12 Hypeauditor Alternatives For Better Influencer Marketing

March 26, 2024
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Ryan Prior
Head of Marketing, Modash
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So you’re looking for an influencer marketing tool. You’ve tried (or at least considered) Hypeauditor, and you want to see what else is out there.

There are several other platforms which have various advantages and use cases. A bigger influencer database, coverage of different channels, different features, different price points.

Here you’ll find 12, with an overview of their features, prices, and best use cases to find the perfect solution for your influencer marketing work.

Here are the 12 best Hypeauditor alternatives:

  1. Modash
  2. #paid
  3. Traackr
  4. Pitchbox
  5. Tribe Dynamics
  6. Upfluence
  7. Followerwonk
  8. Dovetale
  9. GameInfluencer
  10. SproutSocial
  11. Storyclash
  12. Grin

Keep scrolling to get the details, and get the key differences of these tools vs. Hypeauditor.

Hypeauditor drawbacks: common reasons to find an alternative

Hypeauditor has some strengths, no doubt. It’s an accessible self-serve tool that has useful information about millions of influencers, plus industry insights. That said, it does have limitations which mean it isn’t a good fit for a lot of marketers. Hence why you’re reading this article, right?

Their influencer database is limited

They advertise a database of ‘50.5M+’ creators in total. Once you narrow down to your desired platform, add filters for countries/cities/interests, you simply won’t find enough good quality partners to scale up properly. If you strive to have influencers globally, Hypeauditor’s database might not have strong coverage in important regions.  

Pricing is high

At their entry price of $399, most useful features like auto campaign tracking and advanced search filters are unavailable. Upgrading costs $698+ per month, and that is simply cost-prohibitive for most small teams starting out with influencer marketing.

Some metrics are more confusing than helpful

Hypeauditor display metrics & data points that simply don’t work, and cause confusion, despite their intention to be helpful.

The best example of this is value metrics. Things like ‘Est. price per post’, or ‘Est. cost per engagement’. On the surface that may seem useful. In reality though, there are far too many factors involved here to simplify pricing. The same influencer might quote you $100 per post, then promote another brand for free the next day if it aligns better with their goals.

12 Alternatives to Hypeauditor for influencer marketing

1. Modash

Best for: B2C e-commerce & SaaS companies who need to find, analyze, and monitor influencers at any scale.

Free trial: 14 days. Try for free.

Starting price: $99/month

Features & reasons to use Modash

Modash is an influencer marketing platform for discovering, analyzing, and monitoring influencers. Its database contains every creator on earth for Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, which means 250M+ profiles.

You can search & filter creators based on their profiles, including follower ranges, languages, engagement rate, hashtags, bio keywords, and more.

Or, you can also search based on the influencer’s audience. Locations, language, interests, demographics and more. You can even control what percentage of the audience needs to match your filter. For example, you might want to search for profiles that have a minimum of 20% followers in a particular city:

Next, you can analyze influencer profiles so you can decide if they’re a good fit for your brand. Rich data is available, including follower growth, checking for fake followers, audience data, brand affinity, recent posts, and more.

Modash also includes an influencer tracking feature, which removes the need to manually check & screenshot partner content. You can track influencer content & collect it automatically, and get performance overviews at a glance. That makes it easier to see what’s working to replicate your wins, plus make reports or repurpose the content.

Modash vs Hypeauditor

Here’s some key differences between Modash & Hypeauditor at a glance. See also: Modash vs. Hypeauditor.

1. Modash has a much lower entry price. It also includes all of the features, including campaign monitoring & advanced filtering, in every plan. Starting from $99 per month. In contrast, Hypeauditor’s higher entry price of $399 still doesn’t include many features like advanced filtering.

2. Modash lists 250M+ creators vs. Hypeauditor’s 70M+. A brand using Modash to find partners will find a lot more opportunities and untapped potential vs. someone using Hypeauditor.

