9 Traackr Alternatives For Influencer Marketing (With Free Trials, Monthly Options, & More)

July 29, 2022
8 min
Maria Magdaleena Lamp

Traackr has been around since 2008, back before influencer marketing was mainstream. If you're looking for an influencer marketing platform, their name might pop up during your search.

They have a feature-rich platform, but their lack of price transparency, long contracts, and focus on the enterprise beauty market might cause you to shop around.

Here's a list of Traackr alternatives to help you in your search for a platform that’s right for you.

Here are the 9 best Traackr alternatives:

  1. Modash
  2. CreatorIQ
  3. BuzzSumo
  4. Klear
  5. Grin
  6. Upfluence
  7. HypeAuditor
  8. Awario
  9. Influence

Traackr drawbacks: reasons to look for an alternative

Being one of the older influencer marketing tools out there, Traackr boasts some big clients L’Oreal, Wella, and others. Their platform is good, has lots of features, and it's a solid choice for many larger brands. Especially those with 6-7 figure influencer marketing budgets with comprehensive software/automation needs. What about everyone else, though? Here's a few pain points which might lead you to look elsewhere.

Expensive, and lacks transparency

If you’re a small brand, I can tell you right away that Traackr is not for you. It requires a big commitment (both financially and timewise) from the start. Subscriptions are sold on an annual or multi-year basis, and it's not cheap. Pricing is not published publicly on their website. There is no option to pay per month, nor does Traackr offer a free trial.

Limited influencer discovery database

Traackr’s database is not comprehensive. Often, users have to request that an influencer be added to the database to be analyzed. Then, once they’re added, the data is slow to populate. This problem gets worse if you're looking for creators in a small niche or a small country/city. There are other platforms with more profiles listed, without having to manually request profiles be added all the time.

Steep learning curve

Traackr’s user interface is not intuitive and is set up quite differently from other influencer marketing platforms. It may take your team some time to adopt the tool, and get the full benefits.

9 Alternatives to Traackr for influencer marketing

1. Modash

Best for: B2C e-commerce & SaaS companies who want to find, analyze, and monitor influencers at any scale

Free trial: 14 days without restrictions. Try for free.

Starting price: $99/month. Modash pricing is based on monthly usage. Plans start from $99/month (paid annually), or $109/month (paid monthly). View pricing here, or sign up for a free trial (no credit card needed).


Modash is an influencer marketing platform with features for:

  • Finding & filtering influencers (from 200M+ profiles)
  • Finding contact details
  • Analyzing creators & their audience (locations, demographics, fake followers, engagement rate etc.)
  • Monitoring & collecting your partner posts automatically

The Modash discovery tool takes a different approach compared to most platforms. They list every creator across Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok with 1k+ followers. That means your ideal partners are definitely in the database, you just need to apply the right filters to find them. Modash have an excellent support & success team that can help you if you get stuck (no extra cost).

Lastly, an automated content monitoring tool makes life easier if you're working with lots of creators. After setup (just a few clicks), it will automatically save every piece of content your influencers post. Even Stories, before they disappear. That means you get all your influencer generated content in one place. Ready to report, analyze, or repurpose as needed.

As well as the platform, Modash also has an influencer API product so you can integrate their data with your other systems/tools, or even power your own products.

Modash vs Traackr

  • Modash already lists literally every creator with 1k+ followers, so you don't have to add profiles. There are 200M+ creators in the database, and it grows every day.
  • Modash offers a free trial, transparent pricing, and monthly payment options from $109/month.
  • Traackr has more features overall. For example, it can help you build an affiliate program, which Modash lacks.

2. CreatorIQ

Best for: Large agencies and brands who want an end-to-end platform.

Free trial: No

Starting price: On request


With over 15 million influencer accounts indexed on CreatorIQ, discovery starts with a content-first approach. This means that its AI goes beyond looking at keywords and bios and instead looks at content like images, location, and even emojis, which are then indexed and become searchable. CreatorIQ has all of the features you’d come to expect in an influencer marketing platform, like fake follower check, campaign management, customized reporting, etc. But what makes it stand out from the rest is that influencers you want to work with register on CreatorIQ via your brand’s portal, allowing you to create a community of influencers in your own private marketplace.

CreatorIQ vs Traackr

  • CreatorIQ’s database is indexed by algorithm, offering much more relevant choice in discovery than Traackr’s influencer database.
  • While discovery may seem overwhelming at first, the CreatorIQ platform is much more intuitive than Traackr’s. And when you’re ready to work with an influencer, they’re ready to create. All the necessary paperwork is completed before you contact them.
  • Both platforms lack transparency in pricing.

3. BuzzSumo

Best for: Researching popular influencer content

Free trial: Yes, 30 days

Starting price: From $99/month


BuzzSumo is not an influencer marketing platform, but it can be used to track influencers. We've decided to include it here because content marketing is an important part of influencer marketing and this platform could be a good addition to your influencer marketing strategy. BuzzSumo’s database of content is where you’ll come for inspiration and research. The platform is divided into four main sections: Projects, Content Research, Influencers, and Monitoring. Its Question Analyzer scans thousands of online forums to show what people are asking about a given topic. With these insights, you can modify your content toward becoming an expert on said topic. The Alerts tool is similar to a listening feature where you can customize alerts to stay on top of new content and find inspiration for your own.

