8 YouTube Influencer Marketing Examples To Inspire Your Next Campaign

November 24, 2022
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Momina Asif
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According to The Value of Influencer Marketing for Business, influencer marketing is 6.9 times more effective than traditional marketing activities in reaching and convincing consumers to make purchases. 

And YouTube is the perfect platform to collaborate with influencers, especially if you have a small budget. According to Statista, YouTube influencers with fewer than 15,000 followers have the highest engagement rates (1.63%). 

But selecting the right type of collaboration can be a bit tricky. So, if you’re wondering what type of collaboration you want to try for your next campaign, we’ve got you covered.

Let's have a look at eight different kinds of YouTube influencer marketing examples to help you select the best one based on your brand and campaign goals. 

1. Day-in-the-life vlogs 

A day-in-the-life video shows the viewers a typical day of an influencer doing various activities, using numerous products and services. It's an excellent opportunity to ask influencers to use your product during their video. 

The idea behind this type of marketing is to help viewers see themselves using your product every day of their lives. It's also a great way to naturally put your brand in front of your audience without being pushy.

Let's have a look at this video by Amanda Castillo, a US-based influencer showing her daily life as a marketing specialist. 

The video shows Amanda's daily routine — from skincare to getting ready for work to coming back home and decompressing — while showing the products she uses daily. The video description has three different coupon codes for multiple products. 

This video by Taylor Bell, a Californian living in New York City, shows her life as a consultant. The video shows Taylor's workday and shows what management consultants do. She also talks about her current projects, gives the viewers an idea about working from home, and compares it to working from the office. 

Although the video is not sponsored, Taylor added some affiliate links in the video description and a few discount codes to encourage her audience to buy those products. 

🤔Why day-in-the-life videos work

Day-in-the-life vlogs work because of their narrative structure. An influencer embeds your brand in their daily life — making your brand essential and your product a must-have. 

These videos are also more about the creator and their daily life and less about your brand, which adds authenticity to the videos, making them less promotional and more engaging.

2. Unboxing 

Unboxing videos keep gaining popularity with an ever-increasing range of diverse products. At the core, these videos are exactly what you think they are. 

Unboxing videos show the process of opening the packaging of a certain product and revealing it. The creator guides the viewers through the entire process, narrating their experience and showing them the whole journey of unboxing a product. 

Let's have a look at this video by Sammy Louise, a lifestyle influencer. The video is sponsored by FaceMasksClub, a subscription service for face masks. 

Sammy unboxes the package and shows the viewers all the face masks in the box, giving users an overview of the entire unpacking experience. In the video description, she adds that its sponsored and encourages her viewers to buy from the link mentioned in the description.  

YouTube influencer, Mikhila McDaid, shared an unboxing video of Hello Fresh with her 31.7K subscribers. The video, sponsored by Hello Fresh, begins with unboxing, showing all the food items she received in her box along with the recipe cards. She then followed the recipe and made a fantastic meal, showing how easy the whole experience was. 

🤔Why unboxing videos work 

Remember when you were kids and just couldn't wait to open your Christmas presents? Well, unboxing your products is more or less like that. 

The sheer anticipation of what's inside and the whole experience of opening the packaging and seeing your product for the first time is beyond ecstatic. 

Unboxing videos work because they show the real product through a real person's lens (the influencer) without any marketing angles, fancy filters, or photoshop. Your audience sees the product being taken out of the box for the first time and is eager to see what it looks like and how the unboxing experience unfolds. 

3. Hauls 

Hauls are a bit similar to unboxing videos, but instead of focusing on one product, they tend to be much larger and include several different brands and multiple products. 

Haul videos show off new purchases and are a great collaboration idea for any niche — clothing, grocery, or beauty. 

Check out this Haul video by Laura Lee, who shares a huge collection of products with her 4.61M subscribers. Almost all the products shown in the video were sent by different brands as a free PR package.

YouTube influencer, Roxxsaurus shared her Shein haul with her 4.58M subscribers, showing off all the different clothes she bought from Shein. She shows off each product and shares her honest reviews with the audience. 

🤔Why haul videos work 

No matter your product, your brand can easily fit into a haul video. These videos also cost less because all you have to do is send the influencers a free PR package to get your product featured in the video. 

Hauls work because they allow the audience to look at the product and packaging and quickly get a review (if applicable). Sometimes, influencers will get a new product from a brand they have previously used and liked, and they will give a shoutout to the brand. 

4. Tutorials 

Tutorials are a great way to show your audience how to use your product or service. Not only are these videos great for complex products, but they also show the various use cases that your product may have. 

Tutorials are also a great way to convince users at the final stage of their buying journey, giving them a gentle nudge to click the product link and purchase the product. 

Natalia Kalinska made a 90-minute video, giving a detailed Canva tutorial to her 69.6K subscribers. The video is great as it provides viewers with immense value and keeps them interested until the end. 

Although the video is not sponsored, Natalia added a few affiliate links in the description to encourage her audience to click those links. 

This Rimmel-sponsored video by Katie Snooks is a perfect example of putting your products in front of your target audience through a tutorial video. Throughout the video, Katie uses Rimmel products only, guiding the viewers about every product and why she prefers them. 

