10 Best Brand Ambassador Software To Scale Your Program

February 22, 2023
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Momina Asif
Content Writer, Modash
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Brand ambassadors are a step above regular influencers. Think of it like a hype squad promoting your brand any chance they get.

Discovering the right brand ambassadors and cultivating a long-term relationship might be a bit challenging initially, but it's so worth it. And brand ambassador software makes the entire process easier for you.

Brand ambassador software help you discover, plan, manage, and track the performance of your ambassador campaigns and have different features to help you based on your needs.

Let's have a look at 10 brand ambassador software to help you find the most valuable one for your business.

1. Modash

Use cases: Find new brand ambassadors, analyze their social profiles, and monitor their content

Free trial: Yes, 14 days

Starting price: $120/month


You can use Modash for finding & analyzing social media creators. It includes a database of every creator on Earth with 1k+ followers on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

Search for new prospective ambassadors using filters (like follower count, engagement rate, audience locations/demographics, and more):

Get (almost) instant results that match your filters, and analyze their audiences, performance (e.g. growth rate, engagement rate, fake followers), and content. Here's a preview of what part of that looks like:

Try it free for 14 days 🙂

If you have a potential ambassador in mind, you can also directly enter their username to check the data above too. It's available for any creator (unless they made their profile private).

Lastly, you can also track the content they post. Modash's campaign monitoring tool automatically collects every piece of creator content your brand ambassadors post. You can check out:

  • Which ambassadors have posted and their number of posts
  • The post creatives (even stories are saved to your dashboard, and won't disappear)
  • Post reach and engagements (per post, ambassador, or campaign)
  • Last content posted by each ambassador 


Pricing starts from $120/month and scales up with usage. See pricing.

Modash also offers you a 14-day free trial with access to all the features.

2. Everflow 

Use cases: Manage ambassadors and analyze performance

Free trial: No

Starting price: $750/month


Everflow is a partner marketing platform focusing on affiliates, influencers, and brand ambassadors. You can manage your partnerships, track all marketing channels and automate your processes.

Everflow lets you quickly onboard and manage your brand ambassadors. You can track performance through QR codes, coupons, view-through attribution, and direct links.

You can also compare performance across any two time periods through Everflow, view the specific details of every click you receive, and get a 360° view of your marketing performance. The platform also provides integrations with Shopify, BigCommerce, and CRMs. 


Pricing starts from $750 per month for full access to the platform. For a customized plan based on your business needs, contact the team to get access to in-depth onboarding and a dedicated customer success manager.

3. Brandbassador

Use cases: Manage brand ambassadors, track content, and pay them

Free trial: No 

Starting price: Custom pricing plan


Brandbassador is a platform to manage ambassadors, keep track of all the content, and increase sales for your business.

The platform works as a marketplace where influencers can apply to your brand ambassador program through the app. With 250,000 influencers on the app, you can find relevant brand ambassadors for your business and work with unlimited ambassadors at no additional cost.

You can also send bulk messages to brand ambassadors, build and manage creative marketing tasks, and automate tasks like ambassador segmentation. With automation, you can also streamline routine tasks and reports and assign and approve every piece of content.

Brandbassador lets you invite existing customers and current collaborators to your program through activation campaigns and custom sign-up pages.

The platform's social media monitoring lets you spread the word about your brand as easily as possible. With the option to gamify engagement, you can choose to reward points, cash, gift cards, or freebies to encourage your community of brand ambassadors to generate sales, create content, and build brand awareness.

You can compare how much you've spent on your ambassador marketing program with the detailed ROI breakdown. A premium feature Brandbassador offers is an in-depth evaluation of your business needs to develop a brand ambassador strategy based on what will work best. 


Pricing depends on your business needs and the features you require. While the pricing isn't mentioned on the website, three plans are available — Growth, Pro, and Elite. You can contact the sales team through the website for an accurate quote.  

4. SocialLadder

Use cases: Discover, track, reward, and engage your brand ambassadors

Free trial: No

Starting price: Custom pricing 


SocialLadder is a comprehensive platform for brand ambassador management, especially for consumer-focused brands.

