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Modash Raises $2M To Power 1M Partnerships Per Year & Build The Infrastructure Of The Creator Economy

November 23, 2022
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Avery Schrader
Founder & CEO of
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Just as Google organized the internet, Modash is organizing the creators that make up the modern web.

In 2022, hundreds of millions of content creators are publishing for billions of fans. 

All of those eyeballs motivate brands to get involved. They want to partner with high performing creators and reach the right audience, at the right price. Modash makes that possible for more than 500 brands. They use our search engine listing every creator on earth, and helpful tools to streamline partnerships. 

Creator economy tools also rely on us. Our APIs help build the tooling creators know and love all over the world.

This seed funding will help Modash grow to power more than a million partnerships per year. An important step toward our mission of helping every creator earn a living. 

The marketing world is having an existential crisis. Going direct-to-creator is the answer.

Every major marketing channel has been battered in 2022. Apple’s IOS updates have ripped 10 billion dollars a year from Facebook’s Ad manager, TikTok is eating the world, and Twitter has been rocked by uncertainties since Musk’s acquisition.

This chaos means brands need new places to share their stories with consumers. Enter Modash, bringing them directly to creators. 

Avery Schrader (Modash's founding CEO) explains:

“Creators build and support subcultures. They allow free thought in ways that aren’t possible for traditional, monolithic media organizations. The more novel ideas are shared by individuals, the more effectively we learn, make decisions, and avoid evil as a society. Independent creators' ability to thrive is the antidote to centralized ideas.

Creators are the future of media. They’re entertainers, story tellers, teachers and they can draw audiences of unprecedented size. Jimmy Donaldson is bigger than Broadway. Joe Rogan is bigger than all of traditional media. PewDiePie is far bigger than the Superbowl.

It’s important we make sure everyone can access the possibility to create.

Creating content is a portal to opportunity. YouTubers, Viners, podcasters, etc. found their art and careers through platforms. If Modash is successful, millions and millions of small creators will get to do what they love for a living.

The entire media industry will become creator driven. Comedians are a great example, they no longer need Netflix. Andrew Schulz cracked this code in a huge way, now Ari Shaffir and other mega stars are more inclined to pursue independent content as their path to success. Athletes too, with the likes of Magnus Midtbø, Sean O’Malley, Chris Bumstead, and so many others. 

Soon, all of us will be creators. That’s a good thing.

The power of the internet is shifting from platforms to people. Modash is accelerating that change."

About Modash

Modash is the creator partnerships platform of choice for brands who want to find and partner with creators, at scale. Marketers across DTC, eCommerce, consumer apps at companies like Bolt, Perch, Wolt, & use Modash because it lists every influencer on earth with aggregated performance and audience data. If they’re on this planet, you’ll find them in Modash. 

Co-founded by Canadian expat Avery Schrader (CEO) and high school dropout Hendry Sadrak (CTO), Modash has already become a verb in the influencer marketing teams of companies that put performance above all. 

About the seed round

The round was led by Change Ventures (who’ve funded the likes of Veriff, Printify and other European powerhouses) and were joined by pre-seed investors, as well as notable angel investors Tomas Slimas (Ex-Shopify Marketing Director), Kristjan Vilosius (CEO of Katana MRP), and Akim Arhipov (Founding CEO of Basis-ID). 

“We think of Modash as the linchpin between brands, creators, and soon broader society. Sure, the first goal is to help brands find and partner with creators, but this is a complex flywheel that we have yet to see anyone approach the way Modash is. I think a lot of people with a blasé attitude to the creator space will be truly wowed by this team in the next year.” - Rait Ojasaar, Partner at Change Ventures.

To learn more, visit

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