10 Storyclash Alternatives For Affordable Discovery & More

September 29, 2023
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Momina Asif
Content Writer, Modash
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Storyclash is an influencer marketing platform with tools to find and analyze influencers and manage campaigns and influencer relationships. But Storyclash may not be the perfect fit for everyone because:

  • Very basic discovery features like audience filters are locked into higher pricing tiers (€1,600/mo+)
  • There are no eCommerce integrations, making it difficult for brands to connect promo code usage & other ROI reporting features to their campaigns
  • Adding extra countries for influencer discovery costs more, which makes monthly subscriptions add up fast for global campaigns.

With all that in mind, let's explore some alternatives to Storyclash.

Here are the 10 best Storyclash alternatives

  1. Modash
  2. Mavrck
  3. Grin
  4. Julius
  5. HypeAuditor
  6. Upfluence
  7. Traackr
  8. Klear
  9. Impact.com
  10. Aspire

1. Modash

Best for: B2C marketing teams looking to find, analyze, and monitor influencers

Free trial: Yes, 14 days. Try it for free!

Starting price: $99/month (paid annually) or $120/month (paid monthly)


Modash lets you discover influencers, analyze their profiles, and monitor campaigns.

The platform has a 250M+ database of every creator with 1000+ followers on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. That means everyone is in Modash. Any country, any city, any niche – they’re there.

For discovery, you can use influencer filters to specify demographics (location, age, gender), growth and engagement rate, fake followers, hashtags, and keywords in the bio. You can also add audience filters to specify the target market you're trying to reach (e.g., women aged 25-34 in New York).

After generating a list of potential influencers, Modash helps you analyze each profile and get a ton of data before you begin outreach. You can check an influencer’s

  • Engagement rate (including a benchmark vs. similar accounts)
  • Fake follower percentage
  • Detailed audience demographics
  • Top content
  • …and lots more

Lastly, you can monitor your campaigns through automated content tracking. Modash gathers all the content posted by the influencers you collaborate with — removing the need to collect influencer content manually.

Modash also displays likes, comments, number of posts, and other performance indicators to monitor your campaign progress and performance.


Modash vs Storyclash

  • Modash has a more extensive database of creators, with over 250+ million influencers. Storyclash has a more limited database of 120M influencers but provides influencer discovery on Facebook
  • Modash pricing is simpler – there are no extra fees for new countries and features. Plus, audience filters are included on every plan (whereas these aren’t available on Storyclash’s €800/mo plan).
  • Modash provides Advanced Data, which breaks down creator performance by content type (for example, YouTube Shorts vs. Videos, and Instagram posts vs Reels).
  • Storyclash has more advanced CRM and reporting tools and provides shareable report links.
  • Storyclash has more historical data on creator’s past sponsored collaborations.


Modash starts from $120/month (paid monthly) or $99/month (paid annually). Almost all features are available on every pricing tier; costs scale with usage. Enterprise custom plans start from $16k/yr.

See pricing, or start a free trial:

2. Mavrck

Best for: Large eCommerce brands

Free trial: No

Starting price: On request


Mavrck is an influencer marketing platform that empowers marketers to identify and engage with advocates in your customer database.

The platform helps you find influencers — particularly nano and micro-influencers — from your customer database. With a self-service influencer manager, Mavrck offers an automated and performance-based approach to influencer marketing. Once set up, campaigns run themselves due to the programmatic approach of the platform.

Mavrck also features a traditional discovery tool that allows you to explore a database of 2.5 million influencers. As an Official TikTok Marketing Partner, Mavrck lets you directly find, activate, and communicate with TikTok Marketplace-approved creators through its platform.

The platform offers survey campaigns that enable marketers to collect brand-specific insights and first-party data from their target audience. With the "Incentivize" tool, you can offer rewards (cash, free products, gift cards, promo codes, or exclusive experiences) to motivate creators to participate in your campaigns.

