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Looking back: Modash Updates in Q1, 2024

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A new year, a new quarter, a new tool in Modash.

Here’s everything we shipped in Q1 of 2024. 

Modash Inbox

Email - Have conversations in context 

Most relationships start with an email. But it's dizzying reaching out to creators, answering questions, and following up while keeping track of who everyone is and their stage. Doing it from an inbox disconnected from the rest of your flow is maddening.

So, In January, we launched a new email experience purpose-built for influencer marketers. ​We built these email conversations around creator profiles and relationship data, making it easy to email someone with access to the info & data you need in one screen. Bonus: Your emails go out from your real brand dot com address.The Modash logo or brand does not get involved.

You can also email creators directly from your lists - no need to change tabs or tools.

Inbox - Conversations with context

We also introduced an immersive Inbox experience in Q1. Modash automatically detects creators in your inbox once you connect to Gmail.​

You can immediately see who wrote to you when you open an email. A panel shows all handles connected to that email address across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Want to focus on your creator emails only? Filter your inbox by Linked to an influencer, and Modash will hide all emails that are not from creators.

Campaign Monitoring

Support for large campaigns

You can now comfortably run campaigns with 5000 creators. You should also notice a difference in the speed of loading campaigns, especially when you're using imports or lists. 

Shopify discount codes in Modash 

Now, when you need individual discount codes for creators, you can create them within your Campaigns.

Codes can be created for entire orders or specific products or collections. Set up the discount value as a percentage or a fixed amount, and add your terms for discount code usage.

Modash automatically creates the code inside Shopify – so you don’t need to go to Shopify. You can also edit the discount codes inside Modash or Shopify. All data is synced between the two tools. Even if you’ve collected many discount codes over the years, Modash won’t blick. 


We also added a Search bar in the Influencers tab, making it much quicker for you to find a specific creator quickly.


To make reporting easier for our customers, we added a timeline filter to campaigns that lets you see campaign performance based on custom dates. Now, you can also export the data you've filtered.

We added content links and creator handles to the content section of the export.


We also made a few new improvements to the Transaction tool in Beta.

Custom Labels

You can categorize each transaction using custom labels. This lets you check your monthly spend by exporting your transaction data by selecting a relevant period.

Repeat payments

We've made it much easier to pay the same talent again. Just type in their handle, and Modash remembers their email address and preferred payment currency.

Looking ahead: What’s coming up in Q2, 2024

In April, May, and June of 2024, we’re returning to the drawing board and reimagining Discovery. We want your experience finding influencers in Modash to be intuitive and joyful. We’re adding Link click tracking to Campaigns, and developers are working feverishly to make multi-platform campaigns a real thing. 

Stay tuned as we keep building Modash to be even more useful for you.

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