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Looking Back: Modash Updates in Q3, 2023

September 6, 2023
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We came, we saw, we Q3’ed. 

The last 3 months were a wild ride for Discovery and Campaigns that can be summarized like so: More ways to find influencers, more data points, easier collection. 

For everything we shipped in Q3, keep reading. 

Search & Discovery Updates

Finding influencers that are already your fans 

The most authentic and engaging content is produced by creators who love your brand. But how do you find those people? And find lots of ‘em? 

With the latest feature: Influential Fans. A discovery feature that makes recruiting influencers at scale even easier. 

All you do is enter your brand's social account on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube.

Modash checks all your followers, likers, and commenters & gives you a list of all your fans. 

You can sort this list and check your fans' profiles like in other Lists in Modash. If you want to collaborate, add them to one of your main lists and reach out.

Finding influencers from a list of customer emails

What’s the best signal that an influencer will like your product? They’ve already your customer, duh doy!

Now, Modash makes it easy for you to find influencers and creators among your customers. 

Upload a list of up to 1000 emails. For larger lists, split & upload them one by one.  

Modash will check if there’s a social media profile linked to each email & you’ll get a list of Influential Customers! 

The limits are the same as the limits of Username/Profile URL imports. One search page = 15 emails. 

Note: Only correctly formatted emails can be considered. They should include an @ sign and a domain as an ending i.e. →

Recommendation & Network

Found an influencer who meets all your criteria? The new Recommendation & Network section in Influencer profiles will help you find more like them. 

You’ll love this feature because tapping into a creator's network increases your chances of finding creators who’ll work & perform well with your brand.  

  • Influencer Lookalikes: Here you’ll find influencers who are similar to the influencer whose profile you’re looking at. 
  • Influential Likers: This taps into a creator's network & shows who follows & engages with their posts. 

Sponsored Posts vs Popular Posts

Reviewing influencers’ content is a huge part of your decision-making process. Allow us to introduce you to new functionality in the Content Overview section of an Influencer’s Profile. 

This section is now organized into two tabs: Popular & Sponsored Posts. 

Click the Sponsored Post tab & you’ll easily see: 

  • Which brand sponsored the post
  • How the ad was disclosed (Through Instagram’s Paid Partnerships or a hashtag)
  • Plus, the basic info of each post, like the date posted, the number of likes & comments.  

Advanced Influencer Performance Data

To quickly gauge the general performance of an influencer, you’re already familiar with data like Engagement rate, Average likes, views & comments. 

Advanced Data is available across Instagram, TikTok & YouTube and take it a step further.


Instagram:  Now you can understand where the engagement rate is coming from: Posts or Reels? Once you know what type of content type performs best, you have a data-backed decision to ask for a specific content type. 

  • See the average & median likes, comments & views for the last 30 posts. 

TikTok: Here, the engagement rate is calculated for the last 30 posts, giving you a fresh view of the performance.

  • See average & median likes, comments & views for the last 30 posts. 

YouTube: YouTube Advanced Influencer Performance data breaks down Shorts & Videos & goes more granular than ever, helping you: 

  • Easily understand which type is driving views & engagement.
  • Get a clearer picture of potential views & engagement for your sponsored posts. 
  • Get a minimum, maximum & average number of views, likes & comments per content type.

Now you'll know what's driving all those views on YouTube & your expectations of actual performance will be closer to reality.

Note: Advanced Data is always free, you only need to unlock it to prompt Modash to collect the specific data. 

Sort by Engagement Rate

Previously, you could only sort Search Results by Follower Count, number of Engagements and Audience Location. In this release, we’ve added Engagement Rate, too.

When you sort by Engagement Rate & Follower Count, you’ll most likely find top-performing creators at the top of your list.

Relationship Management

Add influencers from a List

Previously, you had to go to Discovery, search for an influencer there, and add them to the List. 

We’ve removed the middle step. 

Now, when you want to add an influencer to a List, take the following steps: whether you find them while scrolling Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube natively or a creator reached out to you. 

Campaign Monitoring 

Campaign Monitoring officially enters its Glow Up era with tons of new features & additions to help you stay on top of your influencer content & measure the success of your campaigns!

Keyword tracking

You can now use Keywords to track Instagram & TikTok campaigns. 

Keywords are single words that creators use in the caption of a post. Now, you and your influencer partners can agree to use specific keywords in their captions. Modash will easily recognize and collect that content for you.

Estimated reach & impressions are in the house

Campaign monitoring just got beta’d. Lots of marketers rely on Estimated Reach & Impressions for reporting. Now, all freshly launched Instagram campaigns will also include an Estimated Reach & Impressions for Posts & Stories.  

You’ll see a total for the entire campaign. 

And broken down by influencers, too. 

Revenue Data

In addition to Influencer cost, now you have a way to track all types of Revenue Data, including: 

  • Discount Codes 
  • Discount Code Usage
  • Revenue 

This will help you see which influencers performed the best in any campaign based on revenue. 

Stay organized

 That’s because we’ve added Status, Notes & Documents from Relationships into Campaigns. 

Now, when an influencer is part of an active campaign, you still have access to everything you need wherever you are in Modash. 

Add & Remove Posts From Campaigns

There are many reasons you may need to edit posts in Campaign Monitoring.  When you’re using the same hashtag across multiple campaigns (for example, your brand name), this can inevitably lead to content added to campaigns it doesn’t belong to.

Now you can remove posts & keep each campaign report neat & accurate.

Another reason you may need to edit a post is when a creator has made a typo or forgot to use a hashtag, and Modash can't collect it. 

What we're not doing is emailing creators and adding more admin to our job. Instead, now you can add missing posts by copy-pasting the link from the social media platform. 

Exporting data

Getting data out of Modash for reporting purposes just got much easier! 

Now, you can export data for campaigns across any of our platforms (Instagram, TikTok, & YouTube).

Plus, the CSV files include all available data you see in Modash & even more. We’ve also added the campaign name & all of the creator’s handles that are available.


Our newest tool is now in Beta. Transactions take the process of invoicing, communication about invoicing & making payments off your desk. 

If you’d like to join the Beta, reach out to support. We’ll be happy to have you! 

Looking ahead: What’s coming up in Q4? 

Coming up in October, November,  & December of 2023? More features to keep your workflows flowing across all our tools.  

Don’t forget to check What’s new in our Help Center for changes & improvements as we release them.

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