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How To Find Local Influencers: 3 Easy Methods

Better influencer marketing
6 min
March 25, 2022

Finding local influencers can be challenging. Even more so if you’re not physically located in that city, or if you need to reach influencers with audiences in lots of different target cities at scale.

  • Influencer marketplaces don’t have enough talent that is specific to your city. 
  • Small-scale local influencers are often not proactively looking for brand partnerships.
  • Influencer audiences are rarely ever entirely focused on one precise city. Rather, they’re often spread across multiple locations.

With the right techniques & tools, it’s possible to find the perfect partners to promote your brand on a local level. Here’s how.

Use an influencer search tool

By far, the most effective of these techniques is to use an influencer search tool. In particular, I’m going to demonstrate how to find local influencers using Modash, because:

It has the largest influencer database. When you’re narrowing your search down to a local level, other platforms simply don’t have enough profiles listed. Modash has every creator on earth for Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. That’s 200M+ profiles, which means you won’t run out of partners, even at scale.

It has excellent filtering to find local influencers which I’ll demonstrate below in just a sec. You can narrow down your search to a platform & location, and add interests, bio keywords, hashtags and more. Plus, the secret sauce that you won’t find on other platforms: percentage granularity.

Here’s how it works.

Head to Discovery, then choose a platform & location

When you land in the Modash dashboard, you’ll see a screen that looks something like this:

The first thing you’ll notice is the platform tabs. This process works to find local influencers on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. I’ll demonstrate here using Instagram, but the process is similar for the other channels.

Obviously, for local influencers the most important filter to apply is location. You can specify locations for where the influencer is based, or where their audience are (predominantly).

Naturally, you’ll never find an influencer who has 100% of their audience in one city. For that reason, once you choose a location, you’ll also see a 2nd dropdown for percentage granularity. 

What we’re saying in the example above is that we only want to see influencers that have at least 30% of their audience being in Paris.

Run your search

There are a ton of other filters you can use in Modash to find laser-targeted audiences. First though, I recommend that you run your search and take a quick look at the results.

This technique is known as layering. Apply one filter, check your results, then apply more one-by-one if you still have enough profiles. If you start off by being too specific, you may accidentally exclude creators that could be perfect for your brand. Layering prevents that.

Since we’re searching in a large city, we still have tens of thousands of results this time:

Tip! By default, your search will be sorted by most followers. Use the ‘sort by’ to change this to audience location if that’s critical to your search. You’ll quickly see which influencers have the highest percentage of their audience in your desired location.

Narrow your search with additional filters

Now, let’s try being more specific, matching creators that have a relevant audience for our niche.

There are a ton of relevant filters you could choose from here:

  • Follower range (e.g. to find micro influencers)
  • Keywords used in influencer bios or post captions
  • Hashtags and mentions used by influencers
  • Minimum engagement rate
  • Minimum growth rate
  • Audience gender, age brackets, and languages
  • Whether or not influencer contact details are available

Testing out 1-2 of these at a time will narrow your search, and help you identify creators who are the best possible fit for your brand.

Here’s a short 6-minute video with more tips that’ll quickly help you get better at searching & filtering influencers for your specific niche. Your perfect partners are inside Modash, you just have to know how to find them.

Replicate your past wins with influencer lookalikes

If you’re already working with some creators successfully, you could try using the lookalike tool inside Modash to find similar profiles.

All you need to do is scroll down to the search bar, and type their username. After you run the search, their profile will appear below:

Then click on the profile to bring up more details. In the sidebar, you’ll see profiles that have similar interests & audiences.

You can then click into any of these profiles to analyze their audiences, recent posts, engagement rates, and more.

From here, there’s an element of trial and error. Test different filters, refine your search. Shortlist creators, export their contact details, and try to reach out to strike up a partnership.

If you need help using Modash to find local influencers, please reach out to us any time: 

In case you want to try finding local partners without using software, here’s two more free methods you can try.

Manually search local hashtags

Influencers that are focusing on a specific area will very often be using popular local hashtags. Examples of local hashtags could be anything from #newyorkcity, to #dogsofnewyork, to various local trends, & everything in between.

Look at posts by local creators

If you know a few local influencers already, visit their profiles. Review their top content, and see which hashtags they’re using. You can click through and find other profiles that are posting with the same hashtags. Then follow the rabbit hole, and see which other hashtags those people are using.

Simply search keywords

You’ll quickly be able to find ideas for local hashtags by checking the suggestions for a town, city, or state name.

Don’t be afraid to be as specific as possible, drilling down to smaller locales rather than a whole city.

After you find influencers, you can use Modash to analyze their audience breakdown. What percentage of their audience is in your target location, check their engagement rate, audit for fake followers, and more.

Network with the local community

Lastly, let’s not forget the basics. This isn’t easy to do at scale if you’re operating in multiple cities. However, if you’re a smaller local business focused on one location, you can see a huge benefit by networking & building relationships in the local community.

In Person

If you are physically located in the area you’re targeting, research & attend events. That could be a specific networking event, a local fair, or anything else. You could even choose to take it a step further, and get involved with volunteering or organizing at local events.


Networking can absolutely be done online, too. Engage with as many local profiles as possible. Follow them, share their posts, and leave comments. Find ways to add value for them, and you’ll soon start to build relationships.

Ask for introductions

Once you start to build up a local network, you’ll get an idea of who the key influencers are. Who do people listen to? Whose opinion do they respect? Ask around your contacts. Can you get an introduction? If you’re introduced through a mutual local contact, there’s a higher chance you’ll get a positive response, and have a productive conversation about working together.

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