3. Modash has a full-access free trial. It allows you to properly experience the tool for 14 days without restrictions. Hypeauditor offers a very limited free trial without access to most advanced features.

4. Hypeauditor has some additional features. They include: built-in influencer outreach, additional campaign monitoring features available (on higher pricing tiers), and market analysis & trends data.


Modash pricing is based on monthly usage. Plans start from $99/month (paid annually), or $120/month (paid monthly). View pricing here, or sign up for a free trial (no credit card needed).

2. #paid

Best for: Brands that run paid ads via influencers, and only require a very small database of creators

Free trial: No

Starting price: Unknown


#paid offers features to connect with creators, communicate with them in-app, and track your influencer campaign ROI. 

The platform also facilitates running paid ad campaigns through creator profiles for increased reach.

#paid’s ‘Handraise’ platform lets you write a brief, and match with creator profiles that are pre-vetted with cost information at the ready. This has pros and cons, but it is inherently unscalable.

It’s nice to be matched with influencers to save time on searching, and to have pricing information up front. There’s some major drawbacks to consider too though. Their database only contains around 20,000 creators. Once you narrow down to a platform, then a country or city, then filter by interests & demographics… there aren’t going to be many creators left for you to choose from.

In addition, the only people you’ll find are proactively looking for brand collaborations, and therefore probably already have several other brand partnerships before yours. Lastly, you’ll miss out on untapped talent. Those creators who have a highly engaged audience & create great content, but aren’t proactively looking for brand partnerships, and haven’t yet monetized their audience.

#paid vs Hypeauditor

  • #paid has a creator matching system, while Hypeauditor has an influencer discovery feature
  • Both tools have a limited database of influencers available, but Hypeauditor’s is larger, with less vetting


#paid pricing isn't available in its website. Contact their team for a quote.

3. Traackr

Best for: Enterprise influencer management for large beauty brands

Free trial: Yes

Starting price: Custom pricing


Traackr offers a suite of influencer marketing features for discovery, vetting, relationship management, and more.

The platform also assists with measuring influencer marketing ROI by providing features for tracking clicks & conversions for each influencer. Commission payments can also be made within the platform.

Traaackr clearly invests a lot into customer support & success, and have a lot of experience with beauty brands. If you’re a large-scale beauty D2C brand, Traackr is likely to be a good fit.

There’s one major limitation with Traackr (other than pricing & contract lengths) and it’s the same one that we saw with #paid. Their limited influencer discovery database. Once again, user reviews on G2 & Capterra comment on problems with finding enough partners, especially on a local level. They also lack an influencer lookalike tool. 

Traackr vs Hypeauditor

  • Traaackr’s features & support cater better to large beauty brands
  • Traaackr has features for creating tracking links, customizing affiliate agreements, and paying affiliate commissions directly from the platform


Pricing information for Traaackr is not available. Contact their team for a demo / quote.

4.  Pitchbox

Best for: Influencer outreach for blogs

Free trial: Yes

Starting price: $550/month


Pitchbox is an outreach tool that covers two primary use cases: reaching influencers, and link building (for SEO). While it isn’t a complete replacement for everything that Hypeauditor offers, if you just need outreach features (without paying more for the full toolkit), it could be a worthwhile option to consider.

Pitchbox can help you achieve high-scale outreach by creating templates, automating follow-ups, creating separate roles for team members, finding website contact details, and more.

The platform includes data & insights to report on team activity & progress, including white label options for any agencies doing influencer outreach on behalf of clients.

Pitchbox vs Hypeauditor

  • Pitchbox is specifically for influencer outreach, and doesn’t cover other influencer marketing features like campaign monitoring
  • Pitchbox focuses on blog influencers, rather than social influencers
  • Pitchbox also has a big focus (& relevant integrations) for SEO / link building, rather than exclusively focusing on influencer marketing


Pitchbox starts from $550/month and goes up to $1500/month, when billed monthly.

