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Invite your team! Announcing Multi-user access for Modash

News and Press
1 min
November 22, 2021

If your influencer partnerships are scaling, your team is growing too.

Until now, it’s been difficult to work with your team in Modash. Sharing emails and passwords are hardly what your security team was hoping for and it creates an extra hassle for managers and their teams.

So we fixed it. You can now invite your team to work in Modash together. 🥳

How to invite your team to Modash

As of today, advanced and enterprise plans have access to additional seats. If you’re on one of these plans, go to your settings page and navigate to the “team members” page. Click the “Invite” button.

Go to settings. Next go to team members. Then click invite!

Multi-user FAQ:

How many team members can I invite?

Visit your plans page to see how many seats you currently have allocated. If you’d like more seats, book a call.

What content can my team access?

Your teammates will be able to view your lists, notes, campaigns and all of their contents.

How are usage limits divided?

Your team shares access to the features and limits associated with your plan.

How can I change roles? What roles or access controls are available for team members?

At the moment, the original “inviter” to a team will be deemed the owner. All of the “invitees” will be members.

Team members are only restricted in doing actions related to billing and plans. To change the owner of your team, contact support at or via the intercom chat bubble on your page.

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