You can find influencers, affiliates, and brand ambassadors, manage their applications, and onboard them. With dedicated Creator Programs, you can chat with ambassadors, bulk assign tasks, and track posted content. 

SocialLadder lets you measure the exact value each brand ambassador is driving and helps you identify top ambassadors. You can also scale your program as much as you want. With payment management built into the platform, you can get invoices and pay your ambassadors promptly.

The mobile app keeps creators engaged with your brand constantly and helps keep them accountable. Through Drip Marketing Automation, you can also send out emails when people join an online event, so they don't miss anything happening live.


SocialLadder doesn't provide pricing details on its website. You'll have to book a demo, talk to their sales team, and get accurate pricing based on your requirements. 

5. CrewFire

Use cases: Manage campaigns with pre-approved brand ambassadors

Free trial: No 

Starting price: $1000/month


CrewFire works by leveraging a brand's entire customer base to help drive more awareness, traffic, and sales. The platform scales up with your program needs — meaning you can seamlessly grow your ambassador program.

The platform uses a fanbase model that encourages brand ambassadors to share content, earn points, and get rewards. Your brand is in charge of recruiting the right ambassadors, while the chosen ambassadors have the autonomy to personalize their posts.

One drawback with CrewFire is that you can only collaborate with people you have identified as potential ambassadors. You'll provide these ambassadors with a unique login that allows you to connect with their social media profiles for content tracking.

With CrewFire, you can launch campaigns through email or SMS and allow brand ambassadors to review suggested content, personalize it, and then post it.

Brand ambassadors get points for each post and can see how they rank compared to other ambassadors. Brands can also re-engage less active ambassadors through surveys and custom communication. 


CrewFire's pricing starts from $1000/month and goes as high as $4000/month. You can also watch a demo to learn more about the platform. 

6. Zuberance

Use cases: Turn customers into advocates

Free trial: No

Starting price: Custom pricing


Zuberance is hybrid platform + service provider, provides a complete brand advocacy service for your business and is committed to building an advocate army for your brand.

The company provides expert-led services for all stages of advocacy marketing, including strategy, design and development, and measurement and tracking. With fully customizable services based on your brand's requirements, Zuberance identifies brand ambassadors through NPS surveys and social media.

Instead of focusing on reactive support, Zuberance provides proactive ambassador marketing leadership and management. 

Brands can invite ambassadors to the customized portal where they can publish reviews, photos, videos, and testimonials. You can also track an extensive list of metrics, including the percentage of ambassadors sharing content, reach and impression per ambassador, and the conversions each ambassador is responsible for.

Zuberance is full-service brand ambassador management software that's a good fit for large businesses. But it might not be the best software for you if you're looking to get more involved with your brand ambassadors and develop long-term relationships with them. 


Zuberance doesn't provide pricing on the website, as it's based on your brand's requirements. You can schedule a demo and take the conversation from there. 

7. LeadDyno 

Use cases: Track leads and sales, and reward your brand ambassadors

Free trial: Yes

Starting price: $49/month


LeadDyno is a software to manage influencers, affiliates, and brand ambassadors. You can create a variety of activities for brand ambassadors, including blog posts, social media posts, product reviews, or custom activities based on your campaign.

You can also track orders from coupons, referral links, email marketing, social media, and paid ads and set up unique tracking links for Adwords, Facebook, and other platforms.

LeadDyno integrates with eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Amazon Seller Central. You can set up a custom commission structure and pay for a percentage of a sale or a fixed amount. You can also create different payments for different types of affiliates.

Within the platform, you can view a breakdown of your visitors, leads, and sales. One-click tracking lets you easily see where your sales are coming from and which ambassador is responsible for what content. 


LeadDyno's pricing plans start from $49/month to $349/month, and a 30-day free trial is available. You can also get a customized pricing plan based on your brand's requirements. 

8. Referral Rock 

Use cases: Referral marketing for customers and brand ambassadors

Free trial: Yes

Starting price: $200/month


Referral Rock started as a platform to help brands get more customers through referrals. Since then, the platform has grown to offer the flexibility to run brand ambassador campaigns and partner and affiliate programs.