5. Tribe Dynamics

Best for: Influencer data, trends, and benchmarks for large fashion & lifestyle brands

Free trial: Yes

Starting price: On request


TribeDynamics offers features for a range of use cases, but it specializes primarily on influencer data & analytics. The platform includes in-depth industry data, including tools for benchmarking your brand against competitors in terms of mentions, market share over time, and more.

Their focus lies with large beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands. If that’s you, it could be a good fit. If not, you’re likely to find their influencer discovery database limited, and their insights / industry benchmarks less relevant.

As a platform focused on larger campaigns, it could also be complicated & unnecessarily expensive for small to medium businesses to use.

Tribe Dynamics vs Hypeauditor

  • Tribe Dynamics has a higher price, and a longer minimum commitment
  • Tribe Dynamics has a 30-day free trial available upon request, while Hypeauditor’s trial is relatively limited
  • Tribe Dynamics can offer additional competitive data, such as benchmarks against your key competitor performance in key markets
  • Hypeauditor has built-in influencer outreach, while Tribe Dynamics does not


Pricing information for Tribe Dynamics is not available. Contact their team for a demo / quote.

6. Upfluence

Best for: Brands with a large budget looking for hands-off influencer marketing with agency support

Free trial: Yes

Starting price: On request


While Upfluence has a software platform built-in like Hypeauditor, it comes with professional services bolted on too -- but it is in no way mandatory.

Upfluence has a comprehensive feature set for influencer marketing, including influencer discovery, outreach, campaign monitoring, audience analysis, and product seeding.

One important drawback to be aware of is the size of their influencer database which is aound 4 million.

Upfluence vs Hypeauditor

See a more in-depth comparison: HypeAuditor vs Upfluence.

  • Upfluence has built-in tools that Hypeauditor does not, e.g.affiliate programs, influencer payments, and product seeding


Pricing information for Upfluence isn't available. Contact their team for a demo / quote.

7. Followerwonk

Best for: Low-budget influencer discovery & analysis for Twitter

Free trial: No

Starting price: Unknown


Followerwonk is a tool originally built by Moz that can be used for finding & researching creator profiles on Twitter. It hasn’t got quite as deep insights as you can find on other platforms, but it’s low-cost, and could provide some entry-level insights into the world of Twitter influencers.

You can search Twitter bios for keywords, and use filters like min/max follower counts or Tweets, and locations to find Twitter influencers in your space.

It has other features too that are focused on growing your own Twitter following, but aren’t too relevant for influencer marketing.

Overall, it’s a basic tool which enables low-cost Twitter influencer discovery and research.

Followerwonk vs Hypeauditor

  • Followerwonk is only for Twitter; Hypeauditor covers more platforms
  • Hypeauditor has significantly more filtering & analysis features available for discovery


Pricing information for Followerwonk is not available. Get in touch with their team for a demo / quote.

8. Dovetale

Best for: Small Shopify stores to receive inbound influencer/affiliate enquiries

Free trial: No

Starting price: On request


Dovetale is all about setting up to receive inbound interest in a partner program. It helps you to create a landing page, receive applications, review them, and kick off partnerships.

It’s fully focused on Shopify store owners, and has built-in features to create affiliate programs, do product seeding / gifting, and send payments all through the platform.

It’s worth noting that Dovetale is not a comprehensive influencer marketing platform, and it isn’t used for searching/filtering new influencers, analyzing their audiences, and monitoring ongoing campaigns. That said, if you already have people enquiring about partnering with your Shopify brand, it’s a fast & low-cost way to get started

Dovetale vs Hypeauditor

  • Dovetale is for receiving inbound interest, not for proactively discovering new influencers
  • Dovetale includes features for affiliate program management & payment
  • Hypeauditor has a bunch of extra features e.g. discovery, analysis, outreach, monitoring


Dovetale has a limited free version available. Paid plans start from $29/month. Upgrading to $49/month lets you track affiliate sales, and pay affiliates without additional fees.

