Why choose Modash vs Hypeauditor?

Modash has a bigger influencer database, more accurate audience data, and more accessible pricing vs Hypeauditor

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A vastly bigger influencer database for discovery

Modash lists every creator on the planet with 1k+ followers for Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

That’s over 200M profiles. In comparison, Hypeauditor’s discovery tool lists just 69M creators (even when including additional channels: Twitter & Twitch).

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Modash's founder on stage interviewing with Kipwise founder

We tested Modash against other platforms, and Modash looks much more accurate when it comes to audience data.

Mykhailo Kudla
Global Marketing Partnerships Lead at Bolt

Accessible pricing, and unparalleled value

Modash offers accessible, scalable pricing based on usage starting from $120/month vs. Hypeauditor’s higher entry price of $399. Hypeauditor’s trial is very limited, and many advanced features are locked away into higher custom pricing plans.
Key Features
Modash Performance ($299)
Hypeauditor Essentials ($399)
Influencer Discovery
Search filters
Advanced filters
Basic filters
Influencer lookalike tool
Influencer growth rate
Contact details
Influencer Analytics
Profile reports
400 profiles per month
30 profiles per month
Fake follower audits
Influencer Monitoring
Campaigns tracked
Automatic content collection
Unique influencers tracked
Market Trends
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Reliable metrics, not assumptions

Hypeauditor makes assumptions which can be confusing or misleading. For example, trying to estimate Post Price simply based on followers & engagement is unreliable. Costs vary massively, so it isn’t possible to simplify in this way. Incorrect estimations (while meaning to be helpful), may cause marketers to miss opportunities, or overpay.

Modash prioritizes concrete metrics that marketers can rely on.

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Dedicated customer success

We want Modash customers to get the best customer experience in the world. You’ll have a dedicated success manager in regular contact to help you run profitable campaigns, and achieve your influencer marketing goals.

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Switching is easy

It’s quick & easy to migrate your influencer marketing work to Modash. You can import your influencer lists, and we’re happy to help with a hands-on white glove migration service to get you up and running quickly.

Stuck in an annual contract? Talk to us. We can credit you with the remaining time on your plan.

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A simple but powerful influencer management tool

Modash brings your influencer discovery, analytics, monitoring, and management together. Everything your team needs to scale profitable influencer marketing campaigns.

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