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Bisou Natural uses Modash for rocketship growth in E-commerce

January 23, 2020
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Avery Schrader
Founder & CEO of
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Bisou Natural is a rapidly scaling E-commerce company. After just 1 year of business they have turned influencer marketing into a revenue printing machine selling artisanal air freshening bags. This is the story every Shopify user dreams of.   

Their superwoman founder’s story is not one of a big company with infinite capital, but a small, resourceful team focused on building a top tier consumer goods company. 

They have several lines of beautifully designed, all-natural air purifying bags.

Here’s how they work with influencers and why they choose Modash to make it happen. The subject of our interview is Sheryl, Founder of Bisou Natural.

What does influencer marketing look like at Bisou?

We have scaled influencer marketing super quickly. We worked with over 500 creators after launching our influencer efforts in July 2019. At the moment there are about 10 influencers posting per day and we will see 50-60 per day by the end of February this year. We’re doubling every week. 

Influencers have been our early customers and obviously advocates. We have really strong relationships with them and have gotten their feedback, questions and other important info from them since the beginning.

I personally connect with influencers every day and put a ton of effort into those relationships. At some point I have even spoken to the husband of one of our bigger influencers who had recently had a child to congratulate him.

Why is that influencer connection important for you?

That tight knit relationship with them means they are super aligned with the brand and excited to work with us. They like us, believe in our brand and this allows us to work with huge creators in ways that would otherwise be impossible. We get direct feedback from them and their followers which is extremely valuable in helping us continue building the brand in the right direction.

Keeping in touch with them maintains high ROI and low cost, we’ve even considered bringing some bigger influencers into our ESOP* pool to continue to maintain valuable relationships.

*Note: ESOP is short for employee stock ownership plan. Essentially, this means offering influencers a very small portion of the company in order to keep them personally invested in the success of the business.

What makes Modash the solution for you?

Customer service has been a huge part of our decision making. I think Modash cares very deeply about what customers are saying. Most other providers are rigid and don’t put  in the kind of effort that Modash team does. Based on all the providers we have tried they just seem to care more.

Modash can run at our speed. If we double our influencers every week, Modash is the only platform that can keep up. Modash is also far more in-depth than the other providers which is important when keeping things focused and performant.

Bisou Natural is building a real deal business and we need to work in a data driven, fast and scalable way. With influencers, Modash is the best way to make fast and reliable decisions.

What advice would you give to other teams looking to start and scale with influencers?

You need to know exactly what you’re optimizing for. In our case, we are optimizing for revenue.
Other brands are focused on impressions and trying to be big in brand awareness. That is of course important, but we’re approaching influencers with revenue as the most important metric. 

We’re building a revenue machine, so we need influencers who convert customers. You need to know what you’re looking to accomplish.

Another thing is to look at the data behind your campaign and influencers. The common knowledge or “rule of thumb” is that macro influencers are good for impressions and micro for conversions. Based on our data, we don’t see as simple of a correlation as that, so test and find out what works for you, but use real data to do it.

Also, be systematic. It seems most brands are not putting a thought or framework in place and just shoot from the hip. Think about how you plan to do this and what success means before you start.

And use Modash. We always wonder how to be leaner, better, faster than our competitors, Modash solves a big part of that for us. 

Sheryl and Bisou Natural have had such success with influencer marketing that they are now beginning to offer the service to other E-commerce shops (also supported by Modash), this article will be updated with the link as soon as possible.

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