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FAQs about Modash

Which products & features does Modash offer?

Here's an overview of Modash's core platform features.

Influencer discovery: Modash lists every creator on Earth with 1k+ followers on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. The Discovery tool helps you apply filters to find the right creators & audiences to promote your brand.

Influencer analysis: Once you've identified prospective influencers, Modash has all the data you need to analyze them. Check for fake followers, engagement rates, audience demographics, and more.

Influencer monitoring: The monitoring tool keeps track of all your influencer content. Tell us which creators & hashtags to track, and we'll automatically pull every post into one dashboard for you, together with their engagement metrics. No more screenshotting stories, or asking creators to send reports.

Relationship management: Create lists to use as a lightweight influencer CRM. Track your outreach status, add notes & labels, and group creators together ready for outreach or campaign launches.

Modash also offers an API product. You can use it to get influencer data, power products & marketplaces, and automate workflows. Learn more about the influencer marketing API here.

How can I get started?

There are no mandatory calls or demos for you to get started with Modash. You can start a free trial any time & test out all the features. No credit card needed.

If you want to ask questions or if you need some help, we're available. Book a call, send us an email (hello@modash.io), or use the live chat bubble inside the platform. We're happy to help.

What makes Modash unique?

There's a few ways in which we try hard to stand out. Here's the top three.

The largest discovery database: other platforms advertise a marketplace of 'vetted' influencers, or they use data that comes from influencers logging in to authenticate data. That is inherently unscalable. We crawl publicly available social media data, just like how Google crawls websites. That means we can deliver data from literally every creator on Earth -- over 200M profiles.

The best customer experience in the multiverse: we truly care about your experience & your success, and we invest in our team to support you. Pricing is transparent. We don't force you through any frustrating sales processes. Pricing is accessible, and flexible, with monthly plans available. You have a dedicated customer success manager, and support every weekday.

Data accuracy: we know that accurate influencer data is the most critical thing for you to make decisions. Customers, like the Partnerships Lead at Bolt, regularly tell us that our data was 15-20% more accurate than other platforms.

Here's some comparisons with other popular influencer marketing tools: Modash vs Grin, and Modash vs Hypeauditor.

Where can I learn about influencer marketing strategies?

We regularly produce content to share what's working in influencer marketing. Take a look at our:

Influencer Marketing Academy, where you'll find a series of videos to help you get started with all the fundamentals.

Blog, where you'll find a bunch of guides & templates. From influencer briefing, to influencer contracts, outreach, and everything in between.

If you have a specific topic in mind, please ask us, and we'll send you the most appropriate resource we have 🙂

A simple but powerful influencer management tool

Modash brings your influencer discovery, analytics, monitoring, and management together. Everything your team needs to scale profitable influencer marketing campaigns.

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