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Study: Latvian influencers only reach 50% Latvian audiences

August 29, 2019
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Avery Schrader
Founder & CEO of
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Today, we release another quick study answering a question for our Latvian friends:

How targeted is the reach of Latvian influencers? Or: How much of a Latvian influencers, audience is in Latvia?

You might not like the answer, but we’ll try and ease your pain.

Quick methodology:

  • The study was done based on Modash’s vast Instagram data.
  • Most influencers analyzed were in the Top 150 most followed Latvian influencers.
  • “Latvian influencer” is defined as someone based in Latvia.

So how much of Latvian influencer’s audience is in Latvia?

pie chart on showing the average of local and foreign instagram followers in latvia

Only 53.37%, on average.

46.63% of an influencer’s audience is outside of the country.

This means that on average, any given Latvian influencer has an audience with is half international, half Latvian.

Breaking it down by the number of followers:

To our surprise, it seems that influencers in the middle of the pack have the most targeted audiences.

You can see the graphs here:

graph showing how big a % of latvian following is on average actually from latvia

graph showing in which following ranges on average how many followers from latvia they actually have

What does this mean practically?

There is a couple of actionable pieces that can be drawn from this study.

Paying for reach is high risk

When you pay an influencer for reach or simply “per post”, you risk overspending. The alternative is paying influencers per acquisition in a very intentional ambassador program.

If you would like to know more about how to set this up inside of your company, you can book a free call with me here. I want to see you succeed and I'm opening up my calendar to help make that happen.

If marketers (especially in SMB) continue to pay per post, or per piece of content and refuse to use data to make decisions they are most definitely leaving money on the table.

If it is necessary to pay per post or piece of content, the next point matters tenfold.

Influencers must be chosen based on data.
Without data, influencer marketing is a (non-scalable) guessing game.

Despite the seemingly low average percentages, things are swayed easily in a relatively small market like Latvia. There are highly targeted influencers at every following count, it’s just a matter of being able to identify them.

For example, the overall average density of followers in Latvia amongst influencers with 70-100k followers was only 42%. However, some influencers in this bracket reach over 60,000 followers in Latvia.

Others, reach just a fraction of that.

How many influencers have very targeted Latvian audiences?

A lot. 41% of 150 top creators in Latvia, had more than 80% Latvian audience. This is great news.

The problem arises at the opposite extreme. 44% of Latvian based influencers have audiences that are less than 50% Latvian based.

If you don’t use technology to verify your influencers, you could be overpaying 50% for your reach.

If you do use technology and pay per conversion, you can maximize ROI.

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