12 Brand Ambassador Program Examples (& What You Can Learn!)

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Over 90% of marketers told us their brand ambassador programs are ROI-positive.

If that’s not enough to inspire you to create a brand ambassador program of your own, here are 12 companies that are running ROI-positive programs in 2023.

We’ll explore how they work,  and more importantly, what you can learn & apply in your own program.

1. Boohoo

Ambassador compensation: Gift vouchers

Landing page link: https://us.boohoo.com/page/loudcrowd.html 

In case you haven’t heard of them: Boohoo is a DTC fashion brand selling affordable clothing.

How it works

Boohoo makes it easy for customers & fashion creators to sign up for the program with their email, Instagram, and TikTok.

It’s fully self-serve to get started, and the monthly rewards are clear & transparent (like $150 or $300 vouchers).

Boohoo gives brand guidelines — e.g.  all posts must include the promo code, or all Instagram Stories must use a swipe-up link to the brand's website. 

Here’s an example of ambassador content. Beauty influencer Lux Island has specific Instagram Highlights for BooHoo haul with links to dresses on the Stories. 

What you can learn

It’s feasible to create a fully standardized program. The requirements, and the rewards, are the same for everybody. Especially for well-established brands that have a big customer base.

Sure, you won’t attract bigger influencers – but you can create a separate program for that. This method lets you maximize any potential inbound interest, with a very small team.

For less well-established brands, here’s something you can still take away:

The requirements for Boohoo’s program are based on content output, not sales results. 

That might make sense for you if:

  • Your goal is high volumes of user-generated content / creatives
  • Your product has a longer consideration cycle (you’re not expecting immediate sales)
  • You’re struggling with tracking or sales attribution, but you believe more content = good

2. Deeper Sonars

Ambassador compensation: Exclusive discounts, free products, and community 

Landing page link(s): Deeper Heroes, Deeper Squad

Deeper Sonars sell a unique castable sonar for anglers, plus other fishing accessories. They run three different programs:

Deeper Squad: “regular” hobbyist anglers and fans of Deeper

Deeper Heroes: professional anglers who user Deeper sonars

Other paid partnerships: bigger influencers with separately negotiated long-term deals

Here, we’ll focus on the first two (Heroes & Squad).

Note: we have a podcast interview with Deeper’s marketing team. Watch it here: How Deeper Sonars Manage 7k+ Brand Ambassadors With 5 Marketers.

How it works

Deeper Squad is a linear program through which anybody can earn a free sonar & accessories by completing tasks. The tasks are things like posting content, leaving reviews or completing surveys, and completing challenges.

Deeper Heroes are pro (or near-pro) anglers. They share tips and tricks about using the sonars, create how-to videos, answer product questions & more. They also give feedback on upcoming features and suggest new products. Valeriia Chemerys, Head of Media Partnerships at Deeper, says:

“When we develop a new product, our ambassadors participate in testing it out and giving us valuable feedback.” 

Heroes get exclusive members-only deals on the Deeper product line. They also get to engage with other avid anglers, both locally and globally (Deeper flew some ambassadors out to join a real-life fishing tournament!), and be part of an exclusive community.

Gabrielius Ser is an example of an ambassador; he shares informational content on his YouTube videos and shorts, putting Deeper products in front of 3.42K subscribers.

What you can learn

Sometimes marketers don’t realize you can run more than one brand ambassador program simultaneously.

Deeper caters for three very different types of creator, each with different rewards and requirements.

Two other things Deeper do really well (and that you can replicate):

1- They leverage their ambassadors to get regular detailed product feedback.

2- They give regular, detailed feedback to ambassadors about their content. Deeper aren’t looking for selfies showing a sonar. Rather, they prefer educational content showing how their products are used in reality.

Read more: How Deeper Sonars Recruit Brand Ambassadors.

3. Wild

Ambassador compensation: Free products, discounts, commissions on sales

Landing page link: https://www.wearewild.com/it/pages/ambassador-programme 

Wild is a sustainable, refillable, and natural personal care brand (e.g. deodorants).

How it works

Wild recruits brand ambassadors onto a performance-based program with commissions based on sales.

Extra perks include free products, exclusive offers/limited editions, and content support from the team.

They cast a pretty wide net – onboarding any relevant creators with 1k+ followers (which makes  sense with performance-based compensation).