 🤔Why tutorial videos work 

With more than half of online shoppers saying videos help them make a purchase decision, it's no surprise tutorial videos are extremely popular. Your audience wants helpful content and these videos, besides being beneficial to your audience, also show the value of the specific product

Tutorials also focus on solving a viewer's problem rather than being promotional or sales-y. When people see how a product solves their problem, they are more likely to purchase it. 

5. Reviews 

Another way you can collaborate with YouTube influencers is by asking them to review your products. This a great idea to introduce your brand through a trusted influencer and their honest review of your products. 

With Review videos, you have to be careful about not giving too much direction to the influencers, so it doesn't sound inauthentic or overly promotional. 

Shannon Andersen, a YouTube lifestyle and parenting influencer, gives her detailed reviews on Suvie's kitchen robot. In the video, Shannon goes into incredible detail about the product, guides users on how to use it, and then shows her audience how she prepared a whole meal on the robot

For the campaign, AnimalHouse Fitness sent MonkeyFeet as a gift to 100+ fitness influencers. The brand incorporated user-generated content into its ads and increased brand awareness and sales through it.

One of the influencers, Ben Patrick, shared the product which eventually caught the eye of Joe Rogen. MonkeyFeet was mentioned four times on the Joe Rogan Experience — a podcast with an audience of around 11 million people worldwide.

YouTube influencer Olive Fellows, with 32.1K subscribers, is a book influencer and regularly shares book reviews. Her video reviewing Cheryl Strayed's new book club is an excellent example of how review videos can be made for any niche, product, or service. 

In the video, she goes into great detail about her experience with the book club and gives reasons why her audience should join the club. Olive added all the relevant links in the video description so her audience can directly visit and join the book club.  

🤔Why review videos work 

Review videos are a great way to show your product in front of your target audience in an authentic and genuine way. The audience knows they will get to know the honest experience of the influencer, whether it be good or bad. 

Review videos also encourage the audience to buy your product after seeing the benefits it provides along with its value. 

6. Contests or giveaways

Contests are a brilliant way to engage your audience and actively have them share your video, comment on it, tag their friends, etc. You can do a contest or giveaway with a tutorial, unboxing, or haul videos.

In the example below, Joben of J. Force Gaming hosts a giveaway of iPhone and PS5, open to his worldwide audience of 182K subscribers. The video has all the details on how to participate in the giveaway and encourages viewers to engage in the comment section. 

Although the above example was unsponsored, another example of a giveaway is by Kelsie (skyloafu). The video is sponsored by Stationary Pal, which sent all the products shown in the video. In the video description, she also added an affiliate code for her audience to get 18% off their orders on Stationary Pal. 

🤔Why contest or giveaway videos work 

YouTube contests are a great way to drive sales, leads, and engagement, in addition to increasing conversation with your audience and building long-term relationships. Giveaways and contests give the audience an opportunity to receive free products, and they are more likely to engage with the videos. 

Besides growing your YouTube presence, a successful giveaway can increase followers on other social media platforms. 

7. Product placements 

Product placements can be simple or advanced, depending on the type of collaboration you decide. 

With active product placement, the influencer provides a detailed description of a product and its features. But with simple product placement, it can be casually mentioned or shown during the video. 

Have a look at this video by Sarai Jones, a lifestyle and fitness influencer with 3.5M subscribers. She shared a video, sponsored by Foreo, going through her nighttime routine. She shows Foreo's products in the video and has the link to the product in the description. 

YouTube influencer, NikkieTutorials, has 14M subscribers, and the below video is a great example of a sponsored video with product placements. The video is sponsored by SheGlam, and Nikkie added all the products used in the video in the description and a link where the audience can buy those. 

🤔Why product placement videos work

Placement videos rely heavily on the organic and natural integration of your product with the influencer's content. Blatantly obvious promotions turn off the audience, and they are less likely to get influenced by them. 

After seeing their favorite influencers casually using your products, your audience is likelier to buy them. 

8. Styling videos

Styling videos are great for promoting apparel and clothing brands. These videos typically show an influencer wearing different outfits or how to wear and style various dresses. 

It is also a great idea to show different products of the same brand, like pairing a dress with shoes of the same brand. 

Shea Whitney, a fashion and beauty influencer with 1.49M subscribers, shared this beautifully done styling video with her followers. The video, sponsored by Mermade Hair, shows Shea giving her audience styling and hair tips. 

Niki Sky, a YouTube beauty influencer, shared 21 styling tips with her audience. The video is not sponsored, but it is an excellent idea for clothing brands to have their products showcased in the video. 

🤔Why styling videos work 

Styling videos work because they give the audience a very visual idea of how the clothes and other accessories will look like. These videos are also successful because they motivate viewers to buy from the brands featured in the video. 

64% of consumers say the main thing they miss with online shopping is "touch and feel ."So styling videos give viewers a unique perspective on how they can style their clothes, combine which shoes with what clothes, and which bag to take with what kind of dress. 

Ready for your next YouTube collaboration? 

Selecting the right type of collaboration is crucial for the success of your campaign. The above-mentioned 8 types of YouTube influencer marketing examples give you a jumping-off point for your next campaign. 

Decide what type of collaboration will work best for your next influencer campaign, and find the right YouTube creators accordingly. If you need help, sign up to Modash and avail your 14-day free trial to access our database of over 7.5 million YouTube creators.  

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