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Search & filter a database of over 200M influencers. Find & export their email addresses in just a few clicks.

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Find influencer contact emails in bulk

Found & shortlisted some influencers that you'd love to work with? Perfect.

Whether it's one influencer or hundreds, you can find (and export) all available email addresses in just a couple of clicks, ready for outreach.

If there's an email address publicly available, Modash will find it.

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An illustrative image on Modash’s lookalikes feature
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Make sure creators are a good fit BEFORE you reach out

Outreach is one of the most time consuming parts of influencer marketing. Skip the part where you send an email asking for performance & audience screenshots.

Modash has all the data you need. Fake follower checks, engagement rate, follower growth rate, audience data (locations, ages, genders, languages), and more.

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Export in bulk, ready for outreach

Search influencers, and shortlist the best-fit creators. Once you've prepared your list, you can export a .csv, ready to import into your favorite email outreach tool.

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An illustrative image on Modash's influencer search results

Access via platform, or via REST API

Build products or marketplaces, automate workflows, and enrich datasets using Modash's influencer marketing API. Get email addresses as well as audience data like fake followers, engagement rates, audience demographics and more.

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More than just emails

Search a database that includes every creator with 1k+ followers on Earth. Find, analyze, and monitor influencers on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok -- easier than ever.

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