Here’s an example of ambassador content. Andrea Leach shared her love of the chemical-free and sustainable missions of Wild with her followers.  

What you can learn

First – simple can work, even at scale. Wild’s landing page is super simple, yet it tells you everything you need to know. Wild’s influencer marketing team is over 20 people – that’s a lot of creator partnerships, and this simple page is still doing its job.

Also – despite having relatively wide criteria for ambassador recruitment, Wild still does a great job of choosing ambassadors that are aligned with their message around sustainability and natural living.

The program isn’t entirely self-serve; they choose to have an application form and approve each applicant.

That might make sense for you if you’re trying to keep ambassadors on-brand and relevant, at the cost of (potentially) having fewer total ambassadors.

4. Gymshark 

Ambassador compensation: Free products, access to Gymshark gyms 

Landing page link: https://support.gymshark.com/en-US/article/gymshark-athlete

Gymshark, founded in 2012, owes its huge success almost entirely to partnerships with fitness influencers on TikTok and Instagram.

At first, the brand focused on one-off collaborations with influencers but soon began focusing on developing long-term relationships through its brand ambassador program.

Some ambassadors even have their own Gymshark lines.

How it works

The main characteristic Gymshark looks for is authenticity — people who genuinely love the brand and embody its values. Gymshark looks for people who are unique in their content and love what they do.

According to the landing page, "The best advice we can offer is to keep focusing on your own path and identify what makes you unique."

Gymshark Athletes wear and promote the brand at pop-up events, and post regularly on social media.

Ben Francis, founder of Gymshark, has credited these long-term relationships with ambassadors to the brand's success. He has also mentioned how feedback from the ambassadors has helped tailor the brand's clothing quality.

Gymshark Athletes get new products before the official launch, invitations to exclusive events, and personalized discount codes to share with followers. David Laid is a long-term brand ambassador of Gymshark and has recently launched his own line with the brand. Here’s the announcement:

What you can learn 

Most Gymshark Athletes were once fans and consumers of the brand; which means they’re perfect to represent the brand. They have genuine enthusiasm about the products and mission.

If you’re trying to recruit brand ambassadors, start with customers and fans.

Modash has a feature that lets you check if you have any “influential fans” (i.e. Instagram followers with 1k+ followers of their own). It looks like this:

And you can do the same with an email list. Import your list of customer emails, and Modash will match them to social media accounts. Then, surface any influential customers you might have had. Start your recruitment efforts there.

Give it a try (free, no credit card needed).

5. Obvi

Ambassador compensation: (Tiered) commission on sales 

Landing page link: https://myobvi.myjshops.com/ 

Obvi is a supplement brand that went from 0 to $30 million in revenue in 3 years largely due to its effective ambassador program and influencer marketing strategies.

How it works

Obvi's ambassador program is designed to create brand awareness and drive direct sales. Ambassadors are provided with discount codes, and they earn a commission on each sale made using their code.

Ambassadors are encouraged to create their own branded e-shop to encourage the audience to buy products. 

Obvi also has a tiered reward system, and commissions increase as an ambassador gets more sales.

Obvi look for ambassadors who are passionate about health and wellness and have a strong presence on social media. Here’s an example. Renee is an Obvi partner who shared her protein donut recipe with her TikTok audience. 

What you can learn

One of the standout takeaways from Obvi is the performance-based tiered reward system.

In a survey on brand ambassador strategy, 52% of marketers told us that they offer multiple commission tiers. But often, they don’t think to publicly advertise it on their landing page.

Implementing those commission tiers (and making sure people are aware of them!) helps ambassadors to stay engaged, and understand the rewards of good performance.

6. Red Bull 

Ambassador compensation: Per hour wage

Landing page link: https://jobs.redbull.com/us-en/microsite/student-marketeer 

Red Bull is known for its longest-running brand ambassador program. With over 4000 ambassadors, known as Student Marketeers, "generating awareness and excitement for the product and brand," Red Bull has one of the most exciting and successful brand ambassador programs in the beverage industry.

How it works

Red Bull ambassadors work with various consumers to initiate product trials, help establish the energy drink's consumption at different university events, and ensure a great brand experience for consumers at Red Bull events.

