15 Influencer Marketing Tools For Every Task & Use Case

June 28, 2024
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Rochi Zalani
Content Writer, Modash
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Influencer marketing contains a plethora of tasks — finding the right creators, reaching out to them, onboarding them, evaluating their performance, reporting numbers to stakeholders…the list goes on.

Doing all of these jobs manually day in and day out is like herding cats. That’s where influencer marketing tools come in — they can help you become more efficient, automate tasks, and stay on top of everything. Here are 15 influencer marketing tools that cater to every aspect of the influencer marketing umbrella.

All-in-one influencer marketing tools

All-in-one influencer marketing tools offer a complete solution, allowing you to do everything — from finding relevant influencers to managing and measuring creator performance.

1: Modash

Modash is your best bet if you need an affordable, all-inclusive, and easy-to-use influencer marketing software. You can find influencers, outreach to them, vet their profiles, monitor their content, and measure their performance without switching a single tab.

Free trial: available for 14 days.

Pricing: paid plans begin at $99/month if you go for the annual subscription ($120/month for monthly).


  • Search & filter through every influencer with over 1k+ followers across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube (over 250M+ creators)
  • Detailed influencer analytics — like audience demographics, sponsored content performance, etc. — to vet creators before reaching out to them
  • A Gmail integration to use for outreach, and ongoing influencer conversations within Modash
  • Campaign tracking to collect influencer content, spot missing ad disclosures, and measure performance
  • Shopify integration to track promo code usage
  • Relationship management features (like adding statuses, labels, and notes)

The strongest muscle of Modash is its discovery feature: you can search every creator on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube with over 1k+ followers. That’s over 250M+ creators 🤯

Because it’s an open-network database (and not a pre-vetted one), you’ll never run out of potential creator partners — no matter your location or niche. Apply the various filters one by one and get a list of influencers who match your criteria.

But discovery isn’t the only thing Modash excels at.

  • Influencer analytics: once you’ve found influencers, you can also analyze their profile — see their performance metrics, past sponsored content, audience demographics, and contact details.
  • Influencer outreach: Modash has an inbox within the software and a Gmail integration, so you can access full context on each creator conversation whenever you need it.
  • Influencer tracking: you can automatically collect all live influencer content (including Instagram Stories) without asking creators to authenticate their profiles. Modash also alerts you if there’s improper ad disclosure and a Shopify integration to help you measure accurate influencer marketing ROI.
  • Influencer management: Modash helps you reduce your dependence on clunky spreadsheets — you (and all your team members) can mark various “status” to influencer relationships, upload influencer contracts to the influencer’s profile, and add labels/notes to keep your team in loop.

Modash doesn’t cover every with some social platform, though — like Snapchat or X (formerly Twitter). It also doesn’t allow the creation and distribution of affiliate links. Beyond these minor downsides, Modash is an excellent influencer marketing tool for B2C brands of all sizes.

Take it for a spin at no cost.

2: Upfluence

If you’re looking for an influencer marketing tool that covers a wider range of social platforms (like Pinterest, Twitter/X), plus AI tools & ecommerce integrations, Upfluence might be viable for you.

Free trial: available, but not self-serve. Contact the team.

Pricing: not publicly available, prices are custom-quoted. Anecdotally, you can expect starting prices from around $9-10k per year. (Annual subscriptions only.)


  • Scours your customer list to find influencers, affiliates, and brand ambassadors (once you integrate your ecommerce tech stack)
  • ChatGPT assistant to help you craft influencer outreach emails
  • Search for influencers who have a blog (as well as social media)
  • Pre-designed email and contract templates to fast-track communication
  • Professional services add-on available if you need help with execution

Upfluence is one of the most popular all-in-one influencer marketing tools in the market. And for good reason: it has good features like finding affiliates or brand ambassadors within your customer base via Creator Matching, a ChatGPT integration to create influencer outreach scripts quickly, and influencers across all major social media (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, Pinterest, and Facebook).

But you might want to check some Upfluence alternatives if you want a larger diversity of influencers. Upfluence vets influencers on various parameters and adds a few selected ones to their database. So if your creator requirement is niche or you need new faces, you’ll need another influencer marketing tool for influencer discovery.

