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Partner with the next mega-influencer before they become famous - Introducing Growth Rate filter.

January 4, 2022
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Avery Schrader
Founder & CEO of
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What if every influencer you partnered with became a mega-star tomorrow? 

Your brand exposure would skyrocket, and you get exclusive access to the most influential people in the eyes of your target customer—the ultimate arbitrage.

This is your new growth superpower. You are 3 clicks away to find the next mega-stars before they're about to “pop”. Congratulations! 

Typically, you’d need to measure the growth rate on a monthly basis and as soon as the growth rate exceeds a certain threshold: Close the deal, and you got yourself a growth rocket, ready for takeoff.

Luckily, you use Modash, so you don’t need to do all the math. Instead, just use our Growth Rate filter, pick the time and growth rate and select the influencers that fit your brand.

There are many combinations, so we recommend trying different variations and checking the results. Mixing it with some other filters will provide the best results.

Why having a break-out moment is normal for Influencers, and how brands can leverage this.

By now, it’s common knowledge for all content creators that audiences do not grow linearly. 

It often takes a lot of time and effort before the momentum kicks in, and out of a sudden, you get more followers than you could have ever imagined. 

This effect is caused by the way the content we consume is curated. Algorithms curate content for all major platforms, and those algorithms love trends. So one viral video can increase your relevance and visibility dramatically, which will drive more traffic to your content, increasing your relevance. Repeat.

For brands like yours, this means you can find an arbitrage in small, fast-growing creators. 

For example, if you enter a year-long partnership with a group of creators with 100,000 followers at the industry standard rate for that group and they grow 20% every month, consistently, you’ll be reaching fresh eyes, for the same price, every month. 

We are sure the Growth Rate Filter will help you find trending influencers, especially because it’s available for Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

We hope you love this! 

Please, let us know your feedback or ask for help at

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