Red Bull recruits student ambassadors on an hourly wage. Here’s an example: Gabija Mačiūnaitė is a Red Bull ambassador and shares her experience with the brand and work as a student marketrer.

The student marketers build distribution channels and ensure the brand's visibility to increase sales.

What you can learn 

Most energy drink consumers are people aged 18 to 34, and through its highly specific brand ambassador program, Red Bull mobilizes its target audience of college students to persuade their peers to try the product.

If your target market is younger adults, you could consider focusing on recruiting students in a similar way.

7. Harley Davidson 

Ambassador compensation: Exclusive merch, discounts, and community

Landing page link: https://www.harley-davidson.com/gb/en/content/hog.html 

Harley Davidson has a brand image of leather-clad men and women on huge black motorcycles, and the company has marketed this image to perfection by creating a sense of exclusivity and class behind the bikes.

How it works

The program is called Harley Owners Group (HOG), which embodies the traits of freedom, fun, and belonging and boasts 325,000 members worldwide.

HOG members attend exclusive rallies, participate in group rides, and receive special perks such as insurance discounts and access to limited-edition products. They also have the opportunity to connect with other Harley Davidson enthusiasts and share their memories and advice on maintaining their bikes.

The members also get an exclusive quarterly magazine and a touring handbook.

What you can learn 

Harley Davidson's ambassador program is unique in that it is focused on building a community of brand enthusiasts who already own their products.

By creating a sense of exclusivity and offering unique benefits to its ambassadors, Harley Davidson is able to foster loyalty and strengthen the bond between the brand and its customers.

AlexTheTraveler is a YouTube influencer who shares bike content, especially about Harley Davidson rallies.  

8. Sephora 

Ambassador compensation: Free products, exclusive events, resources to grow personal brand 

Landing page link: https://www.sephorasquad.com/ 

Sephora launched its brand ambassador program in 2019, and in just a few years, it has become one of the most coveted ambassador programs out there.

How it works

Sephora ambassadors get beauty products and limited-edition Sephora Squad gear throughout the year, access to exclusive events, and personalized training and development.

Ambassadors can use professional equipment at Sephora's LA studio Creator Lounge. They also get to grow their network by connecting with mentors, other team members, and even celebrity brand founders.

Even after the year-long partnership is up, ambassadors still have access to training materials, products, brand events, local meet-ups, and potential campaign opportunities.

Sephora organized a brand trip for its #SephoraSquad2023, which was a networking opportunity for all its ambassadors and a chance to learn more about the brand. Royce shared a TikTok about his experience with his 119.3K followers. 

What you can learn

Although I’m sure Sephora’s ambassadors are very well compensated too, they do a great job of building in non-monetary benefits.

Exclusive events, networking, access to the creator lounge, and  mentorship are all examples of that. Value that you can add to your ambassadors as a brand, without directly paying more.

In-person events (and the huge amount of creator content that comes from them) are particularly high value – and they’re sure to create some FOMO among other potential ambassadors!

If you want to create a similarly in-demand and exclusive ambassador program, you’ll likely need to put up a big budget at first. Be picky, recruit the best of the best in your space, and make it desirable for everyone else.

9. Bumble

Ambassador compensation: Real-life experience and networking opportunities

Landing page link: https://thebeehive.bumble.com/ambassadors-bumble-honey 

Bumble is an online dating app with women as its target audience. The company's brand ambassador program, The BeeHive, has two tailored programs — Bumble Honeys and the Queen Bees.

How it works

Bumble Honeys is targeted towards college-age female leaders, while the Queen Bees is for young professional women with networking skills.

Bumble looks for people who are role models in the community and positively inspire others. The brand selects talented tastemakers and change-seekers to help spread Bumble's mission in their university or city.

Bumble has a strong mission of “fostering a world free of misogyny” and wants its ambassadors to make moves for good.

Both Honeys and Queen Bees work on spotting and analyzing trends to generate creative ideas to reach the brand's audience. The ambassadors host events, organize brand pop-ups, negotiate partnerships, and directly coordinate with Bumble's HQ.

Logan Roo celebrated her one year working with Bumble as Bumble Honey at 

Kent State University. 

What you can learn

Bumble's ambassador program landing page shows how clear the company is when looking for the right people to represent the brand.

