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Study: 14 Million fake followers found following Swedens Top influencers

August 11, 2019
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Avery Schrader
Founder & CEO of
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Swedish influencer marketers are not immune to the millions of fake followers that plague the marketing ecosystem globally. Unfortunately, influencers in Sweden are purchasing fake followers at a worrisome level.

With the rise of influencer marketing and the desire of many to become internet famous, some have taken an unfavourable route. Fraud. 

Purchasing fake followers has become a popular tactic amongst “influencers” globally. 

How many fake followers do Swedish influencers have? 

14 Million. 22.9% of the entire following of the top 100 Swedish influencers. 

We identified fake followers using Modash’s tool to find influencers, it’s free to try. 

How many Swedish influencers have purchased fake followers? 

That number is impossible to predict with 100% accuracy. We all have fake followers. Millions of bots are following millions of random accounts every day. 

However, a worrisome portion of the top 100 Swedish influencers are in the “danger zone” 

28 influencers fall below 70% audience credibility (30%+ Fake followers) which leads us to believe they have most likely purchased followers. 

Another 46 have between 70% and 80% credibility (20-30% fake followers). These profiles have potentially purchased some fake followers. 

That means that brands working with the top 100 swedish influencers are more than likely working with an influencer who has purchased followers.

What does this mean for Swedish Marketers? 

Generally speaking, we recommend brands never work with creators that have less than 75% real followers. Typically, influencers base their prices off of the number of followers they have, so theoretically, 100% real followers would be the most efficient dollar spent. 

For reference, here’s how Estonian influencers charge

The surefire way to never pay extra when influencers have inflated their following is to pay per acquisition. Only when an influencer has secured an acquisition should they be paid accordingly. 

To help you set up an influencer marketing program which is scalable, optimized for conversions and guaranteed to land you new customers, book a call with me here. 

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