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Study: 6.2 Million fake followers found amongst Finnish influencers

October 23, 2019
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Avery Schrader
Founder & CEO of
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Influencer marketing platforms in Finland have raised over 6 million euros in the last 18 months. 

Advertisers globally are spending billions of dollars sponsoring Instagram influencers. 

Below, Google trends show us the increasing search popularity for the term influencer marketing over recent years. Obviously, influencer marketing is on the rise.

But with it comes the risk of fraud. People framing themselves as influencers purchase tens of thousands of fake followers with the intention of making money from brands who sponsor them. 

How many fake followers do the top 100 Finnish influencers have? 

6.2 Million of the audience following the Finnish influencers is fake. 

That’s about 18% of the total audience. 

A small group of Finnish influencers have most of the fake followers 

11 of the 100 accounts we analyzed have lower than 50% real followers, they make up for a large percentage of the total number of fake followers.

These bad actors are hard to avoid. At Modash, we recommend our users to avoid working with any creator that has a higher percentage of fake followers than 25%. 

That is the threshold at which it becomes very probable that an influencer has purchased fake followers. 

Nearly half of the top 100 Finnish influencers would fall below the quality threshold we recommend

Maintaining transparency feels good, right? Here’s an influencer contract template you can use when working with influencers. 

What does this mean for Finnish brands?  

Although the total average percentage was quite favourable (81.6%), there is a huge portion of Finnish influencers who appear to have purchased at least some followers. 

With that in mind, it is important that brands find influencers using tools that help them understand an influencer's audience. 

When working with agencies, they should be certain that the agency is technically capable of detecting fake followers using graph analysis. 

I have opened up my calendar to do free consultation calls with teams or individuals who have questions, need help setting up influencer marketing or want to get a recommended strategy from me.

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