According to our survey, 38% of marketers think half of the ambassadors they’ve recruited are disengaged and inactive. That’s definitely not the case with Bumble, as it’s one of the most engaging ambassador programs — with regular events, networking opportunities, and pop-ups.  

10. Lululemon

Ambassador compensation: Free products, opportunity to network and grow their brand 

Landing page link: https://shop.lululemon.com/ambassadors/about-the-program 

Lululemon has a long-lasting ambassador program and was one of the first brands to invest in long-term collaborations.

How it works

Lululemon ambassadors get exclusive merchandise and can test products before launch. The program focuses on investing in the growth of its ambassadors by providing them with resources and tools to develop and grow their personal brands online.

Lululemon looks for local influencers in the community, and each prospective ambassador starts at their local brand store.

The brand works with yoga instructors, marathon runners, personal trainers, and other fitness enthusiasts, with three specific traits, which they call the pillars of the sweat life (Sweat, Grow, Connect).

Ambassadors host classes at Lululemon stores and other community locations while showcasing brand products. The program's focus is on building authentic relationships through fitness.

Deja Riley Izydorczyk is a Lululemon ambassador and a trainer at one of the brand’s studios. She announced Lululemon’s new shoe launch with her Instagram followers with a personal story.

What you can learn 

Think beyond just social media posts. Consider getting ambassadors involved in events and communities.

Lululemon integrates its ambassadors into the brand, turning them into true partners and creating a mutually beneficial relationship. Top performers get to instruct at larger events or are invited to multi-day summits and conferences.

They’re also another good example of a brand who provides non-monetary benefits. By investing in the growth of its ambassadors and providing them opportunities to network with the industry through exclusive experiences, Lululemon has built a robust and engaged community around its products.

11. Xbox

Ambassador compensation: Exclusive merch, digital badges 

Landing page link: https://ambassadors.microsoft.com/ 

Xbox's ambassador program is for people who want "to make gaming fun for everyone."

How it works

Ambassadors gain points by completing missions like making friends with other members, sending encouraging messages, and initiating relevant conversations on social media.

With gathered points, the ambassadors move through different tiers, making the program a game of its own. Ambassadors can use points to get physical swag, digital badges, and exclusive sweepstakes entries.

The ambassadors are encouraged to participate in community engagement activities, such as providing support and guidance to other gamers, organizing tournaments, and spreading positivity within the gaming community while keeping it welcoming and safe.

Ly Jay is an Xbox ambassador who regularly shares gaming tutorials and Xbox merchandise and creates content for the gaming community. 

What you can learn

Xbox's ambassador program shows how brands can use gamification to engage and motivate ambassadors. This approach encourages ambassadors to participate and contribute to the gaming community actively.

Xbox's ambassador program also demonstrates the importance of creating a supportive and welcoming environment for gamers while reinforcing brand loyalty. One of the key takeaways is how you can rely on your community and give ambassadors the creative freedom to talk about your brand in an authentic way.

Xbox also has reviews on the landing page where previous and current Xbox ambassadors have shared their experiences and thoughts on the program. 

12. Glossier

Ambassador compensation: Sale commissions, free products 

Landing page link: https://www.glossier.com/pages/affiliates

Glossier is a skincare and makeup brand that has gained a massive following for its minimalist aesthetic and focus on natural beauty. The brand's ambassador program, known as the Glossier Rep program, is a community of individuals who share their love for Glossier products and promote them to their followers.

How it works

Glossier Reps receive personalized referral codes to share with their followers, offering them a discount on Glossier products. In return, the Reps earn commission on sales made using their codes. They are encouraged to share their personal experiences with Glossier products and provide honest reviews.

Danielle Oreoluwa Jinadu is a Glossier partner who shared the brand’s new product and encouraged her audience to check it out in the following Instagram post. 

What you can learn

Glossier's founder, Emily Weiss, credits 90% of the brand's revenue to its dedicated ambassadors. Glossier has also focused on leveraging its customer base and turning them into ambassadors.

Glossier's ambassador program emphasizes the power of word-of-mouth marketing and the importance of building a community of brand advocates. Through the Glossier Rep program, the brand has been able to connect with a passionate community of individuals who embody the brand's ideals and help spread its message of inclusive beauty.

Excited, and ready to scale your program?

If you’re feeling motivated to take action, here’s your next reading material that’ll help you do just that:

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