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Polands top influencers have 23 million fake followers

instagram fake followers in poland

Many Polish influencers have grown huge, dedicated audiences watching their every word. In fact, more than 1000 of them have earned a 6 figure follower count.

Brands targeting the Polish market have the pick of the litter when it comes to choosing the right instagram influencers to work with. But of course, where there is money to be made, there are people who will try to game the system. So, checking fake followers is important.

Today, we highlight the number of influencers buying fake followers in Poland.

How many fake followers do the top 100 Polish influencers have?

% of fake followers in poland

23,085,339. Twenty-Three million eighty-five thousand three hundred thirty-nine.

Approximately 24% of the 95 million followers we analysed in Poland are fake.

How did you check if a follower is fake?

Modash analyses huge groups of millions of instagram accounts and compares their behaviour. Unlike other tools we check every profile and don’t make hasty estimations based on arbitrary metrics.

Some examples of who might be considered a fake follower include a profile that hasn’t posted in the last year, has no bio, and likes 200 photos per day. Another, a profile with no followers, who follows 9000 profiles and has never posted an image.

Check any profile for fake followers

We look at many data-points and score the profile based on those criteria. If the follower scores too low, we consider it “fake”. This technique is highly effective and the process is similar to the methodology is used by the US Government for identifying domestic threats to national security. Just saying.

What do Polish brands need to look out for?

Wasting their time managing relationships, doing outreach and paying money to influencers who are guaranteed to be less efficient because of their fake followers. We recommend avoiding collaboration with creators that have lower than 75% follower credibility. It’s more efficient to choose influencers with real followers.

In Poland, nearly 33% of the top 100 Instagram influencers fall under this category.

Below 75% threshold it is highly likely that the creator has purchased fake followers or has used some other tactics of over-bloating their follower count.

top polish influencers credibility

Even though the average credibility percentage ( 75.75% ) is good, brands should have a way to vet the creators that they are working with.

The only way to select the right influencers is to use the right tool.

If you are working with an agency, make sure to understand what are their technical capabilities of detecting any frauds slipping through the cracks.

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