10 Influencer Marketing Newsletters For Brand Marketers

January 29, 2024
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Momina Asif
Content Writer, Modash
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1. Return on Influence by Modash

Subscribe here: Return on Influence

In Return on Influence, you won't get news roundups and fluffy blog posts about the benefits of influencer marketing.

Instead, you'll get actionable tips and real examples (from actual influencer marketers like you) to help you do better creator partnerships.

It's designed to give you the 80/20 of the best written content that Modash are producing on their blog.

Here's a recent example. This edition summarizes a survey on influencer outreach, where 51 pro influencer marketers shared how they reach out to recruit creators.

Screenshot 2024-01-26 at 12.20.01 PM.png

It's entirely free, with no paid version.

Subscribe here (and confirm your email!) to get the next one in your inbox.

2. Net Influencer — Influence Weekly

Subscribe here: Net Influencer

Influence Weekly is a newsletter by Net Influencer—a dedicated publication offering deep insights into the creator and influencer marketing landscape.

The newsletter provides exclusive insights from influential figures and experts in the field, offering a unique perspective on the ever-evolving landscape of influencer marketing.

You can expect a curated compilation of all that’s happening in influencer marketing. But Influence Weekly is not just a roundup; it's a comprehensive source for breaking industry news. You get access to the latest developments and emerging trends that can shape your marketing strategies.

It’s also completely free, making it a must-read every Friday. Check out the latest edition of Influence Weekly below:

3. CreatorIQ — How to Build Brands and Influence People

Subscribe here: How to Build Brands and Influence People

CreatorIQ's weekly newsletter, How to Build Brands and Influence People, is a powerhouse of information for marketers aiming to navigate the landscape of creator marketing.

One of the standout features of this newsletter is the inclusion of exclusive brand metrics. You’ll receive valuable data that gives you a competitive edge in understanding and optimizing your influencer marketing strategies.

The newsletter also includes data-backed takes on the latest trends in influencer marketing. CreatorIQ’s Chief Strategy Officer, Conor Begley, provides expert insights into trending creator marketing stories, providing a high-level perspective beyond the usual tips and suggestions. The newsletter has a dedicated section for Conor’s unique viewpoint in the world of creator marketing, as shown below:

Staying committed to keeping subscribers in the loop, the newsletter also includes updates from CreatorIQ's product and events teams. It’s a free weekly newsletter to help you navigate the influencer marketing industry with strategic intelligence.

4. Traackr — Matters of Influence

Subscribe here: Matters of Influence

Traackr's monthly newsletter, Matters of Influence, is a personalized toolkit for influencer marketers. It delivers a curated collection of resources and news articles straight to your inbox.

You can expect a fresh mix of insights and resources carefully curated to help you remain updated on all things relevant to influencer and creator marketing. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just dipping your toes into the influencer pool, Matters of Influence brings you valuable content to elevate your game.

Becoming a subscriber ensures you stay in the loop with all the major content and industry insights. Traackr's team scours the influencer marketing landscape to provide you with a concise yet comprehensive overview, saving you time and effort in staying informed.

Check out this edition of Traackr’s newsletter about whether influencers and social platforms affect how people consume content, buy products, and connect with brands.

5. Cure Media — Influencer Marketing Insights

Subscribe here: Matters of Influence

Cure Media's Influencer Marketing Insights is a monthly newsletter that gives you both influencer marketing and social media trends.

The newsletter is packed with curated content that gives you a comprehensive view of influencer marketing. From headline news to industry trends, Influencer Marketing Insights ensures you're always in the loop.

As a subscriber, you will also gain early access to webinars and receive friendly reminders about podcast releases. Catch a glimpse of the newsletter below:

6. Ad Age — Influencer Marketing Today

Subscribe here: Influencer Marketing Today

Influencer Marketing Today is a weekly newsletter that is your key to unlocking the secrets of brands, marketers, and the fascinating evolution of the creator economy.

The newsletter gives you a curated rundown of brands and marketers collaborating with influencers every week. Stay in the loop on how the creator economy is evolving and transforming the advertising marketplace. This newsletter is your go-to resource for witnessing the dynamic shifts in influencer marketing strategies and staying ahead of the game.

7. Scott Guthrie — Creator Briefing

Subscribe here: Creator Briefing

If you’re looking for a concise and insightful roundup of creator marketing industry happenings, look no further than the Creator Briefing by Scott Guthrie, a seasoned professional in the creator marketing space.

This weekly briefing is not your typical newsletter; it's a tailored experience. Expect a comprehensive overview of major news shaping the creator marketing landscape, coupled with deep insights and expert analysis. It's your ticket to understanding the nuances of the industry without being overwhelmed.

Look at the latest edition of Creator Briefing, which includes takes on deepfakes, Finfluencers, and insights on UK and US ad spend.

8. The Shelf — Tactical Tips

Subscribe here: Tactical Tips

Tactical Tips by The Shelf is a newsletter that aims to decode influencer marketing for its subscribers.

The newsletter is a carefully crafted guide designed to decode the intricacies of influencer marketing. You’ll get influencer marketing tips and tricks every other week and, additionally, receive a weekly dose of industry news every Friday to ensure you're up-to-date with the latest happenings.

By subscribing, you're not just receiving tips; you're joining a thriving community of over 20,000 influencer marketing enthusiasts.

Sorilbran Stone, Head of Content Marketing at The Shelf, writes the newsletter. Have a sneak-peak at the Tactical Tips below:

9. Statusphere — C2C Marketing Newsletter

Subscribe here: C2C Marketing Newsletter

Stratusphere's C2C Marketing Newsletter is a perfect guide to help you turn your consumers into your most powerful marketing channel and unlock the potential of your audience as your strongest advocates.

The newsletter provides strategies, insights, and practical tips to help your consumers become not just buyers but enthusiastic promoters of your brand. The C2C Marketing Newsletter goes beyond generic advice and shows you how to create genuine connections with your audience.

C2C Marketing Newsletter is a monthly newsletter written by Kristen Wiley, CEO of Statusphere. It gives you access to the most up-to-date influencer marketing resources, provides insights on how other brands use influencer marketing to drive sales, and shares the latest social media news and updates and how they'll affect your brand.

Check out the snippet from January 2024’s edition of the C2C Marketing Newsletter, which included topics including TikTok's eCommerce push, rising TikTok influencers, and all the major marketing headlines of the month.

10. Creator.co — Drive Growth with Creators

Subscribe here: Drive Growth with Creators

Drive Growth with Creators by Creator.co is an excellent resource for staying on top of industry news, gaining expert insights, and receiving actionable advice to elevate your influencer marketing game.

In addition to the latest industry news, Drive Growth with Creators offers tips and tricks to help you optimize your influencer marketing campaigns. This biweekly newsletter covers all the bases, from finding the right influencers to measuring your ROI. It provides social media trends, brand metrics and strategies, and influencer marketing techniques.

By subscribing, you're joining a community of forward-thinking marketers committed to excellence in influencer marketing. Have a quick look at the latest edition of the newsletter, which includes ways to find the perfect TikTok influencers and the latest social media trends.

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