10 Influencer Marketing Blogs To Level Up Your Skills & Career

February 19, 2024
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Momina Asif
Content Writer, Modash
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It’s harder than it should be to find great information on influencer marketing.

If you want to level up your knowledge & career in influencer marketing, here’s some top-tier blogs to learn from.

1. Modash

Focus on: Examples from real brands, surveys & research, how-tos

Link: Modash's Blog

Modash’s content focus is on surfacing real-world examples. From actual people who work full-time in influencer marketing.

There’s no guru telling you what to do. Rather, the latest articles focus on sharing how a range of people/brands do things, with the context you need to decide whether or not it’s relevant for you.

For example here, Dmitri Cherner (who previously led influencer marketing at Ruggable & OneSkin) explains his approach to influencer outreach.

This isn’t a generalist social media marketing blog – it’s fully focused on people who run influencer partnerships full-time.

Eleni Zoe, part of the marketing team at Modash, also summarizes longer blog posts into bite-sized chunks in the Return on Influence newsletter. It’s free to subscribe.

Some of the topics covered so far

2. Sprout Social

Focus on: The basics of influencer marketing

Link: Sprout Social’s blog

Sprout Social is a social media management platform with a blog that focuses on social media marketing and platforms, influencer marketing, career advice, and digital marketing.

In the influencer marketing section, the blog offers a wide range of topics, including tips for finding influencers, metrics to track for success, guides for specific platforms like TikTok and YouTube, and discussions on the evolving relationship between influencers and consumers.

The blog provides actionable insights and guidance for brands looking to harness the power of influencer marketing. The topics cover both practical aspects, such as evaluating influencer media kits and utilizing influencer marketing tools, as well as strategic considerations, such as building an effective influencer strategy and maximizing ROI.

Sprout Social's blog also emphasizes the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest trends and changes in influencer marketing. With articles discussing the rise of senior influencers, the emergence of nano-influencers, and the impact of the creator economy, the blog provides marketers with insights into new opportunities and challenges within the influencer marketing industry.

Some of the topics covered so far

  • Rethinking the influencer-brand relationship
  • 10 metrics to track influencer marketing success in 2024
  • Making dollars and sense out of the creator economy with Lia Haberman

3. Later

Focus on: Influencer marketing basics for small-to-medium sized businesses

Link: Later's Blog

Later is a social media management platform with a blog dedicated to social media and influencer marketing. With articles covering topics such as finding Instagram influencers, optimizing posting times, and leveraging link-in-bio tools, Later’s blog provides practical advice to help marketers navigate the complexities of influencer campaigns.

The blog covers various aspects of influencer monetization and brand partnerships. From exploring different ways influencers and creators can make money in 2024 to highlighting the top influencer marketing platforms, these articles offer valuable insights into the evolving landscape of influencer marketing.

Moreover, the blog provides specific guides for various industries, including food and beverage, health and beauty, and entertainment. These resources offer tailored strategies and tips to help marketers in specific niches maximize their influencer campaigns.

Some of the topics covered so far

  • 4 Black voices on diversity in influencer marketing
  • 10 questions to ask before working with influencers
  • How to find influencers & creators for your next social media campaign

4. The Outloud Group

Focus on: In-depth resources for building and maintaining influencer relationships

Link: The Outloud Group's Blog

The Outloud Group's blog provides readers with the latest influencer trends, knowledge, and data-driven insights to elevate their influencer marketing campaigns.

The blog contains articles, case studies, and various influencer marketing resources. From strategies for identifying the right influencers to best practices in influencer collaboration, the blog offers practical guidance to help marketers optimize their influencer marketing efforts.

Additionally, the blog delves into industry trends, emerging technologies, and success stories to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the influencer marketing ecosystem.

The Outloud Group blog also serves as a platform for thought leadership within the influencer marketing industry. By sharing expert insights, analysis, and commentary on key developments in the field, the blog fosters a community of learning and growth.

Some of the topics covered so far

  • When SEO algorithms shift: The case for diversifying into influencer marketing
  • The importance of influencer marketing authenticity and how to maintain it
  • What brands should know before hiring an influencer agency


Focus on: In-depth analysis of successful influencer marketing campaigns

Link: SARAL's Academy

SARAL's blog has a wide range of articles covering topics such as tracking ROI, hiring influencer marketing managers, and crafting successful ambassador programs. It offers practical insights and tips to help marketers get the most out of their influencer partnerships.

One of the standout features of the blog is SARAL Forensics. This dedicated section features case studies of successful influencer campaigns, showcasing real-world examples of brands leveraging influencers to drive sales and brand awareness.

The blog also takes a deep dive into specific industries, such as beauty brands and consumer packaged goods, offering tailored insights and tactics to help marketers in these sectors navigate the unique challenges of influencer marketing.