Book a demo for Upfluence.

3: CreatorIQ

CreatorIQ houses everything from influencer discovery to influencer reporting. It integrates with your marketing and ecommerce tools to create a sophisticated influencer marketing campaign.

Free trial: not available.

Pricing: not publicly available.


  • Integrates with a wide variety of marketing, advertising, and social media tools
  • Detailed performance analytics like real-time campaign statistics and competitive benchmarking
  • Sophisticated influencer management tools to make onboarding easier and more efficient
  • Centralized dashboard that enables creators to see all details about a campaign
  • Ability to build a branded onboarding portal

CreatorIQ is an all-in-one influencer marketing tool, but it shines in the reporting and analytics department. You get real-time campaign performance numbers, can set up your own custom KPIs, and even handpick competitors & compare your results vs. theirs.

Its influencer onboarding features are also top-notch. You can create a questionnaire for all creators you’re adding to your community and their answers will automatically display on their profile within the software. You can ask anything from their clothing size to their engagement rate.

The primary weakness of this tool is its cost & accessibiliy. Most small to mid-sized businesses look for CreatorIQ alternatives because it's not affordable for them. It’s a better fit for large companies running mature influencer marketing programs with 6-8 figure budgets.

Book a demo with CreatorIQ.

Influencer marketing tools for outreach

Influencer outreach is one of the most manual tasks in an influencer marketer’s to-do list. Sourcing emails, sending a personalized pitch, tracking responses, setting reminders for follow-up emails can be tedious and hard to monitor. This is where influencer outreach tools can help. They eradicate the laborious tasks so you can focus on the important stuff.

4: BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is an influencer discovery, outreach, and research tool designed to help you identify niche influencers and pitch them with relevant details. You can tune in to what an influencer publishes and shares online to customize your outreach message.

Free trial: 30 day free trial available.

Pricing: plans start at $299/month for outreach features.


  • Save and export influencer contact details
  • Journalist Profiles help you hyper-personalize your outreach message
  • Build targeted Media Lists for various use cases in your influencer marketing campaigns
  • Use AI to write the first draft of your pitch using a simple prompt
  • Track your outreach efforts to see how your pitches are performing

BuzzSumo is an excellent tool for personalizing your outreach messages. It has a large database of journalists, media outlets, and niche topics. You can search for influencers directly using filters or for topics using keywords to find creators working in your niche. The best part is that BuzzSumo also scours news sites to find influential leaders in the space.

The details about each influencer in BuzzSumo’s database can help you craft a unique and personalized pitch for your outreach message. You can see a creator’s follower count, popular content, and even set up alerts to get notified when they publish something new.

BuzzSumo also has an AI tool built-in to write the first draft of your pitch based on a simple prompt.

The major shortcoming is BuzzSumo’s database is catered toward journalist influencers more than social media influencers. It’s also out of budget for small businesses since they’ll need another tool for influencer monitoring, performance measurement, etc.

Sign up for a 30 day free trial of BuzzSumo.

5: NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach is the perfect influencer outreach tool if your goal is to reach a large number of influencers in a short time. You can use it to find influencer emails, set a campaign schedule, and automate up to two follow-up emails.

Free trial: 7 day free trial.

Pricing: plans start at $149/month.


  • Set up automated mass email outreach campaigns easily
  • Automate up to two follow-up messages
  • Personalize your outreach messages a little (like first name and last name)
  • Integrate your outreach inbox to your email client to view everything in one app
  • Track outreach messages statistics to double-down on the best-performing templates

NinjaOutreach is an excellent tool if you want to automate your outreach efforts as much as possible. All you have to do is save your outreach template, add influencer emails, and set up your campaign schedule. The tool will automatically send outreach messages, follow-up emails, and track open, click, & response rates.

By integrating your email client with NinjaOutreach, you ensure everything is synced and you can manage your outreach efforts from one app.

The downside is NinjaOutreach isn’t good enough for influencer discovery, management, or performance tracking. While there's an option to find Instagram and YouTube influencers, the database only contains around 120M creators. You’ll run out of them quickly and will need another tool for discovery, tracking influencer content, and measuring ROI.

