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Looking Back: Modash Updates in Q4, 2022

February 6, 2023
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The Modash Team
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In the last three months of 2022, we focused on improving our search and relationship management functionality, so that some of the most tedious influencer marketing tasks become easier & faster.
With these improvements, Modash customers can:

  • Navigate search results faster
  • See necessary info about creators in fewer clicks
  • Get email addresses quickly
  • Organize & navigate lists with more flexibility

Improvements in Discovery

Never click on the same profile again  

Since Modash has the biggest database of creators on Earth, we want to make sure you can find new faces easier & faster. 

The options to Hide results & Hide saved profiles help you do just that. Hide result is useful when you see a profile and decide it’s not a good fit for your brand. Hide saved profiles is useful to hide profiles you’ve already seen & saved to a list – keeping your search results fresh.

To remove saved profiles from search results, select No, don’t show me profiles saved to any list.  

Fuller profiles 

In the 4th quarter, we also began to reimagine Creator profiles so you can make smart, data-informed decisions in fewer clicks. 

To this end, we added:

  • Verified creators & influencers

    Blue check marks entered the chat so you see who’s verified right from Search Results & Profiles.

  • Bio or description
    Profiles now include the creator’s bio or description.

Extra evaluation data 

We also added new metrics about Instagram, TikTok & YouTube. No clicks needed – just scroll to see them.  

Specifically, we added:
: Average Views, Average Comments, Average Reel Plays & Total Posts.
TikTok: Average Likes, Total Likes & Total Posts
YouTube: Average Likes, Average Views & Total Videos

Faster discovery in TikTok

As TikTok becomes more popular, we’re adding as much functionality as possible. In Q4, we added Lookalikes. This is a quick way to find creators who are similar to other creators you’ve already found.

Learn how to use Lookalikes here. 

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  // the contextType to the current class 
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  render() { 
    return <Button color={this.color} /> 

Improvements in Lists

We hear over and over again that managing your relationships with creators is one of the most painful parts of influencer marketing.

In Q4, we updated our Lists tool to help ease just some of that frustration.

One-click emails

Exporting an entire List will unlock every available email address. But, why should you export, when you can just click and copy?

Open a saved list, find the creator in question, and ta-da 🎉

You can access available emails in Modash. 

Note: You aren’t charged for unlocking an unavailable email. Only available emails count toward your Profile in CVS export limits (1 email = 1 limit) 


Static lists don’t give organization, they don’t give ease of use. But sorting functionality does. The ability to sorting lists is useful when you have super looong lists, and especially when you want to compare metrics across influencers. 

You can sort lists, in ascending or descending order, by:  

  • Influencers (Alphabetically)
  • Audience
  • Engagements
  • Engagement rate
  • Status 

Watch this space for even more improvements to Lists in Q1 2023!

New Statuses

Speaking of statuses, we added another 4 in Q4 to keep you well-organized. 

In addition to Not Started, Shortlisted, Outreached, Negotiating, Hired, On Hold, Declined & Relationship Ended, we added:

📦Product sent
🖼️Content Received

Use statuses to keep track of every part of your process and fewer tasks will fall through the cracks. 

Looking ahead

Don’t hesitate to use our chat to reach out with questions, feedback, and anything else that’s on your mind.

And don’t forget to check What’s new in our Help Center for changes & improvements as we release them.

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