9. GameInfluencer 

Best for: Game publishers looking for a platform/SaaS hybrid

Free trial: No

Starting price: On request


While GameInfluencer specializes in gaming influencer marketing, it’s not just for promoting games. We have to forget the stereotype that gamers are just teenage boys, and embrace the varied community gaming has grown into. Of course, many gaming influencers will promote gaming-related products, but they’re also keen on promoting their unique personalities, which means they’re also talking about things outside of their niche.

GameInfluencer is a full-service agency that looks at your influencer marketing strategy individually to match you with influencers in places you may not think to look. This lets you find niche segments to pair you with the perfect influencer for your brand.

GameInfluencer vs Hypeauditor

  • Hypeauditor boasts a much larger influencer database of 50M+, versus 3.1M+.
  • GameInfluencer is one of the leading Twitch influencer marketing platforms.
  • Campaigns can be launched in several languages with GameInfluencer.


Pricing information for GameInfluencer is not available. Get in touch with their team for a demo / quote.

10. Sprout Social

Best for: Social media management & social listening for small brands/agencies

Free trial: Yes, 30 days

Starting price: $249/month


Sprout Social is more of an all-around social media management app than specifically for influencer marketing, but it can help you with that, too. It all starts with social listening, which allows you to track your competitors, mentions of your brand, or keywords. This lets you zero in on potential influential voices for your brand.

Once you have your campaigns up and running, you can track your influencers with hashtags that get organized in your Sprout Smart Inbox. You can also create affiliate codes or tracking links to see how your campaigns are performing.

Sprout Social vs Hypeauditor

  • Hypeauditor offers many more useful influencer marketing tools, like fraud detection, and influencer discovery.
  • Both platforms let you monitor your social media accounts, though Hypeauditor lacks Facebook data.
  • Sprout Social has much more affordable pricing for smaller brands.


Sprout Social pricing starts from $249/month (billed monthly) or $199/month (billed annually).

11. Storyclash

Best for: Fast-growing brands needing advanced creator marketing tools

Free trial: No

Starting price: €899/month


Storyclash is an AI-powered influencer marketing solution that helps with discovery and analysis of influencer collaborations for brands and agencies.

Its influencer discovery and search feature allows brands to find influencers on Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms using a variety of filters such as location, audience size, gender, and engagement rates.

Another feature from Storyclash is their Influencer CRM. It puts all the stuff you need about influencers all in one location. Plus, you can change any influencer's info just by dragging and dropping. To keep things neat, you can also add your own labels, tags, and notes however you want.

Storyclash vs Hypeauditor

  • Hypeauditor’s audience data is much more in-depth
  • Hypeauditor offers slightly more in-depth search capabilities

See also: Storyclash alternatives.


Storyclash pricing starts from €899/month.

12. Grin

Best for: End-to-end influencer marketing for large e-commerce businesses 

Free trial: Yes

Starting price: On request


Grin is a pretty expensive all-in-one influencer marketing platform for ecommerce.

It integrates with all of your social media channels, as well as e-commerce solutions like Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce to help you manage and ship your products to influencers, track sales for commissions, generate discount codes and more. 

Grin takes your registered customers and creates a list of potential influencers and their stats, in other words, people who have bought your products before and have good things to say about them. Other features include influencer relationship management and social listening. Grin’s reporting and analytics give you plenty of performance data to track ROI, most sales, and more to let you see who is worth working with again.

Grin vs Hypeauditor

  • 100M+ database vs Hypeauditor’s 50M+
  • Both tools are fairly expensive and don't have transparent pricing, but Grin is worse in this regard. Pricing isn't easily available, but starts around $25k/yr.
  • Grin has more tools overall, including product seeding & creator payments.

See also: Grin alternatives.


Pricing information for Grin is not available. You can contact with their team for a demo / quote.

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