Creator Partnerships Podcast

Learn from the best! Modash CEO Avery Schrader talks to influencer marketing pros to learn what's working right now in creator partnerships: from outreach, to negotiations, creatives, recruitment, and everything in between.

Hear how top brands & marketers run profitable influencer marketing programs

Anna-Maria Klappenbach
Community & Brand Marketing Lead @ Aumio
Aleksander Kopyt
Head of Affiliate Marketing @ Health Labs Care
Gabriele Palepšaitė
Regional Influencer Marketing Lead @ Surfshark
Georgia Humphries
Senior Partnerships & Influencer Manager @ Tourlane
Rugile Paleviciute
Head of Partnerships @ Kilo Health
Valeriia Chemerys
Head of Media Partnerships @ Deeper

Scaling Europe’s Fastest Growing Company With Influencers With Rugile Paleviciute (Kilo Health)

As Head of Partnerships at Kilo Health, Rugile Paleviciute is the perfect person to talk to us about creator partnerships in the consumer mobile app space. In this conversation with Avery Schrader, Rugile shares the unvarnished truth about what it takes to find success with influencer marketing.
Rugile Paleviciute
Head of Partnershipsr @ Kilo Health

The Surprising Mindset Shift You Need For Successful Creator Partnerships With Siim Säinas (Google)

Google’s Siim Säinas comes on the pod to discuss influencer marketing measurement. In a surprising twist, he shares that creative excellence is the thing that’ll move the needle most substantially.
Siim Säinas
Social Measurement & Insights Manager @ Google

Scaling Influencer Marketing by Building Internal Software with Andrei Gigîrtu (AdoreMe)

AdoreMe’s VP of Software Incubation Andrei Gigîrtu comes on the pod to share his experiences on building tech for influencer marketing. From 0 to a thriving community of 6000 creators, hear how AdoreMe leveraged software to reach their goals.
Andrei Gigîrtu
VP of Software Incubation @ AdoreMe

Intro To Influencer-Led Live Shopping With Fabian Ouwehand (HSE Hello)

As the undisputed European Champion of Live Shopping, Fabian Ouwehand is the best person to chat with about social commerce & live shopping. Fabian shares his experiences with Live Shopping in China. (Spoiler: Creators are doing 100 different streams simultaneously!)
Fabian Ouwehand
Senior Director Social Commerce @ HSE

Influencer Marketing In A Highly Regulated Industry With Maia Pedro (Bitpanda)

Maia Pedro is building the influencer marketing global team at BitPanda from scratch. Avery talks to Maia about how to approach influencer marketing in a highly regulated industry, the importance of creator briefing, and everything in between.
Maia Pedro
Influencer Marketing Team Lead @ Bitpanda

Influencer Outreach With Email: Learnings From Sending 1M Emails With Nikola Sokolov

Nikola Sokolov shares what he's learned from his team sending 1 million emails per MONTH to creators.
Nikola Sokolov
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