4 influencer marketing automation tactics to save 70% of your time

October 15, 2020
6 min
Avery Schrader
Founder & CEO of Modash.io
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These 4 influencer marketing automation tactics will save 70% of your time.

Laziness is the most scalable human attribute of all. By its very nature, it takes little energy and time.

When growing businesses, we call being lazy “maximizing human efficiency”, and it’s a good thing. It allows us to increase margins, decrease cost and build monopolies. Automation (getting rid of manual work.) is the best way to increase laziness, an ideal all companies strive for.

So how can you, a superstar growth hacking marketeer, automate more of your influencer marketing process in order to do more with less?  Let’s explore.

Relationships are hard... Automate!

The Influencers you partner with are human. They ask questions, they seek answers & they forget things. 

In customer support, we know that 40% of questions are mind numbing and repetitive, they can be automated away with a helpdesk and a chatbot. Influencer / ambassador relationships are extremely similar and we can learn a lot from the support process. 

Eliminating the hassle of repeat questions and information sharing with ambassadors is as simple as setting up a landing page on your website.

You can put all kinds of useful info in this page:

  • FAQs
  • Brand guidelines
  • Content guidelines
  • Influencer quotas
  • Ambassador payment policies / processes
  • Tips on what content is working for existing ambassadors 

[TIP! To make sure your influencers always know how to get to this page, have a dedicated email address for influencer communications and attach a note to your signature]

The image above is from Bolt’s ambassador page, which you can draw a ton of inspiration from. Bolt uses Modash and you can learn more about that here

Automated influencer recruitment & payment emails? Yes please!

The best in the biz know that outreach has to go out to thousands of influencers. Coupled with monthly payment emails explaining how many conversions they generated and how much cash you sent them is time consuming. Unacceptable, if you ask me!

To automate influencer outreach: 

1. Get emails for influencers from Modash

We make it super easy to export public influencer contact details. 

2. Upload those into an automated email drip campaign tool

I love Woodpecker for its ease of use and reliability. Plus it gives you just enough data how to optimize. You can learn more about email outreach to influencers (and get all the templates you need) here.

To go deeper and automate pesky follow ups

Set up custom events that track the information you need to send and send it on a regular interval.

For example, you might want to send an email about how many conversions an influencer achieved and other relevant info to your ambassadors every month.

You can automate this by using a tool like Zapier, IFTTT, or custom code (if you enjoy fighting with the engineering department).

What will happen is, your point of sales system (Shopify, for example) will send your automation a ping every time a conversion happens with a specific coupon code. Then, it will send that information to your email tool which will send an email to your influencers at a time of your choosing (e.g monthly, quarterly).

Automated content collection, auditing & influencer monitoring

If you’re working with only 10 ambassadors posting about you, it’s already a pain to keep up with what they post, when they post, if they posted following the brand guidelines, etc. Especially with stories disappearing in 24 hours and platforms like instagram removing likes, how can you keep up? How can you scale that?

Imagine every time an influencer posted about you that content was saved, the performance was tracked and if something was wrong, you got an alert.

You could use that content in other marketing efforts. You could track what kind of content and which influencers are actually worth your time and money. You could be the first person to know if someone slips up and has a terrible take on a divisive political issue, and contact them immediately.

That’s what our new influencer monitoring tool does for brands all over the world. 

Automate everything

Some things are very difficult to get a machine to do automatically. For example, there are tools that help you discover influencers that speak to your target audience and extract data on influencers.

Even with those tools, someone has to use it to find the people you decide to partner with. Someone has to click the buttons on the tool.

That’s where virtual assistants can be extremely useful.

Some brands have successfully automated so much of their process that they have 1-2 virtual assistants discovering new partners and acting as “customer support” and the rest is automatic. They have scaled this to thousands of influencers per month with wild success. 

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