Begin your NinjaOutreach 7 day free trial.

6: Pitchbox

Pitchbox is a link building, PR, and influencer outreach tool. It’s excellent if you want to run advanced outreach campaigns with email sequencing, automated follow-ups, and smart templates.

Free trial: not available, but you can book a demo to see the tool before you pay.

Pricing: plans start at $195/month.


  • Set up an ‘Outreach Schedule’ to send emails at the right time across time zones
  • Create ‘Chase-Ups’ to stay proactive when important potential influencers don’t respond
  • Build canned responses for FAQs and outreach templates
  • Personalize your templates using conditional logic (like first name, article name, etc.)

Pitchbox is excellent for scaling your influencer outreach efforts. It’s designed to pitch hundreds of influencers without losing your mind. You can set up email sequences, automated follow-ups, and personalized templates to reduce the manual work as much as possible.

The ‘Chasebox’ feature also helps you stay proactive about any gem influencers you really want to partner with. Pitchbox automatically informs you if they haven’t responded in the time window you’ve set.

The liability of Pitchbox is its price. For solely an influencer outreach tool, it can burn a hole in your pocket. The price might give you the most bang for your buck if you’re partnering with hundreds of creators.

Book a Pitchbox demo.

Influencer marketing tools for paying influencers

Paying your creators fairly and on time is probably the easiest way to strengthen your relationship with them. But as you scale your influencer collaborations, payments become a headache — requesting hundreds of invoices, forwarding them to your finance team, and following up with them becomes arduous and unproductive.

How do you pay influencers without a snag as you scale? By outsourcing the job to influencer payment tools to do the task for you.

7: Modash Transactions

Modash Transactions does the impossible: it creates one invoice to rule all invoices. All you have to do is ask your finance team to handle the Modash invoice. From there, Modash takes over the wheel and takes care of everything — from individual payouts to tax compliance to bank management.

Free trial: unavailable.

Pricing: Based on transaction volume. Talk to to the team.


  • Modash takes care of individual payouts, tax compliance, and invoice management
  • Track individual creator payment statuses from a single dashboard
  • Creators get paid in the currency of their choice (Modash supports 36 currencies across 180 countries)

It takes 30 seconds to create one invoice in Modash. Enter the influencer’s name, email, payment amount, and contract. That’s it. Modash generates a link that you can send to the creator where they can upload their invoice. Now all you have to take care of is the Modash invoice. Leave the rest to Modash.

The best part? Modash pays creators as soon as the invoice gets approved. This means your reputation among creators stays intact without you having to deal with the headache of Net 30-60-90 payments. You can track these payments in a single dashboard to instantly know whether the creator has uploaded their invoice, if Modash needs any more info to complete the payment, and whether the money is sent already.

Click through an interactive demo of Modash Transactions here.

8: Lumanu

Lumanu is the master vendor between you and your creators. Like with Modash Transactions, all you have to do is add payouts within the tool, approve invoices, and pay-as-you-go or prefund to issue payments to creators.

Free trial: not available.

Pricing: not publicly available. The cost depends on the number of influencer partners you have.


  • Set up granular roles for your team members to create, approve, or send payouts
  • Integrates with many popular project management and accounting tools
  • Options to pay in bulk
  • Automated tax compliance
  • Pay in over 25+ currencies

Lumanu is a great influencer payment tool for teams that need to grant different employees varying levels of permission. You can add team members to create, approve, or send payouts. It’s convenient to add your finance team there and work directly without a lot of back-and-forth.

The tool also has a significant number of integrations with accounting and project management tools so it fits right in with your tech stack.

Request a Lumanu demo.

9: Tipalti

Tipalti is one of the most popular payment software in the market. It’s an easy-to-use tool to manage and automate mass payouts to your creator partners.

Free trial: not available.

Pricing: plans begin at $129/month.


  • Pay in over 120 currencies
  • Ensures global tax compliance
  • Brandable self-service portal for your influencer partners
  • Integrates with your ERP and accounting software

With Tipalti, your influencers must register within your Supplier Hub to get paid. They can upload their invoice at the end of the campaign, and Tipalti’s OCR will process the invoice seamlessly without your intervention. Its machine learning capabilities also prefill accounting and approval fields based on past invoices.

