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Looking Back: Modash Updates in Q1, 2023

April 12, 2023
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2023, in the Chinese Zodiac, is the year of the Rabbit. If you’ve ever spent any time with rabbits, you know that these little dudes are quick but thoughtful creatures. Not dissimilar to the approach we’re taking to our roadmap this year. 

We’re building fast, but also doing it with extra thought. 

So, here’s everything we shipped in Q1, 2023. 

Updates in Discovery  

New filters

Two new filters are here to help you narrow down creators to find the ones that are a fit for your brand or campaigns. 

  • Creator Age filter: Some products or services benefit from creators who fit into specific age ranges. With this new filter, you can select as many age ranges as you need. 
  • Past Partnership: This filter helps you find (or exclude) creators who have worked with specific brands. You can a) Find creators to work with by selecting a brand or brands that your ideal creators may have already worked with. Your search results will show those creators.Or b) Find creators to exclude: Select a brand or brands who are your competition. Your search results show a list of creators who worked with your competitors in the past. Hide them from appearing in your search ever again! 

More accurate contact details

We removed all old or unused emails from our database so that creator contact details are more accurate than ever. 

Mo’Tip: Use the filter Contact information and select has email – this will show influencers whose email addresses are available in Modash. It makes outreach much easier! 

Added new ranges in the Follower filter.

Per your request, we added new ranges to the Follower filter for Instagram. 

Support for YouTube Handles

Some background. Previously, YouTube channels were identified in Modash through the Channel Name, Channel URLs, or the full name.  

Now, similar to Instagram and TikTok, you can find YouTube creators by using the channel name or the handle. 

You can find a channel’s handle on YouTube either by: 

  • Looking at the URL e.g. 
  • Next to the subscriber count

Pop the handle into Modash YouTube Discovery & bob’s your uncle! 

Handles work across Modash including: Search Results, Profiles, Reports & Lists. (Monitoring is in the works!)

Updates to Profiles

Blink and you won't miss the changes happening to Creator Profiles. In an effort to help you make better decisions quicker, we’ve started reimagining what Creator Profile could look like, and the kind of information you need from them.  

New look

The new profile overview has been redesigned so you have key info about a creator right at the top.

  • ✉️ Quickly confirm there’s an available email.
  • 📌 See creator’s location.
  • 🎭 Check follower count, engagement rate & get some audience details.
  • 🙈 Easily Hide profiles that aren’t a fit.

New benchmark data 

Benchmark data helps you make better decisions because you’re able to understand how a creator compares to the average. 

  • Engagement Rate Distribution - Helps you understand how a creator’s engagement compares to other creators of similar size. Available for Instagram, YouTube, & TikTok.
  • Fake Follower Histogram - Since everyone has fake followers, this graph shows you what “normal” looks like and how the creator compares. Available for Instagram only.
  • Audience Reachability - Answers the question: How many accounts do followers of this creator follow? The fewer accounts they follow, the easier it’ll be to reach them. Available for Instagram & TikTok. 
class SampleComponent extends React.Component { 
  // using the experimental public class field syntax below. We can also attach  
  // the contextType to the current class 
  static contextType = ColorContext; 
  render() { 
    return <Button color={this.color} /> 

Updates to Save functionality 

Save up to 1000 creators to List at once

Only available for Performance, Advanced & Enterprise plans

Whether you work with 50 creators or 500 plus, you’ll need to start with a list that’s triple that number.  Bulk Save helps you do that. Officially out of beta, you can save up to 1000 creators at once from the Search Results. 

🤓 Mo’Tip Pro tip

To keep bulk saving creators at a fast pace, here’s a workflow to copy:

1. Run a search, click Find influencers > Bulk Save.
2. From Show saved profiles choose No. This removes all influencers you just saved to a list from your previous search. 

3. Now, Bulk Save again. Once it’s saved, click Find influencers again. It will remove the influencers you just saved to your List. 

4. Bulk Save to save > Find influencers to remove saved profiles (& repeat!)

Updates to Lists

One area we put a lot of focus on this quarter was Lists. Here’s everything we improved, in case you missed it. 

Introducing Sort & filter

Got long lists? Or lots of lists? By introducing sorting, searching & filtering functionality, you can now easily zoom in on specific info in your lists. 

  • Filter by Emails and you’ll get a list of profiles that only have locked or unlocked emails.
  • Filter by Channel and you’ll get a list of all creators across all of your Lists on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube. Only available in All Creators List.

You can also filter by Followers, Engagement, Engagement rate, Status, Notes & Labels. It’s a filter palooza! 

  • Search by username
    You remember adding a creator to a list, you kinda remember their name, but you still can't find them in a List. The new Sort & Filter function is for you! Just type in the name and voila!
    (Pssst! If you can't remember the username exactly, Modash will suggest creators with similar names.)

  • Sort by Latest Usage
    When you save an influencer, the first lists to appear will be your own & sorted by the latest usage.  

Just saved a previous wizard to your Top International list? The next time you click Save, the Top International list will be…on top! Scroll down past your lists and you’ll find Lists created by other team members.

Better List management

  • See who created a List
    To improve collaboration, we added a new column titled Created by. This shows who on your team created a specific list.

  • Detect duplicate creators
    Another win for collaboration! Now you can see how many lists a creator is already on, helping you & your team avoid contacting the same person over again. 

Improved exporting functionality

  • Export more data
    Hate to admit it, but spreadsheets run the world. So, we added more data to your Exports. When you export a .CSV/Excel file, you'll see new columns with info like Average likes, Average views, Average comments, Average Reel plays, Total posts, and Bios.

  • Export without slowing down

           Exporting a file with more than 400 creators takes a smidge more time than lists with fewer creators. And staring at the screen, willing it to go faster isn’t the most effective strategy.  With this update, you can begin an export and leave the page. Open a new tab, scroll Twitter, check Slack – whatever.  When your file is ready for you to download, we’ll send you an email! If you’ve left that browser open, it will start downloading automatically. 

Looking ahead: What’s coming up in Q2? 

We also spent hours upon hours fixing under-the-hood stuff so that Modash runs better overall – we’re talking more stable and reliable.  We also zapped a ton of bugs that crept in and made sure they were taken off for good. 

Coming up in April, May & June of 2023? Keep your eyes out for more improvements & functionality to Lists. And don’t forget to check What’s new in our Help Center for changes & improvements as we release them.

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