10 Influencer Tracking Tools For Monitoring Content & Performance

May 30, 2024
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The more you grow, the more painful it starts getting to track what influencers are doing & how their content is performing.

Let's skip the fluffy intro, and get into it. Starting with clarifying what we mean by 'influencer tracking'.

Definitions of influencer tracking

There's a few different ways we can interpret the phrase 'influencer tracking', and this post will give tool ideas for all of them. They are, primarily:

  • Monitoring what your existing influencer partners are posting. The creatives, copy, ad disclosures etc.
  • Monitoring the performance of those posts. In terms of reach/engagement, traffic, sales, or any other KPI.
  • Tracking keywords, hashtags or mentions to find new influencers that are talking about certain topics.

All of these are important for an effective influencer marketing program.

Doing these things manually might be viable in the very beginning, but it'll quickly get out of hand. Whether that is manually screenshotting Instagram stories, or checking post performance one-by-one, it's not scalable. Choosing the right tools will set up you to grow your channel exponentially.

Here are 10 of the best influencer tracking tools:

  1. Modash  
  2. Hypeauditor 
  3. Brand24
  4. Refersion
  5. Google Analytics 
  6. Upfluence 
  7. Grin
  8. Awario
  9. Game Influencer
  10. Tagger

1. Modash

Best for: B2C e-commerce & app companies who want to find, analyze, and track influencers

Free trial: 14 days. Try it for free.

Starting price: $99/month (annual) or $120/month (monthly)

Modash helps you discover, analyze, and monitor influencers. With over 200M+ profiles on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, its influencer database covers every creator on Earth with 1k+ followers & a public profile. It's a leading influencer search tool, but has a tracking feature too.

Modash has an influencer tracking platform that makes tracking influencer content scalable. It automates the process of collecting partner content (even Stories) so that you can check performance (e.g. reach/engagement), and gather partner posts for reporting or repurposing.

To track influencer content, you simply need to create a campaign and specify certain hashtags and mentions. After that, the tracking tool will refresh regularly to find new content. It’s also possible to get alerts when ad disclosures or mandatory hashtags are missing.

There's also a Shopify integration, so you can report on revenue via promo code redemptions.

An illustrative image of the content from Modash's influencer monitoring feature

Outside of influencer tracking & monitoring, Modash is also great for influencer analytics. You can check the audience demographics & performance of any creator, so you can review creators before you go to the trouble of reaching out.

Try it for free (no credit card needed).

2. Hypeauditor

Best for: Medium to large brands and agencies

Free trial: Yes

Pricing: On request

Hypeauditor is another influencer marketing platform that includes tracking & monitoring featues. You can compare the performance of influencer campaigns of different brands and gather useful data about your competition including the reach and efficiency of their campaigns, and marketing budgets.

Hypeauditor also offers a market and trends analysis feature to let you find untapped growth opportunities by analyzing social media trends and rankings.

Hypeauditor does have its drawbacks, including a limited database compared to some of the other platforms on this list. Its high starting price puts it out of budget for many small businesses.

Compared to Modash, Hypeauditor has a higher starting price, and a smaller influencer database, but it does have some additional features (e.g. in the monitoring tool, and built-in outreach).

See: Modash vs. Hypeauditor

3. Brand24

Best for: Small to medium-sized brands to track mentions & hashtags

Free trial: Yes, 14 days

Pricing: from 99/month (if paid monthly)

Brand24 is a social listening and media monitoring tool. Set up your keyword, hashtag, and @mention tracking, sit back and soak in the data. Brand24 goes beyond social media mentions to scour the web for mentions of your brand and keywords, leaving you more data than you know what to do with.

The data goes beyond numbers to let you search what’s been said about your brand at any given time period, and by narrowing your search with different criteria, you’ll be able to see who your most influential audience is. Filter by sentiment and you’ll see who’s been saying bad things about you behind your back.

Brand24’s AI-driven media monitoring tool helps you with actionable insights into your business strategy. The platform also tracks keywords on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitch to monitor hashtag performance and social media reach. And with Brand24’s sentiment analysis tool, you can find marketing insights and ultimately improve your customer service. The comparison tool shows you all of your projects side by side.

4. Refersion

Best for: Medium to large-sized eCommerce brands to track influencer affiliate performance

Free trial: Yes, 14 days

Pricing: from $119/month (if paid monthly)

Refersion’s reporting tool is very much sales-focused, which can leave you in the dark in terms of audience analysis. However, this is not what Refersion is really about. It allows you to manage affiliate networks at a large scale. They offer standardized reports, but you can also contact them directly for more customized reports.

Refersion brings together affiliate and influencer marketing to create a platform that is great for eCommerce. It lets you manage all parts of your eCommerce store in one place. It integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce, Stripe, Magento, BigCommerce, and Chargebee, or custom integration with their own API. Refersion also integrates with some influencer marketing platforms like Upfluence, Cohley, and #paid.