Post that, all you have to do is approve the invoice within your email itself. After your approval, the finance team can schedule the payment. To minimize your team’s work even further, Tipalti can group bills together to schedule a payout.

Book a demo with Tipalti.

Influencer marketing tools for creator discovery

Finding relevant influencers is the most important bit of any influencer marketing campaign. This isn’t the place to cut corners.

Many all-in-one influencer marketing tools like Modash offer built-in creator discovery features to help you find, outreach, and manage influencers from one place. For instance, Modash has every creator across Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok with over 1k+ followers present in its database.

It’s an excellent option to consider if you need a large variety of influencers and the tools to track their content, get their emails, vet their profiles, all that jazz. But if you would like to evaluate more influencer search tools, here are some options you might consider:

10: Heepsy

If you’re just starting out with your influencer marketing efforts, Heepsy is an affordable and beginner-friendly choice. It doesn’t have the largest database, but it can help you learn the ropes of how influencer marketing tools work and ease your load without breaking the bank.

Free trial: not available, but there’s a limited free plan.

Pricing: plans start at $59/month for 15k monthly results and 50 creator analytics.


  • Filter influencers by category, location, engagement, audience, and authenticity
  • Export influencer lists from Heepsy
  • Minimal creator analytics to analyze their profile

Heepsy is a good first influencer marketing tool to try. It’s not a load on the wallet and it’s easy to use. You can use various filters to find relevant influencers, vet & analyze their profiles, and even outreach within the tool if needed.

But the disadvantage is you can’t take this tool with you as you scale. With only around 11M influencers in its database, your ideal creator partners list will get finished quite quickly. Plus, it's missing various filters like audience reachability, growth rate, etc. You’ll need a list of Heepsy alternatives as soon as you start to scale your influencer marketing efforts.

Sign up for Heepsy.

11: #paid

#paid is a creator marketplace of pre-vetted influencers. Once you’ve set up an influencer brief, creators can ‘raise their hand’ if they think they’re a good fit and show interest. You can communicate within #paid itself and track the ROI.

Free trial: not available.

Pricing: not publicly available.


  • All influencers are pre-vetted
  • Creators who are interested in collaborating express interest proactively
  • The tool recommends certain creators from its network that may be a good fit
  • Collaborate with the in-house team of dedicated experts to create a winning strategy

#paid is for you if you need to run paid ads with influencer content. The tool only takes pre-vetted creators, so the database of creators is small compared to an open-network database (like Modash has). But if all you need is a handful of creator collabs, #paid is perfect.

The company also has dedicated strategies that work with you to ensure that every campaign is completed on time and performs well.

Remember that the tool only has around 20k creators, though. That’s a very small number if you plan to reach niche audiences. You might miss out on more affordable and better fit creators if your pool is limited to #paid’s database.

Book a demo with #paid.

12: InfluData

InfluData contains over 20M influencers across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. The tool lists influencers who have at least 2k followers. You can search for creators using various filters like audience demographics, gender, etc.

Free trial: available for 2 days after you take a demo.

Pricing: plans start at £599/month only for Instagram. InfluData only offers annual pricing.


  • Search 20M creators across Instagram, YouTube (and YouTube Shorts!), and TikTok
  • AI-driven category search to find niche creators
  • Search for keywords to find influencer content centering around brand-related topics
  • Search for your or competitor’s brand mentions directly

InfluData offers unlimited creator searches within its tool. It has an AI-powered search engine that helps you search for influencers within your niche. The standout feature is its content search feature — you can search for keywords related to your niche, location, or brand directly and see posts from various influencers centering on that topic.

The mention search feature also helps you find influencers discussing your brand or competitors.

InfluData’s cost can be prohibitive for many small businesses, though. Its influencer database is also quite limited to 20M creators — if you want to find more niche creators, you’ll run out of potential influencer partners in InfluData.

Book your demo with InfluData.

Influencer marketing tools for creator management

Managing influencers is easy when you have a handful of creator partners. But as your influencer campaigns grow, so does the number of creators. Keeping track of their content, measuring their performance, and ensuring they’re satisfied with the partnership becomes more and more difficult. Influencer management tools help you avoid dampening your influencer relationships as you scale.

