Why choose Modash vs Grin?

Modash is better for influencer discovery, has lower entry prices, and flexible monthly plans. Grin has more e-commerce integrations & automations, at a higher price, with annual tie-ins.

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Grin recently dropped Instagram audience data

Modash & Grin gather influencer data differently.

Modash crawls & collects publicly available social media data just like how Google crawls websites. That means we can get more insights, more accurately, without relying on each platform's API.

In Grin, Instagram influencer data is only available when influencers connect their accounts.

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Zero creator authentication needed

Your creators don't need to sign up to Modash in order for you to analyze their profiles or monitor branded content they publish. You can find, analyze and monitor any creator on earth right from day 1.

If recruiting wasn't hard enough, now you need to get your creators to sign up and log into a new platform in order to work with you. In some cases, that even means doing outreach work before you're able to analyze their profile & audience data.

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Modash offers influencer search & analysis API

Modash offer an influencer marketing API for searching for influencers, analyzing their profiles and collecting public content from their accounts. Use it to integrate with your data & tools, power your own product or marketplace, and automate workflows.

Grin's API offerings are limited to interacting with their user-facing product and manipulating data you already have access to.

See our API documentation here.

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Modash's founder on stage interviewing with Kipwise founder

We tested Modash against other platforms, and Modash looks much more accurate when it comes to audience data.

Mykhailo Kudla
Global Marketing Partnerships Lead at Bolt

Lower pricing, monthly plans, and scalability

Modash offers accessible pricing based on usage starting from $109, with monthly or annual plans. The platform scales up to serve enterprise users searching & reviewing thousands of creators per month.

Grin's pricing is very high, it isn't publicly available, and you must buy into an annual plan. Pricing also increases rapidly as creators are recruited, since Creator Spaces need to be added.
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Use Grin & Modash together

Grin is a comprehensive platform for e-commerce. There are great integrations with CMS like Shopify & WooCommerce, plus workflow automations for things like product seeding.

Their influencer discovery feature is very limited though. Most users that switch from Grin to Modash come for the ability to find vastly more partnerships.

If you still need Grin's features, but also need better influencer discovery -- why not use both at the same time?

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The best customer experience in the multiverse

We take customer experience seriously. You’ll have a dedicated success manager in regular contact to help you run profitable campaigns, and achieve your influencer marketing goals.

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Switching is easy

It’s quick & easy to migrate your influencer marketing work to Modash. You can import your influencer lists, and we’re happy to help with a hands-on white glove migration service to get you up and running quickly.

Stuck in an annual contract? Talk to us. We'll see what we can do to make your transition easier.

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A simple but powerful influencer management tool

Modash brings your influencer discovery, analytics, monitoring, and management together. Everything your team needs to scale profitable influencer marketing campaigns.

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