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Twitch sponsorships and Why is Twitch the future of marketing.

Future of influencer marketing is

In 2019 Twitch boasts over 100 million monthly active users and 2.2 million monthly streamers. Is now the time to jump into Twitch influencer marketing?

There once was a time that Twitch was a group of small streamers gathering their friends to play the games they loved, with the hope that they could build a community. 

Today, the 2.2 million monthly streamers range from gamers, to cooks, podcast hosts to artists. All hoping to plant their flag and rally the troops around the things they find fascinating. 

Why does this matter? The market is shifting and this is one of those rare chances brands have an opportunity to really stand out. Twitch sponsorships could be a huge opportunity for brands early to become Twitch sponsors.

Here are some of the reasons you should be thinking about jumping on board and sponsoring streamers. Today Twitch sponsors stand to attract an enormous audience and the best part – it is highly targeted.

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Unlike instagram, Twitch sponsors are mostly reaching men.

Over 80% of Twitch’s user base are males. Twitch’s audience demographic is a great contrast to the female-heavy Instagram for marketers. But getting close to streamers can be daunting. 

Twitch users thrive on their tight connect with their community and won’t promote just anything, for just anyone. You need to bring value to the table and be aligned with their community.

That’s a good thing. You’ll be celebrated for capitalizing on attention here as long as you do it natively. In fact, 82 percent of Twitch users feel sponsorships are good for the industry and 80% are open to brands sponsoring a specific gamer or team. 

Audiences want to see their favourite streamers getting support and especially if it’s from a brand they can also relate to.

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Twitch sponsors reach the next generation of consumers.

Social media channels age. Facebook and Instagram are no longer holding as young of an audience as they once did. Right now, Twitch is looking like the fountain of youth.

The best marketers are best because they dig out emerging marketing channels and take advantage of them before others, capitalizing on underpriced attention.

There aren’t many brands leveraging Twitch and there are even fewer of those who understand the essentials of a proper brand placement on Twitch. While gaming companies have figured out how to effectively run Twitch influencer marketing campaigns and become sponsors, most consumer goods brands certainly haven’t.

If your business is looking for the “new” audience, you may not find a better platform. Don’t make the mistake of looking at Twitch through the hue of gaming. 

People who play games love Twitch, but people who play games could also love your thing. Especially if you can get one of their trusted community leaders to endorse it.

It’s worth mentioning also that Twitch is pressuring Youtube with about 40% more average active streamers on Twitch than on YouTube Gaming Live. That trend is likely going to continue. YouTube’s foray into new areas such as TV and music have left some creators feeling disrespected and unloved.

Not to mention Twitches additional opportunities for monetization in the wake of the Youtube adpocalypse. The Twitch community is growing stronger every day and is the prime spot for a new variety of influencer marketing.

Twitch Sponsors find engaged audiences.

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Your average Twitch user is not just a male in his formative years, not just a passionate Gen Z-er but also highly engaged with a community he respects and that understands him. Twitch breaks the record in terms of user engagement metrics surpassing Instagram and far ahead of Facebook.

 According to a survey, gamers are more social, family-oriented, educated, optimistic, successful, and socially conscious than non-gamers. They watch more livestreaming content compared to previous year, and are actively using the latest tech to consume content and connect to their peers.

Two of the fastest-growing genres on Twitch are livestreams of TV shows and “IRL,” or in real life, videos—where posters welcome fans into their world for a few hours at a time. 

Live events are some of the most viewed elements already on traditional channels like Television. It’s all about being a part of something. 

Twitch is real-time, action packed interactive content stream unlike any other. In a world where interactivity matters, few platforms have this level of engagement. 

The same survey also discovers that almost 60% of Twitch users consume more content this year in comparison to last year. Twitch isn’t going anywhere, so maybe marketers should go to Twitch.

Twitch influencers are growing at a lightning pace, and your brand can grow with them. Today is a good day to jump out of your marketing comfort zone and step into the next generation of marketing. There is a reason industry leaders like Redbull have taken to marketing by sponsoring streamers.

It’s because they know the value of under priced attention. Today, Twitch is where it is.

A great example of using Twitch as part of your marketing strategy comes from Wendy’s. Click here to read more.

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