13: Promoty

Promoty functions in boards. While it’s an all-in-one influencer marketing tool, its highlight feature is how easy it makes to manage creators. You can prepare boards to track creators, influencer content, and communicate with them — all in one place.

Free trial: available for up to 10 influencer analyses.

Pricing: plans start at $95/month. But email integration is only available in the Expert plan and above — which begins at $297/month.


  • Create customized boards for your influencers and campaigns
  • Organize influencers with various notes, labels, and reminders
  • Chat with influencers within the app to keep all conversations in one place
  • Add your own influencers, even if they aren’t present in Promoty’s database

Promoty collates your inbox so all your creator conversations stay within one tab. If a creator has the Promoty app, they can chat directly within it. If not, you’ll still get a creator’s response within the app (even if they respond using email). Another feature is organizing your creators into boards. You can add labels, notes, and reminders.

You can also monitor influencer content and see the performance of each influencer-generated piece, as well as the campaign as a whole.

The disadvantage is that Promoty’s features are a bit basic. You can’t track sales generated via influencer codes or links, for instance. There’s also no streamlined process for uploading contracts or sharing briefs. It’s a good starting point, but it might not grow at the same pace as your influencer marketing program.

Book your demo with Promoty.

14: GRIN

GRIN is a popular influencer marketing tool. Recently, its influencer discovery feature has deteriorated due to changes in Meta’s API. You can now only discover influencers on your own for Instagram. You need to opt for their Curated Lists services to find influencers on other channels. The software is now better suited to only manage influencers and use Grin alternatives for the rest of influencer marketing tasks.

Free trial: not available.

Pricing: not publicly available. Custom-quoted.


  • Automatically track influencer content and organize it in your library
  • Search influencer content by type, tag, keywords, or even color
  • Monitor content performance using real-time statistics
  • Integrates with email and Slack to consolidate influencer conversations
  • Mobile-first experience for you and the creator

Grin is top-class in checking all the boxes for an influencer management tool: you can create personalized briefs, streamline content approvals, manage contracts, and track affiliate conversions.

But Grin’s unique value offering is in how it syncs everything to give you all the info about a creator in one centralized dashboard:

  • You can sync your store and practice product seeding without ever leaving the app
  • You can store important details and milestones about a creator — like their birthday, pet’s name, etc. — within their Grin profile
  • You can segment your influencers into lists, so you know exactly at what stage you are with each creator

Grin’s pain point is its cost. Although not publicly available, you can expect to pay around $25k per year.

15: Influencity

Influencity can help you categorize creators into lists, track their performance, write personalized notes, and more.

Free trial: 7 day free trial.

Pricing: plans start at $198/month.


  • Collaborate with team members
  • Create various views to segment influencers into lists
  • Save frequently used email templates
  • Predict how an influencer will perform

Influencity’s noteworthy feature is its estimated performance predictions based on their current statistics and the tasks they are assigned. According to their help article, they calculate this number based on an influencer’s engagement rate, number of followers, and past performance.

Are these forecasts accurate? Probably not 100%. But it’s a good estimate to have as you build your influencer marketing reports and choose creators for a campaign. But you might need Influencity alternatives to find a large number of relevant & niche influencers and measure their in-depth performance (including sales).

Request a free trial of Influencity.

How to choose the right influencer marketing tool for you?

With so many options for influencer marketing tools (and all of them a bit on the heavy side financially), which one should you go for can get overwhelming.

First, decide whether you need an all-in-one influencer marketing tool or dedicated tools for a few tasks.

  • All-in-one influencer marketing tools are better because they don’t need to be replaced as your influencer marketing programs mature
  • But specialized tools might be the more pocket-friendly choice if you need help with only a few tasks

Once you’ve decided that, evaluate tools not only on their current value but on their future ROI as well. Will the software you’ve chosen fulfill your needs a few years down the line? Are the teams constantly adding new & unique features that you need?

Don’t be afraid to take a little while with your decision and evaluate all options thoroughly — especially if you’re choosing to commit to an annual contract.

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  static contextType = ColorContext; 
  render() { 
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