How To Check If Influencers Are Following Your Brand

July 20, 2023
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Ryan Prior
Head of Marketing, Modash
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Creators that already follow you make for better collabs.

They’ll respond to your outreach, and their content will be more authentic and enthusiastic.

Good news: using Modash, you can check for influential followers in just a few clicks 🙂.

How to check for influential followers with Modash

Modash has a database of every creator on Earth with 1k+ followers on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

That means if you have any influencers following your brand account, Modash can identify them.

Here’s the short version:

  • Go to Modash's Discovery tool
  • Click "Find your fans" and enter your account username
  • Click "Show profiles"

And that’s it 🙂. You’ll get a list of people who follow your brand, plus have 1k+ followers of their own. You can click on each one to open up their profile to check their audience demographics, fake followers, engagement rate, content, and more.

Keep scrolling to learn more, or give it a spin for free. Part of the trial includes a preview of 5 free influential followers. No credit card needed.

Here’s the step-by-step in more detail.

1. Log into Modash & head to “Discovery”

Click the “Find your fans” button near the top right.

Alternatively, you can go to the “Relationships” tab too.

2. Choose a platform, and enter your username

This works for Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok.

You don’t need to be an admin/owner of the account.

During the free trial, you can discover 5 influential followers. Paid plans start from $120/month to find more.

3. Get the results

You’ll get an immediate preview of 5 influential fans. With a paid Modash plan, you’ll be able to find more profiles with 1k+ followers that already follow your brand account.

4. Analyze the profiles

With your new list of influential fans, you can open up each profile to check if they’re a good fit. Here’s what it looks like:

Before you even invest time in reaching out, you can access data like:

  • Top audience locations
  • Audience gender / age breakdowns
  • Engagement rate
  • Follower growth rate
  • Fake follower %
  • … and more

If the quantitative numbers look good, and the content quality looks good (and aligned with your brand), then it’s time to reach out!

Pro tip: set up an ambassador landing page too

If your brand has built a following already, there’s a good chance that influencers are searching to see if you have an ambassador program.

If you don’t have a page for it on your website, they won’t find it – and both sides miss the opportunity.

Tactics like the one above are great, but it’s even better if you can get creators coming to you inbound on autopilot.

Here’s some examples:

… & here’s a few quick tips / takeaways:

1. Show what’s in it for the creator

Sell the program. Show it’s worthwhile. If you offer a base fee, say that. If you offer commissions, show off how much you’re offering. If there are other perks (discounts, early access, etc.) – shout them loudly.

2. Be clear about what’s required

Share your criteria. Who makes a great partner for your brand?

If the creator comes on board, what kind of output is expected from them? Both in terms of type/style, and volume/frequency.

3. Use social proof

Create FOMO. Who else is an ambassador for your brand? If you have existing partnerships that you’re proud of, show them off.

It also helps you show examples of the type of content you’re looking for.

Modash does more than just check influential fans

If you’re recruiting influencers for a B2C brand, there’s a good chance you’ll get value from using Modash.

Here’s a bunch of other cool stuff you can do with it.

Find influencers with filters

Modash has data on every creator in the world with 1k+ followers across Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. No matter who/whar you're looking for, they're in Modash. You just need to apply the right filters. The available filters include:

  • Influencer follower ranges (e.g. 10k-35k)
  • The influencer's location, gender, or main language
  • Minimum engagement rates, or minimum follower growth rates
  • Whether or not a contact email is available
  • Their audience demographics
  • Keywords (e.g. words in bio, or hashtags used)
  • and more...

Analyze creator profiles

Check any creator’s profile report. Either by entering the @handle directly, or by reviewing the results of your filter search. You can get data like their:

  • Fake follower count and engagement rate (incl. benchmarks vs. similar creators)
  • Audience locations, languages, age, and gender
  • Top content
  • Paid post performance (for past collabs)
  • … and more

Get influencer contact emails

If the creator has given an email publicly (in a bio, an “About” page, etc.) – Modash’s influencer email finder will get it in a couple of clicks.

Just shortlist creators during your discovery phase. Then once you have your list, unlock emails one by one, or export them all at once to .csv.

Manage relationships

Organize unlimited influencer lists, and use it like a lightweight CRM for your team. Update statuses, add notes, upload documents like briefs & contracts – all in one place. Keep your team in the loop, and on the same page – so no information slips through the cracks.

Monitor live influencer campaigns

Once you have live influencer marketing campaigns, Modash can track the content automatically. Every post (or even stories) saved to a dashboard, ready to review, repurpose, or report.

That’s a wrap

Starting with your own followers is the best way to kick off a round of influencer recruitment. And using Modash is the quickest way to surface those influential fans, and audit their accounts.

Give it a spin for free!

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  // using the experimental public class field syntax below. We can also attach  
  // the contextType to the current class 
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  render() { 
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