong approach to influencer marketing
  • [11:15] The role of the creator & the responsibilities of marketers
  • [12:04] Creative excellence & the change from follower graph to content graph
  • [16:51] Why giving creators creative freedom is imperative to influencer marketing success
  • [20:14] Siim’s & Avery’s thoughts on the future of influencer marketing
  • [24:17] What global companies miss out on when they use checklist & committee marketing 
  • [30:11] The X factor

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