You can design custom campaigns and get your brand ambassadors involved. With a mobile app and API integration, Referral Rock allows you to customize the platform to fit your business needs. With a customized advocate portal, you can easily share and track results, communicate with your ambassadors, and personalize discount codes and links.

You can monitor campaigns, track KPIs, and reward ambassadors within the platform. Options to incentivize ambassadors include cash, points, credit, giveaways, or gift cards. You can create tiers for ambassadors based on their performance and automate the rewarding process.

Referral Rock provides integration with all the major platforms, including Wix, PayPal, Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento. 


Pricing starts from $200/month for the Starter plan and goes up to $800/month. A free trial and demo are available to help you navigate the platform first. 

9. Refersion

Use cases: Track brand ambassador's content and pay them

Free trial: Yes

Starting price: $99/month


Refersion is a brand ambassador and affiliate tracking software focusing on driving business growth through word-of-mouth marketing.

With over 3.6M premium content creators, you can reach out to them to develop a long-lasting relationship and onboard them to your brand ambassador program. You can easily set up and launch brand ambassador campaigns as Refersion fully integrates with your online store.

Potential ambassadors can sign up through a form, and you can select the ones that are the right fit. Brands can also notify customers with an offer to become an affiliate or a brand ambassador through the Post-Purchase widget. In addition to working with brand ambassadors, you can engage affiliates through several channels, such as email and the Refersion Marketplace.

Refersion focuses heavily on allowing users to track affiliate and brand ambassador content separately. With individual reporting for ambassadors and campaigns, you can determine who drives more brand awareness and sales and reward them accordingly.

Payment is also made extremely simple with Refersion, and you can pay your brand ambassadors through PayPal, Trolley, or GiftCards.

A few drawbacks of Refersion include the following:

  • Limited on-demand reporting.
  • Difficulty in organizing ambassadors based on performance.
  • No option for payment processing.  


Refersion asks for $99/month to access the basic features. You can also get a custom plan based on your business requirements, including Amazon & Shopify affiliate management. A free trial and live demo are available to help you kick things off. 

10. Mobilize 

Use cases: Communicate with your community of brand ambassadors

Free trial: No

Starting price: $49/month


Mobilize provides a platform to communicate with your brand ambassadors, employees, and brand representatives.

While Mobilize focuses on internal communication, it also assists with ambassador discovery through the recruitment portal. You can create an application form, filter potential ambassadors based on demographics and interests, and onboard them.

Mobilize provides one of the most comprehensive communication platforms for brands and ambassadors. You can communicate one-on-one with brand ambassadors or in groups. Brand ambassadors can also converse with each other, access exclusive perks, learn insider info, and celebrate milestones together.

To make communication easy, you can segment brand ambassadors based on engagement insights, profile attributes, and content engagement activity. You can also engage members virtually with meetups or arrange public events for the whole community or private events for smaller sub-groups.


Pricing plans for Mobilize start from $49/month and go as high as $800/month. You can also tour the platform or request a demo to get more information about the platform. 

Features to look for in a brand ambassador software

We've looked at ten brand ambassador software that can help you find creators, manage campaigns, and pay them. But to help you select the right one for your business, let's have a look at some of the must-have features in brand ambassador software.

Some of the obvious features include the following: 

  • Brand ambassador discovery 
  • Enroll them in your program 
  • Manage and communicate with ambassadors 
  • Analyze and track their content 
  • Easy and seamless payment options

In addition to the features mentioned above, the best brand ambassador software will also: 

  • Have a simple and easy-to-use user interface 
  • Let you personalize your campaigns 
  • Provide automation for ambassador activation, rewards management, and content tracking 
  • Integrate with your existing marketing stack and your CRM

Ready to take your brand ambassador program to the next level?

You now have a list of 10 great brand ambassador software to help discover, communicate with, and manage ambassadors.

Take time to explore these software and make use of the free trials and demos before making any decision.

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