How To Find A YouTube Channel Email Address In 30 Seconds

May 8, 2023
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Ryan Prior
Head of Marketing, Modash
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Cold outreach is a fundamental part of doing business online, and the first step is finding the right email addresses.

In influencer marketing, we often get asked about the best ways to find YouTube channel emails to reach out for various partnerships & collaborations. This will be a quick guide to various methods you can use to get YouTube channel emails quickly, automatically, and legally (even at scale).

When you’re looking for someone’s email address, keep privacy & compliance in mind, and be mindful of rules and regulations around sending cold emails.

Manually check their ‘About’ section

Creators have the option to add a publicly available email address to their YouTube channel.

If they’ve chosen to do so, finding a YouTube channel email is very straightforward.

Simply navigate to the channel, and click on the ‘About’ tab:

There, under the ‘Details’ subheading, you’ll find a ‘view email address’ button:

That’s it! Click, confirm you’re not a bot, and the YouTube channel email will be displayed.

Note: unless the creator writes their email address separately in the description, it won’t be visible on mobile. If you don’t see an email, try checking on desktop.

If you only needed to find one or two email addresses, this manual solution works fine. However if you’re trying to find & collaborate with YouTube influencers at scale, you’ll want to use a tool to speed up this process.

Use Modash to find YouTube influencer emails

I’ll briefly show you how you can quickly find YouTube channels and email creators using Modash.  You can try it for free. You can also export their contact details (even in bulk) to use with a different tool. This works for any channels, but it’s best suited for contacting influencers for YouTube influencer marketing.

Here’s the short version.

You create (or import) a list of YouTube channels. You unlock emails and can start emailing them straight away directly from your list.

If you want to export the email addresses, you simply click export data.

In the exported file, you’ll find the email addresses of the channels you listed if they’re available, along with a bunch of other actionable audience & influencer data.

Boom! YouTube channel email addresses, ready for outreach.

Now, to elaborate a little. In order to create your lists for exporting, you have three options.

First, if you already have a channel in mind, you can search by channel name.

You can also search & discover influencers using Modash’s discovery feature. The platform lists every creator on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok – so all you have to do is apply the right filters.

Filters are available for both the influencer, and their audience. I’d encourage you to create an account and give it a whirl for yourself, but here’s a quick example. Here, I’ve added filters for the subscriber range I’m looking for, and a minimum engagement rate. I’m also telling the tool to only show me creators who have an email address available.

Next, audience filters. If my target market is English-speaking males in the US, then I need to make sure any potential partners have the appropriate audience. Here, I’ve specified that I’d like to see channels with at least 20% of their audience fitting my target persona.

Run your search, and YouTube channels matching your criteria will appear below. You can review & save each of these profiles to lists directly from the results, ready to unlock addresses and email them.

Quick bonus: before saving the YouTuber to a list, you can open up a profile and get a sidebar with their full profile analytics. That includes audience demographics, recent & most popular content, engagement rate, and more. It looks like this (you can scroll the sidebar down further):

Lastly, you can also simply import a .csv list if you already have one prepared.

P.S. Modash is also excellent for finding YouTube influencers to promote your brand. It has a database of 7.5M+ YouTube creators, filterable by subscriber count, engagement rates, keywords, average views, audience locations & demographics, and more.

Use a scraper like Phantombuster

If you’re still exploring alternative methods to find YouTube channel emails, you could try using Phantombuster. It’s a popular automation tool for scraping various social channels & other websites. One of its many use cases is to scrape YouTube channels for any available data and create a .csv with your desired details.

This method will work if creators have written their email address in the channel description. Otherwise though, one major limitation here to acknowledge is that email addresses hidden behind a CAPTCHA will not be scraped successfully.

There’s lots of good documentation with tutorials & support to get started. Remember that social channels have various processes in place to track & prevent bot behavior. Start slow, warm up your account, and follow Phantombuster’s advice on how often (& when) to run your automations.

Use an email finder tool

Another option to find an email address of a YouTuber is to use an email finding tool. That option would work best if a YouTube channel is associated with a website. One tool you can try is VoilaNorbert. It allows you to find anyone's corporate email address simply by clicking an extension button. You can also use the email finder on the website by adding a full name of the prospect and their website. Then, in the case of YouTube channels specifically, you find the name of the person behind the channel that’s interesting to you and the website associated with it. Then you can find the right email address within seconds.

4 ideas to try if a YouTube channel email isn’t available

Just ask

Keep it simple. If you have something of value to send, there’s a good chance someone will give their email address. Leave a comment, or send a DM on another channel. Concisely explain why you’d like to get in touch.

Join their mailing list

Oftentimes YouTube creators will have an email list you can join, with a link in the channel or video descriptions. Sign up, and look out for a reply address. Getting familiar with their email content will also help you get to know the creator better, and personalize your outreach.

Search their name on other platforms

If their email address isn’t listed on their YouTube channel, that doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t available elsewhere. Try finding their Instagram email. See if they have a website with a contact form. Try DMing on Linkedin. There’s lots of other contact methods you can try on other platforms.


If all else fails, you could even just try guessing an email address. Most addresses follow pretty standard formats (e.g. firstname@gmail.com, or firstname@domainname.com). There are even free tools available like Email Address Guesser that help with generating likely addresses.

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