Mavrck vs Storyclash

  • Mavrck provides automated workflows, and once you set up the campaigns, there is little to no effort required on your end.
  • Mavrck ensures all FTC disclosure requirements are met.
  • Mavrck has tools for loyalty management and ensuring long-term influencer collaboration, while Storyclash doesn't.


The platform is sold on a subscription basis, and the pricing is customized based on your unique business needs.

3. Grin

Best for: Large eCommerce businesses running high-volume seeding campaigns

Free trial: No

Starting price: On request. Expected around $25k/year


Grin is an influencer management platform designed specifically for eCommerce businesses. The platform primarily focuses on building long-term and trustworthy relationships with influencers.

Like Mavrck, Grin also searches through your customer database to identify potential creators to collaborate with. Grin features a social listening tool that monitors hashtags and brand mentions to help you identify relevant influencers for your brand.

Grin offers integrations with all the major social media channels and eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento. The integration helps businesses ship products to their influencers and create UTM links or unique discount codes to pay commissions, resulting in accurate tracking of sales and referrals for better ROI measurement.

You can also create a landing page for influencer applications through Grin and share it on your social media and website to serve as an always-on recruitment tool.

Grin vs. Storyclash

  • Grin lets you integrate your influencer-generated content library with your eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento.
  • With Grin, your creator needs to explicitly opt in for you to be able to track their performance, while Storyclash tracks and analyzes all the content without the need for opting in.
  • Grin has tools for managing influencer payments, contracts, and negotiations. It streamlines the process of handling payments and ensures smooth collaboration with influencers.


Grin doesn't have pricing listed on the website and is entirely customized based on each business's needs.

See also: Grin alternatives

4. Julius

Best for: Enterprise brands

Free trial: No

Starting price: On request


Julius is an influencer marketing platform that provides influencer discovery across Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, and Twitch.

The team checks every profile in detail to give you a nuanced view of each influencer as a human, not just a collection of data points.

With Julius, you get access to a comprehensive set of tools to manage your influencer campaigns effectively. You can easily activate and manage your influencers from one platform, create influencer lists for streamlined communication, and review influencer content. The platform also ensures FTC compliance with automatic post-detection.

In addition to campaign management, Julius provides valuable insights into your campaign's performance and helps you monitor relevant conversations about your brand. You can use the performance benchmarks to optimize future influencer campaigns and improve your ROI.

Julius Vs. Storyclash

  • Storyclash’s all-in-one workflow lets you seamlessly plan, execute, and analyze your influencer campaigns.
  • Julius provides 50+ criteria for narrowing search results to find the most relevant influencers.
  • Storyclash has an AI-powered tracking tool to track keywords, hashtags, account names, and swipe-up links in every piece of influencer content.


Julius is a SaaS, but you pay an annual fee — no monthly option exists. Your specific price is based on the number of users needing access to the software.

5. HypeAuditor

Best for: Medium to large businesses looking to take their influencer marketing to the next level

Free trial: No, but a free version is available

Starting price: Available on request


HypeAuditor is an influencer marketing platform that offers tools to help you discover influencers, manage and track campaigns, and perform competitor analysis.

The platform boasts a database of over 68.7 million influencers on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, which can be filtered by various criteria such as growth rate, followers, niche, and location.

HypeAuditor uses advanced algorithms to analyze fake followers and determine the quality of an influencer's audience. It provides detailed insights into an influencer's profile, including audience location, age-gender split, authenticity, reachability, overall audience quality, and over 35 in-depth metrics.

With HypeAuditor, you can create and manage campaigns, set goals and KPIs, create content briefs, and track performance partnerships. The platform also allows businesses to discover emerging trends, analyze competitors' influencer marketing campaigns, and compare the campaign performance of multiple brands.

Additionally, HypeAuditor can be easily integrated with Shopify accounts, enabling businesses to discover influencers, run campaigns, and measure each influencer's total clicks, sales, and ROI.

HypeAuditor vs Storyclash

  • Storyclash doesn't let you pay influencers directly within the platform, in contrast to HypeAuditor.
  • HypeAuditor has limited Facebook data.


