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Looking Back: Modash Updates in Q2, 2023

May 10, 2023
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Have you ever strolled past a construction site day after day, observing seemingly no significant changes, only to be suddenly greeted one day by a skyscraper?

This is likely how you’ll feel in Q3. A lot of the work we’ve been doing over the last 3 month is leading to substantial additions coming soon. 

For the moment, here’s everything we shipped in Q2 

Search & Discovery Updates

Sorting by Audience Location 

If Audience Location is important to you, it’s now easier to browse through a list of search results to find the best-fit influencers.

Once you’ve filtered by Audience Location, your Search Results show creators in that Location. Now, when you Sort by Audience, you’ll also see the audience percentage matching the location you’ve picked. 

In this example, we were looking for influencers with followers in New York City. When we Sort by Audience, Modash beep-boops and organizes the profiles from highest to lowest percentage. Profiles that have a high percentage of followers in New York City are displayed. 

Relationship Management Updates

Support for PDFs

Modash now supports PDFs in the Relationship Manager, where you can keep all necessary info about creators in one place. 

You can upload and save documents inside any of your Lists (including the All Creators List), so everything you need about a creator is in one easy-to-find place.

What kind of documents?

Think briefs, contracts, invoices, or anything floating around on your desktop, Google folders, or email. Save it as a PDF and upload it to Modash.

New filters for searching through lists

Filter by email

You can organize creators in Lists with a new email filter: 

Choose between: 

  • Is locked
  • Is unlocked
  • Has email address

This helps you narrow down a large list of creators to only ones whose emails have been unlocked & are available. 

You can also search for creators in your lists by their email addresses. A much quicker way to find a specific creator. 

Filter by Status

When you filter by Status in Lists, you can now see the number of creators in each Status. Great for an at-a-glance review of your relationships.  

Introducing Customizable Exports

Finding & exporting lists with 1000s of potential influencers is one of the many reasons our customers use Modash. 

But sometimes, you don’t need to export a full list. Sometimes, you need a list of a list. A partial list. A baby list, if you will.

Now, when you apply filters to a list, you can export the filtered list. Just filter out anything unnecessary and export only what you need to complete a specific task.

  • Filter by email and only export creators who have emails available.
  • Filter by status and only export creators whose status is still listed as “Shortlisted” or any of the other 12 statuses.
  • Filter by label and only export creators with a specific label you’ve created.
  • Filter by Added by and only export creators added to a list by a specific team member.

🪄And the real magic: Filter by a combination of filters to create highly customized lists to export!

When you’re exporting CSV files, you can also choose only to export the profiles you haven’t exported yet, and you’ll get a preview of the columns your file will include. 

Campaign Monitoring

Instagram monitoring is more powerful 

We gave Instagram Monitoring a brand new foundation. Once you start a campaign, monitored content will appear in minutes, not hours. 

YouTube Monitoring is live

Never lose a sponsored YouTube video again because YouTube Monitoring is now live! Modash will automatically collect all YouTube content for you, including Shorts!

All you need to start a monitoring campaign is enter the words that you ask your creators to insert in a video:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Keywords (Keywords are YouTube’s hashtags, fyi)

Then, sit back as the content rolls in 😎

Campaign Preview

When you land on the Campaign Monitoring page, you’ll see a preview of all your campaigns. 

The preview includes: 

  • Number of influencers in the campaign
  • Number of media posted
  • Content posted today
  • Total number of engagements
  • Average engagement rate

Looking ahead: What’s coming up in Q2? 

As usual we also spent time fixing under-the-hood stuff so that Modash runs better overall – more stable and more reliable.  

Coming up in July, August,  & September of 2023? Keep your eyes peeled for more improvements & functionality to Discovery & Campaign Monitoring. 

Don’t forget to check What’s new in our Help Center for changes & improvements as we release them.

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