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6 Fitness Marketing Ideas To Drive New Customers

October 6, 2023
8 min
Rana Bano
Guest Contributor
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The ever-growing demand for fitness supplements, equipment, tech, and apparel—you name it—has made the online fitness niche insanely competitive.

While this increased interest opens up tons of growth opportunities, it also creates an urgent need for e-commerce brands to distinguish themselves from market rivals. And what better way to gain a competitive edge than adopting high-impact fitness brand marketing strategies?

In this guide, we’ll share a mix of proven and creative fitness brand marketing ideas to help you build a sustainable online brand while building customer awareness.

1. Partner with fitness influencers

When it comes to reaching a wider audience and building brand credibility, collaborating with fitness influencers on social media is a solid first step.

Start by finding influencers on Instagram or TikTok who share your brand values and have an engaged following, as well as those who specialize in your niche or cater to the specific audience you're aiming to target. These influencers can help you run co-branded campaigns and feature your products in their content, exposing your brand to their existing audience.

Suppose you're selling fitness equipment. You can partner with a popular fitness influencer to create workout videos showcasing your product. The influencer can then offer exclusive discounts to their followers, creating a buzz around your brand and driving traffic to your e-commerce store.

Now, the burning question: How do you find influencers and creators who reach your target audience? It's easier than you might think.

The answer is Modash, a discovery tool that lists every influencer with over 1K followers across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. You can use it to find fitness influencers that reach your target market, get their emails, and monitor the campaigns you run together.

Try Modash for free to get started with finding fitness influencers.

2.  Leverage engaging user-generated content (UGC)

Invite your existing customers to share their product experiences and success stories on social media using a branded hashtag. This approach not only creates a sense of community around your brand but also serves as social proof, motivating others to get involved. The fact you get free content showcasing your products in action is another significant benefit.An awesome brand that nails this approach is Gymshark. The brand consistently features customers in its TikTok and Instagram posts and campaigns, always using the hashtag #gymshark.

To get more followers to share their best UGC content on TikTok and Instagram, Gymshark holds challenges and contests with incredible prizes. For instance, its '66 Days to Change Your Life' challenge prompted customers to set personal goals, upload an initial photo or video, and then share an updated picture or video 66 days later. The winner had a chance to snag a whole year's supply of Gymshark gear.

Smart, right?

You can also run product seeding campaigns. Send free products to micro influencers, no strings attached. A percentage of those people will post about your product -- generating UGC.

3. Collaborate With popular fitness blogs or websites

Identify a few influential fitness-related blogs or websites with a significant following, and explore collaboration opportunities that benefit both parties. This could involve guest posting on their blogs or sponsoring their newsletters, allowing you to tap into their target audience to generate more leads and traffic.

When creating content for these collaborations, ensure it provides valuable information, is based on the partner blog or website's buyer personas, and follows specified guidelines. At the same time, it should incorporate compelling CTAs linking back to your e-commerce store to increase traffic.

A great example of this strategy in action is the popular fitness wearable brand Fitbit.

Fitbit frequently engages in guest posting on high-DA (domain authority) health and fitness websites like LiveStrong and Healthline. Most of these articles cover related topics such as sleep optimization, exercise science, and overall wellness, but Fitbit also takes advantage of opportunities to create more sales-focused content.

Case in point: This particular article on LiveStrong compares different Fitbit models, showcasing each product's unique features and benefits.

4. Offer a free downloadable fitness guide or eBook

Why not create a valuable resource for your fitness brand? This can be a workout guide, nutrition tips, or even a comprehensive fitness eBook. You can then offer it as a free download on your e-commerce store, but with a small catch.

In exchange for this resource, ask your visitors for their email addresses. This way, you provide value to your audience while also capturing leads for future marketing efforts.

The key here is to create top-notch content that aligns perfectly with your brand's expertise. Once you have your valuable resource ready, start spreading the word. For instance, you can:

  • Promote it through social media
  • Run targeted ads
  • Feature it as gated content on your website.

Let's assume you sell health supplements. You can offer a free downloadable eBook (think: "The Ultimate Guide to Oral Supplements for Optimal Fitness Performance" or whatever you like) to attract potential customers who are interested in fitness and nutrition. It's a win-win situation—your audience gets valuable information, and you can connect with your target customers on a deeper level and generate warm leads.

5. Sponsor or participate in fitness-related conferences

Don't miss out on opportunities to sponsor or participate in virtual conferences and events that cater to the fitness and wellness industry. These events are tailor-made for connecting with your ideal audience and boosting the exposure of your ecommerce store.

Imagine hosting a virtual booth, taking the stage as a speaker on panels, or even becoming a sponsor for specific sessions during the conference. By doing so, you make a lasting impression and stand out from the crowd. Offering exclusive offers and brand kits to conference attendees is another great tactic to increase traffic to your store.

6. Host webinars or virtual workshops

Hosting captivating webinars or virtual workshops tailored to your audience's fitness interests goes beyond product promotion. They also allow you to engage with potential customers, establish yourself as their go-to resource, and drive a flurry of traffic to your e-commerce store.

Peloton, for instance, offers virtual workshops on a variety of fitness topics. Customers can learn about specific workout techniques, training strategies, and even recovery and self-care practices—a move that helps the brand engage with a global community of fitness enthusiasts.

To get started, get the word out about your upcoming webinar through your website, social media platforms, and email newsletters. Then collaborate with influential fitness professionals, nutritionists, and popular influencers who can lend their expertise. This will boost the event's credibility and entice more people to tune in.

Power your fitness brand with the right marketing strategies

Applying the right marketing ideas will catapult your fitness brand to new heights by expanding your reach and increasing brand awareness. Once you successfully establish your brand as a trusted authority, you can focus on fostering a strong community of loyal customers that keep coming back for more.

Modash can help you in your quest to find credible fitness influencers and drive customer engagement. Use the platform to discover and connect with a diverse pool of fitness enthusiasts, health advocates, and wellness experts, who can help amplify your brand's message to the right audience. Start your 14-day free trial today.

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