Some of the topics covered so far

  • Ultimate guide on influencer marketing for beauty brands
  • How Liquid Death used ambassador programs to make canned water cool among Gen Z
  • How to hire your first influencer marketing manager

6. CreatorIQ

Focus on: Expert interviews, case studies, and in-depth guides

Link: CreatorIQ's Blog

CreatorIQ's blog offers diverse insightful articles and interviews that delve into influencer marketing and beyond. The blog provides valuable resources for marketers looking to enhance their influencer strategies, from industry trends to case studies.

One recent article features Lucia Ruehlemann, President of Saie Beauty, discussing the shift from market share to "heart share" in building authentic brand connections. This article is just one example of the thought-provoking content on the blog.

The blog also covers broader marketing topics, including creator marketing, TikTok Spark Ads, and the creator economy. CreatorIQ's blog provides in-depth guides and case study analyses for various industries, including sports, entertainment, gaming, and technology.

Some of the topics covered so far

  • How entertainment brands can get the most out of creators
  • Building better brand stories through creator marketing
  • I know my worth: How Erewhon market went from LA luxury to top grocery retailer

7. The Influence Agency

Focus on: Practical tips and tools for influencer marketers and creators

Link: The Influence Agency's Blog

The Influence Agency's blog offers diverse articles and resources for marketers and individuals interested in influencer marketing and digital strategies.

The blog offers practical guides on not only influencer marketing but also delivers marketing trends and updates. For instance, one popular article on the blog discusses the evolution of data and reporting for marketers in the transition from UA (Universal Analytics) to GA4 (Google Analytics 4).

The blog also delves into the future of influencer search and discusses topics like TikTok redefining how we find information online. It also covers issues beyond influencer marketing, including personal branding, blogging, digital advertising, and web designing.

The blog's content reflects the agency's comprehensive understanding of the industry and provides marketers with valuable resources and practical guidance.

Some of the topics covered so far

  • How to create an ad asset that converts
  • Mastering the influencer funnel: A 360° approach to success
  • The future of search: How TikTok is redefining how we find information online

8. Perlu

Focus on: Comprehensive resources on niche-focused influencers

Link: Perlu's Blog

Perlu's blog covers various topics related to influencer marketing, such as spotlights on different influencer niches, campaign success strategies, detecting fake influencers, executing marketing campaigns, and building relationships with influencers.

One notable aspect of Perlu's blog is its spotlight series, which highlights influencers in different niches. For example, there are spotlights on health and wellness influencers, home decor influencers, Latin American influencers, fashionistas, and more. These articles serve as a resource for marketers to identify potential influencers in specific niches for their campaigns.

Perlu's blog also features interviews and discussions with industry experts. These insights offer a deeper understanding of influencer marketing from the perspective of professionals and provide practical tips for executing successful marketing campaigns.

Some of the topics covered so far

  • Spotlight: Female musicians who are influencers
  • The key to collaborating with content creators
  • 6 ways to navigate influencer marketing during a crisis

9. Influencer Nexus

Focus on: Intersection of influencer marketing with other marketing disciplines

Link: Influencer Nexus Blog

The Influencer Nexus blog covers subjects such as the future of influencer marketing, the impact of dark social media on influencer marketing, influencer marketing vs. celebrity marketing, and lessons learned from influencer marketing missteps.

The blog delves into the comparison between influencer marketing and traditional advertising, highlighting the differences and discussing the strengths of each approach.

Discussing content marketing in relation to influencer marketing indicates that Influencer Nexus' blog offers a holistic view of influencer marketing by exploring its intersection with other marketing disciplines. By providing insights into these related areas, the blog equips marketers with a comprehensive understanding of how influencer marketing can be leveraged effectively in conjunction with other marketing strategies.

Some of the topics covered so far

  • 16 marketing executives share lessons learned from influencer marketing
  • 3 untapped influencer marketing strategies
  • The impact of dark social on influencer marketing

10. The Shelf

Focus on: Statistics and ideas for effective influencer marketing

Link: The Shelf's Blog

The Shelf is an influencer marketing agency with a blog that offers a mix of timely and evergreen content, covering topics relevant to different seasons and events.

There are various articles on the blog, including the latest trends in influencer marketing, the impact of influencer marketing on specific industries, and strategies for maximizing ROI through influencer marketing campaigns. The blog also features articles on niche influencer categories like health, food, and Latin influencer groups.

The Shelf's blog also offers helpful resources for marketers looking to execute successful influencer marketing campaigns. There are guides on influencer partnerships, insights into audience demographic trends, and lessons on how to build effective influencer campaigns that drive sales.

Some of the topics covered so far

  • 10 Discord stats to know if you're on the fence about Discord influencer marketing
  • How to build an influencer campaign that converts and drives sales
  • Amazon Influencer Marketing 101

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I’ve also published lists that feature some other great content creators in the space. Check them out!

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