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September 9, 2021
8 min
Avery Schrader
Founder & CEO of
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You now have even more control when searching for creators in Modash. When you apply an audience filter, you can now decide exactly what percentage of the audience must match your filter.

That means every influencer that appears in the search speaks directly to your target audience. Magic.

Searching in countries with many large cities.

It’s now easy to search for influencers based on the target audience’s city. In countries like Germany, an influencer’s audience can easily span 3-5 cities in a near equal split. This made it difficult to find those with dense audiences in any one city.

Reach your audience, anywhere:

  1. First, set up your audience filter to a city of your choice.
  2. Slowly work your way up in percentage until you start to see your number of results falling drastically.
  3. Add the rest of your filters, adjust your percentage if necessary, and viola - perfect partners.
Search Result Example for Large Cities

Find creators reaching the smallest cities.

If you’re marketing to small towns, creators have no chance to make up a large audience there. For example, in a city the size of Liepaja, Latvia (60,000 inhabitants), it was nearly impossible to find targeted creators.

Now you can find creators who reach those small cities.

  1. Add the small city of your choice (stay beneath 30%)
  2. Increase the follower range until you have sufficient results
  3. Do some quick maths on your reach. Accomplish big things in small cities!
Search Result Example for Small Cities

Narrow in on any niche by controlling audience interests in search

Finding niche creators can be tricky. It’s not always obvious that someone’s audience follows them on Instagram because they love their indie rap music. Or maybe they follow a Tiktokker because they are a super fan of their artistry. Using Audience interest data, we can get a little closer to understanding what audiences love.

Reach audiences interested in topics that matter to you.

  1. Apply the follower range and target audience location
  2. Add a relevant interest category from Modash
  3. Tinker with the interest filter percentage until

Search Result Example For Audience Interests

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