HypeAuditor provides a free version with limited features to help you explore the platform. The website doesn't contain any pricing, but you can request a demo and get a price estimation from the team.

See also: Hypeauditor alternatives

6. Upfluence

Best for: Direct-to-consumer and eCommerce brands

Free trial: No

Starting price: On request  


Upfluence is an influencer marketing platform that emphasizes building genuine connections and affinity. The platform regularly updates and indexes influencer profiles in real time, analyzing every piece of content for engagement and reach.

Upfluence also shows an influencer's estimated fee and the percentage of their real versus fake followers. The platform's focus is on converting customers into brand advocates. If you are an eCommerce business, you can integrate your online store with Upfluence's software.

Using the "Reveal" feature, you can identify influencers who visit your website and encourage them to share their social media handles. You can then create dedicated campaigns and onboard them as brand ambassadors and long-term collaborators.

Upfluence also offers a customizable whitelabel ambassador sign-up page to add to your website. This page allows creators interested in partnering with you to apply and be added to a dedicated list in your Upfluence account.

Upfluence Vs. Storyclash

  • Uplfuence has a much more precise influencer search tool compared to Storyclash.
  • Storyclash doesn't cover influencers on Twitch, while Upfluence does.
  • Storyclash has an AI-powered text recognition technology that can also detect your text logo in images and videos in Instagram Stories.


Upfluence pricing is based on a subscription level. There are three plans, each with a monthly fee but sold on an annual basis — Growth, Scale, and Enterprise.

See also: Upfluence alternatives

7. Traackr

Best for: Enterprise-level businesses looking for an all-in-one influencer marketing platform (especially beauty brands)

Free trial: No

Starting price: On request


Traackr is one of the first influencer marketing platforms that offers a range of capabilities to assist businesses in identifying, engaging, and managing relationships with influencers.

You can discover influencers using various filters like job titles, demographics, follower count, and engagement rates. With Traackr's "Audience Attribute" tool, you can also add audience filters such as gender, age, interests, brand affinity, and income level.

Traackr allows you to create and manage influencer campaigns, set goals, create content briefs, and track campaign performance. Furthermore, you can use in-depth benchmarking to compare your brand's performance to competitors. You can also find creators already talking about your brand organically on social platforms and send them an outreach email.

A standout feature of Traackr is its ability to assist businesses in ensuring compliance with FTC regulations and other legal requirements related to influencer marketing.

Traackr operates in 50 countries, allowing brands to collaborate with global influencers. Moreover, the platform is available in 26 languages, making it more accessible to a broader audience.

Traackr vs. Storyclash

  • Traackr doesn't give any details on its pricing structure.
  • Traackr helps you establish influencer marketing governance standards and ensure compliance with internal policies and regulations.
  • Traackr's "Reachability" metric shows how likely an influencer's follower is to see their post based on how many accounts they follow. Storyclash doesn't provide that feature.


Traackr's pricing is highly individualized, based on your needs, and doesn't have set plans at a preset monthly price.

See also: Traackr alternatives

8. Klear

Best for: Mid to large businesses — mainly focused on eCommerce

Free trial: No

Starting price: On request


Klear is an advanced influencer marketing platform that focuses on analytics and offers extensive data points to its users.

One of Klear's key features is its monitoring tool, "Monitors." It's a social listening and analytics tool that allows you to filter your searches by accounts actively talking about you. You can also use it to research your competitors and compare yourself in terms of mentions, engagement, and follower growth. Additionally, you can create monitors for hashtags and keywords to get insights into what's trending and tailor your campaigns accordingly.

As you use the platform, Klear's AI continues to learn what's relevant and important to your brand and gives you the most suitable results in the Discovery module.

Klear's AI-powered "Influencer Score" is a unique feature that quantifies an influencer's reach and impact by looking at dozens of metrics, generating a score between 0 and 100. Moreover, Klear's "True Reach" metric provides a much more accurate measure of how many people are actually seeing a creator's content.