5. Google Analytics

Best for: All brands to track inbound traffic from influencer partners

Free trial: Yes

Pricing: Free

Google Analytics allows you to track just about anything on your website, but also content engagement (e.g. time on page, scroll depth). By adding a UTM tracking code to partners’ URLs, you’ll be able to track the success of campaigns and creators. There are different types of UTM tags: Source, Medium, Campaign, and Content. 

Google Analytics will simply let you track traffic referred, plus see any conversion events you've set up. If you’re looking for any bells and whistles that some of these other platforms offer, you’ll have to use GA together with one of those.

To build on the basic influencer tracking enabled by Google Analytics + UTM links, you can give your influencers unique coupon codes so that you can see purchases they've influenced. You can also add influencers to your affiliate program, or create special landing pages. Once you’ve got the codes in place, you can compare the success of social, paid ads, and more.

6. Upfluence

Best for: Medium to large e-commerce teams needing tools + agency support

Free trial: Yes

Pricing: On request

Upfluence offers an easy to understand dashboard so that you can monitor several influencer campaigns at once. Most importantly, you can monitor the status and progress of each campaign.

Upfluence’s flexible social listening tool helps you monitor trending hashtags, and specific influencers, especially ones you’d like to work with. You can also follow what your competitors are doing.

Upfluence lacks in a few areas, like its limited discovery tool and high-priced, long-term contract. However, once you’ve got your campaigns going, it’s easy to organize influencers in an easy to understand way, as well as has the ability to export the results to CSV files, which works well together with its emailing too. With new data fields in their message templates, you can add more personal details for a more personalized message. 

7. Grin

Best for: Large e-commerce brands who need a complete solution, including product seeding & more

Free trial: No

Pricing: Custom

With plenty of integrations for e-commerce software, email systems, and chat applications like Slack, Grin makes it easy to find and grow your influencer relationships. They have a database of over 100M influencers, many of which have email addresses so you can contact them directly from Grin’s automated messaging tool with an email from your own domain.

Once you’ve formed your influencer relationships, you can manage campaigns and see their progress. You’ll receive notifications (via Slack, if you so choose) once content has been posted. Grin collects all of the posted content and because it works with eCommerce, you’ll be able to see the value of the campaign in terms of return.

All of this data together in one place gives you a pretty clear picture of which influencers are the best performing––best ROI, converted sales, etc. Grin also has a Lookalike tool that lets you search for similar influencers, so when it comes time for your next campaign, you’ll know you’ve found the right influencers for your brand.

There is a lack of pricing transparency, but that’s because it’s entirely customized depending on your brand’s needs. One downside, Grin lacks automated payment tools.

8. Awario

Best for: Small businesses to track mentions & hashtags 

Free trial: Yes, 7 days

Pricing: from €49/month

Awario is a social listening tool that provides you with non-stop monitoring of the web for a mention of your keyword in real-time. This is helpful so that you can be the first to know and react to conversations about your brand.

While very similar to Brand24, there are a few differences. Want to know what was said about your brand two years ago? Awario offers unlimited historical mentions. Brand24 goes back only one year.

Awario’s analytics give you powerful insights into how your content is performing. Track the number of mentions and reach, sort positive and negative comments (and reply to them right from the app), find top influencers, and share this data with your team. And it’s available in any language and location.

9. Game Influencer

Best for: Game publishers to find & recruit gaming influencers

Free trial: No

Pricing: On request

It doesn’t get more niche than this, which is why we included GameInfluencer in this list. Specializing in influencer marketing for the gaming industry, this hybrid/agency platform matches you with publishers and developers to help you create new audiences in places you perhaps didn’t think to look, like non-gaming influencers. 

And GameInfluencer takes care of it all, from finding talent to production, to payment and tracking. You’ll be able to see which partnerships performed the best in order to continue doing what works best. Tracking is compatible with platforms like Google Analytics, AppsFlyer, Adjust, Tune, Kochava, and BuffPanel.

10. Tagger

Best for: Large brands and agencies needing a complete influencer marketing platform

Free trial: No

Pricing: On request

Tagger offers so many data-driven features that it’s difficult to know where to start, but we’ll try. With a database of both influencer and brand profiles, with Tagger’s social listening tool you can gain valuable insights into audience authenticity, conversation and so on.

You can compare influencer audiences with brand audiences to find overlap and ultimately find influencers that would suit your brand and reach your target audience and learn about influencer audiences to find lookalikes. Tagger also makes it easy to communicate with influencers with personalized emails from your own domain. 

Once your campaigns are up and running, you track the status and progress. Every bit of content, including stories, is compiled to give you an overview and point for comparison of engagement, ROI, conversions, audience data, as well as influencer performance stats.

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