BuzzSumo vs Traackr

  • BuzzSumo offers an API and a Chrome extension which allows you to analyze content on any webpage without having to go back and forth between the app. Traackr does not have any extensions.
  • These are two different tools. BuzzSumo is more focused on content performance, and as such you’re not going to deep data on audiences like you would with Traackr.
  • BuzzSumo’s advanced search function is rather difficult to use, especially if you’re not familiar with boolean search operators.
  • Traackr is a much more comprehensive solution for influencer marketing

4. Klear

Best for: Medium sized brands looking for an end-to-end influencer marketing platform

Free trial: Demo available

Starting price: On request


Klear offers influencer search and campaign management in addition to its analytics platform. We won’t list all of its features, but one worth mentioning is its Monitors section. It's a great tool for researching your competitors, with data on everything from how you compare in terms of mentions and follower growth, to who’s talking about them and their followers. With each monitor you set up, Klear’s AI learns more about your brand. You’ll really see this in action when you get to discovery where results will be arranged according to relevance to your brand.

Klear vs Traackr

  • Klear’s platform is super easy to use and reports are clear and easy to understand. Traackr’s platform has a steep learning curve.
  • Both platforms lack transparency in pricing.
  • Traackr’s campaign management feature is much more robust than Klear’s.

5. Grin

Best for: End-to-end influencer marketing for large e-commerce businesses.

Free trial: Demo available

Starting price: Customized pricing on request


Grin is a platform for e-commerce influencer marketing, which is particularly clear from all of its integrations with other platforms like Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce. This helps you not only communicate with influencers but also manage and ship your products to your creators, generate discount codes, track sales for commissions and much much more. Discovery is a breeze, as Grin finds potential influencers from your registered customers. You can easily manage campaigns and track their progress. All of the data comes together in easy-to-read reports, and you’ll get an understanding of your true ROI with real-time tracking of sales and referrals.

Grin vs Traackr

  • Both platforms lack transparency in pricing, but you can assume that with customized pricing plans, Grin might not fit into the budget of smaller brands.
  • Both platforms have a limited database. Grin boasts a database of 100M influencers, of which 37M+ come with email addresses, but once you narrow down your search, the actual number of relevant influencers is much, much smaller.
  • Grin offers tons of integrations for e-commerce software, email systems, and chat applications, making it very easy to find and grow your influencer network. Traackr lacks many of these integrations.

See also: Grin alternatives

6. Upfluence

Best for: Large brands looking for an all-in-one influencer marketing solution with a hands-off approach.

Free trial: No

Starting price: On request


Upfluence’s hybrid agency/platform model means that you can sit back, relax, and let the agency take care of your influencer marketing. As you’d expect, Upfluence has all the standard tools like discovery, outreach, campaign monitoring, audience analysis, and more. Its social listening tool lets you keep an eye on trending hashtags, specific influencers, and your competitors. Once your campaigns are up and running, you can organize your influencers easily, export your reports, and manage influencer payments, making it simple to manage multiple campaigns at a time.

Upfluence vs Traackr

  • Influencers need to apply to be approved, so Upfluence has a limited database of only 3M+ influencers. The platform also lacks a lookalike tool.
  • Both platforms lack transparency in pricing and require a minimum 12 month contract.
  • With Traackr, you own your influencer relationships. Upfluence’s hybrid agency/platform model makes you dependent on a third party for managing your relationships.

See also: Upfluence alternatives

7. Hypeauditor

Best for: Medium to large size brands looking for market insights.

Free trial: A free plan gives you access to basic features, but data is limited.

Starting price: $399/month


This all-in-one platform offers powerful data and analytics, especially when keeping tabs on your competitors. Hypeauditor analyzes profiles and audiences, looks at overall quality, and then gives both influencers and their audiences a quality score. Monitor your own Instagram account to gain insight into your brand’s social media presence. Other features include discovery, influencer outreach, influencer comparison, account tracking, affiliate programs, product seeding, influencer payments and much more.

Hypeauditor vs Traackr

  • You won’t waste any time learning how to use Hypeauditor’s intuitive platform.
  • Hypeauditor lets you pay monthly without having to commit to a 1-year contract like with Traackr.
  • Hypeauditor’s reporting feature can be confusing.

See also: Hypeauditor alternatives.

8. Awario

Best for: A social listening tool for brands of all sizes

Free trial: Yes, 7 days.

Starting price: from €29/month


Awario works a little differently from the other platforms we’ve mentioned on this list and that’s because it’s a different tool. Awario is a social listening tool for tracking that can be used for influencer discovery by tracking mentions and keywords. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use audience filters here. Social listening is important in influencer marketing because it lets you see the impact of your campaigns through interactions. In other words, you’re looking for mentions of your brand so you can respond quickly to generate leads, optimize your strategy, and improve your customer experience. Use it together with a traditional influencer marketing platform and you’ll have a thorough picture of the results of your efforts.

Awario vs Traackr

  • Awario’s reasonable pricing starting from $29/month means it’s affordable to be used together with another influencer marketing platform to give you an even bigger picture of the impact of your campaigns.
  • Most tools like Traackr rely on their database to find influencers, but Awario searches relevant keywords from the web to compile a list of influencers.

9. Influencer

Best for: Medium to large brands looking for an all-in-one influencer marketing platform.

Free trial: No

Starting price: On request


Influencer works by first helping you create a content strategy based on industry trends and their own data. Their goal is to create meaningful relationships between brands and influencers to “make waves of influence”. From this, you’ll gain insight into your reach through all of the campaign metrics you could possibly dream of. Influencer analyzes audience preferences to provide you with relevant creators to your brand. Their proprietary impact rate shows you the true value of your content and campaigns. Campaign management is done using Influencer’s “Waves” technology.

Influencer vs Traackr

  • Influencer’s database is limited, as creators must be vetted. 
  • Influencer’s platform is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Influencer is a relatively new platform and has a boutique feel, which means you can expect more personalized service than some of the more established platforms out there.
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