Klear's campaign management tool is another powerful feature that allows you to get usage rights, track links, approve content, customize pre-built email templates, develop a mood board for each campaign, and streamline product gifting.

Klear Vs. Storyclash

  • Klear's social listening and competitive research features continue to teach AI about your brand. Storyclash doesn't provide that functionality.
  • Storyclash provides data on YouTube influencers, while Klear makes it harder to find YouTube-only creators.
  • Klear's WYSIWYG editor lets you create influencer recruiting landing pages.


Klear's website doesn't list pricing but provides three plans — Professional, eCommerce, and Enterprise.

See also: Klear alternatives

9. Impact.com

Best for: Small and medium-sized businesses

Free trial: No

Starting price: On request


Impact.com is a complete influencer marketing platform with tools to find and analyze influencers, track and optimize campaigns, and pay creators.

With competitive discovery, you can search by brand to see which influencer is driving traffic for your competitors. You can also identify influencers by content based on search rankings to ensure optimal collaboration.

Impact's email workflows allow you to create drip campaigns and automate conversations based on the receiver's responses. With the platform's cross-device identity graph, you can determine which devices belong to the same user and link them.

The "Forecasting" tool helps you predict performance for up to 90 days and track KPIs. You can also identify anomalies and prevent future failures with "Anomaly Detection."

Impact's payment module enables you to adjust partner commissions, give bonuses to upper-funnel partners for their contributions, and pay influencers at any point in the conversion funnel.

Impact.com vs. Storyclash

  • Storyclash and Impact.com both have limited eCommerce integration.
  • Impact.com doesn't let you track all your social media mentions.
  • Storyclash’s team management feature makes user access controls, team structure, and custom workflow set up easily. Impact.com doesn't have that feature.  


Impact.com doesn't have pricing details mentioned on the website. You can contact the team to request a demo and get details based on your business needs.

10. Aspire

Best for: High-growth enterprise companies with huge influencer marketing campaigns

Free trial: No

Starting price: On request


Aspire, previously known as AspireIQ, is a platform for influencer marketing that caters to large eCommerce brands.

The platform offers several ways to find new influencers, such as image recognition AI that matches your desired aesthetic with content. While influencers need to have an Aspire account to participate in campaigns, the database of influencers isn't limited to those who've opted in.

Aspire's "Quickmatch" feature will generate influencers based on your preferences. You can view their details and recent content, and if you like their posts, you can send them a general invite to collaborate or make an offer for an existing campaign.

Aspire lets you find influencers in six ways — search engine, creator marketplace, branded application pages, eCommerce integration, social listening, and Chrome extension.

Aspire's "Campaign Lifecycle Management" feature allows you to track which creators are in each campaign phase, including those who've received an offer from you, those who've received the payment, and those working towards creating content.

The platform lets you monitor metrics like engagement, sales, CPA, and ROAS at a glance and adjust your future campaigns accordingly. Aspire also provides agency services, including planning and strategizing, paid campaigns and ads, and product seeding.

Aspire vs Storyclash

  • Aspire’s team is quite hands-on and is actively involved in onboarding and training new customers — no matter the plan the client is on.
  • Aspire provides multiple ways to find new influencers, like the marketplace, social listening, eCommerce integration, and landing pages.


Aspire provides three levels of plans — Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. The pricing is customized based on your needs and requires a yearly commitment.  

See also: Aspire alternatives

Ready to check out these Storyclash alternatives?

There are several noteworthy Storyclash alternatives available that can cater to different influencer marketing needs. Each platform offers its unique features and strengths.

Whether you're looking for a platform with a wide range of influencers, robust analytics and reporting capabilities, or a user-friendly interface, there's something for everyone.

Modash is one such platform that you can consider. It has one of the largest influencer databases in the market, making it the perfect choice for scaling your influencer marketing efforts.

You can sign up for a 14-day free trial without giving your credit card details. Give it a try today!

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