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Find influencers who mentioned #anything, @anyone or “keyword” with this new tool

February 1, 2022
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Avery Schrader
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Finding your next jackpot influencer is both a data-driven and creative game. You need to consider audience demographics and performance - but you also often want to see the influencer is relevant to your brand’s story.

But it’s tricky, to get that “special something” when searching for creators. Until now. 

You can now search by any @handle, #hashtag, or “keyword” (a word or phrase) and get to see the creators who have said it! Magic.

Find influencers who have used a specific hashtag

You guessed it!

You input a #hashtag and we tell you which influencers have used that hashtag in the caption of their posts.

Hashtags can be a quick way to niche down your search results to find creators talking about the topics you care about. 

For example, you can find creators who mentioned #fashionweek or who post with the hashtag #vegan. Get creative and test out hashtags popular in your industry.

Find influencers who have mentioned a specific account

Ever wish you could find influencers who mentioned your brand? Or maybe your competitors? Or maybe something different entirely, maybe a relevant industry event or a profile you know is respected in your niche.

Now you can. Input an @handle and get results for influencers who have mentioned that handle.

Find influencers said that special something

Maybe you’re a coffee company that wants to find creators who have said “I love coffee” so you know you’re working with true coffee lovers. Alternatively, maybe you want to find those who said “I hate coffee” so you can show them just how great yours truly is (or, promote some green tea). 

Whatever your strategy, this powerful keyword filter will display any creator who mentioned a word or phrase of your choice.

Take these filters and match them with your other criteria, find audience lookalikes of Kanye west who mentioned Nike’s. Whatever your heart desires, whatever your brand needs, Modash has a creator to help you tell your story.

We hope you love this! ❤

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