10 Best Heepsy Alternatives For Influencer Marketing

March 1, 2023
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Momina Asif
Content Writer, Modash
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If you're here, you might be a Heepsy user (or at least you've heard of it), but it didn't meet all your requirements.

Fret not. Here are 10 Heepsy alternatives, with key differences, to help you choose the right influencer search tool for you. Let's go!

10 best Heepsy alternatives

  • Modash
  • Grin
  • HypeAuditor
  • Upfluence
  • Shoutcart
  • Traackr
  • Klear
  • Mavrck
  • Influence
  • #paid

Reasons to look for a Heepsy alternative

Heepsy allows you to find influencers on all major platforms (Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch), analyze profiles, and reach out to your favorite creators.

It has happy customers, but Heepsy does come with its fair share of drawbacks. They include:

1. Limited influencer database

Heepsy has a database of around 11M creators, which is quite limited. Not only that, it doesn't allow brands to find nano influencers (<5k followers).

2. No campaign monitoring feature

This is big drawback because most influencer marketing platforms provide some kind of influencer monitoring. Without monitoring your campaigns, it's difficult to track who's posting what & when, see how posts perform, and gather content for reporting or repurposing.

3. Limited search filters

Heepsy doesn't provide audience demographics for TikTok, YouTube, or Twitch. You can't filter your influencers by the growth rate, audience reachability, or other major metrics. With the lack of such options, you can't find influencers that fit your criteria properly.

10 Heepsy alternatives to try today

Now that we've discussed Heepsy (and its drawbacks) in detail let's check out the 10 Heepsy alternatives you can try today.

1. Modash

Modash has the most comprehensive influencer database of 200M+ creators on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram (that's every creator on Earth with 1k+ followers).

The platform allows you to discover influencers, analyze their profiles to determine the right fit for your brand, and monitor all your campaigns — all in one place.

You can add filters for both the influencer and their audience to ensure you find the exact right match for your campaign. Some of the filters you can add include:

  • Influencer follower range
  • Engagement rate
  • Fake followers
  • Influencer demographics like age, gender, language
  • Hashtags used and keywords in bio
  • Influencer growth rate

Or, you can search based on the influencer’s audience locations, language, interests, demographics, and more. You can even control what percentage of the audience needs to match your filter. For example, you might want to search for profiles that have a minimum of 20% followers in a particular location.

After adding relevant filters, you've got a shortlist of influencers. Now, you can analyze these profiles by accessing full reports that give you all the metrics, including engagement rate, top posts, paid post performance, audience demographic, likes, and account growth.

Modash also lets you monitor all your influencer marketing campaigns by automating the process. The software tracks and collects all the sponsored content by the influencer you partner with, removing the need to check influencer content manually.

Modash vs Heepsy

  • Modash has a database of 200M+ influencers (every creator with 1K+ followers), while Heepsy has a limited database of 11M.  
  • While Heepsy limits search to influencers with 5K+ followers, Modash lets you search and discover nano-influencers (1000 to 4999 followers).
  • Modash enables you to monitor campaigns, while Heepsy doesn't provide that feature.
  • Heepsy has data on Twitch influencers, while Modash's database is limited to TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Heepsy is cheaper, starting from $49/month.


Modash's pricing starts from $120/month and scales to $1350/month & beyond, based entirely on usage. You can also avail of a 14-day free trial (no credit card needed).

2. Grin

Grin is an influencer marketing platform specifically for the eCommerce industry. With integrations available for all the major eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento, Grin is a holistic influencer marketing software.

The platform allows you to communicate with influencers, manage and ship your products to the creators, generate discount codes and UTM links, and track sales for commissions. You can track products to delivery and view key metrics as soon as the influencer posts content.

You also get the actual ROI at the campaign and the individual influencer level and can pay your influencers from within the platform. Grin lets you repurpose influencer-generated content into mood boards or video stories.

Grin also provides affiliate marketing and lets you generate unique links for your affiliates, complete with campaign briefs. You can also track the ROI produced by each affiliate and attribute ROI to individual performers and overall campaigns.

Grin vs Heepsy

  • Grin doesn't provide pricing on its website, but you can expect entry prices of $25k/yr+; it isn't the best fit for small businesses.
  • Both platforms have a limited database. Grin boasts a database of 100M influencers, of which 37M+ come with email addresses, but once you narrow down your search, the actual number of relevant influencers becomes much smaller.
  • Grin offers many integrations for e-commerce software, email systems, and chat applications, making it easy to find and grow your influencer network. Heepsy doesn't provide these integrations.
  • Heepsy doesn't provide an influencer payment tool. Although Grin allows users to pay influencers from the platform, there's no option to make a recurring payment.
  • Heepsy offers monthly plans; Grin does not.

See also: Grin alternatives.


Grin offers customized pricing based on your business's needs. Expect starting prices of $25k+ with annual tie-ins.

3. HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor is one of the most exhaustive influencer marketing platforms with tools for discovery, campaign management and analytics, and competitor analysis.

With a database of 68.7M+ influencers on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, you can search for influencers with various filters, including growth rate, followers, and location.

HyperAuditor lets you create and manage partnerships, discover emerging trends, and analyze influencer profiles. You can also find out how your competitors run their influencer marketing campaigns and compare the performance of campaigns of multiple brands.  

You can also integrate HypeAuditor with your Shopify account to discover influencers, run campaigns, and measure total clicks, sales, and ROI for each influencer.

HypeAuditor vs Heepsy

  • You can just add your email and start using Heepsy. For HypeAuditor, you have to book a demo first.
  • Heepsy provides a much easier user interface with a minimal learning curve than HypeAuditor.
  • Both provide a free version with limited functionalities.
  • HypeAuditor has more complex features that can often lead to confusion. Their value metrics, like estimated cost per engagement or estimated price per post, aren't reliable ways to filter influencers.


HypeAuditor doesn't provide a transparent pricing structure. You can contact the team to get pricing based on your business needs.

See also: Hypeauditor alternatives.

4. Upfluence

Upfluence uses a hybrid agency/influencer marketing platform model. So, along with a built-in platform like Heepsy, it also provides agency services, which have pros and cons.

As an Upfluence user, you can expect the following:

  • A hands-off approach while a dedicated team of influence experts will be managing the campaign
  • Influencer relationships with the agency but not with your brand directly
  • Harder to switch platforms in the future because you won't have prior connections to rely on

Upfluence is a complete platform providing tools for influencer discovery, relationship management, outreach, monitoring, and analytics. You can build custom workflows, generate individual affiliate links, issue custom coupon codes, and manage product seeding.

Upfluence also simplifies influencer payment by sending payment requests to collect invoices and tax documents. The platform provides integrations with most tools like HubSpot, Shopify, Stripe, and Mailchimp, among others.

One thing to be aware of is the limited database. Since Upfluence only shows "vetted" influencers, their influencer database is remarkably limited, showing the same influencer repeatedly.

Upfluence vs Heepsy

  • Upfluence is more expensive compared to Heepsy. With Upfluence you can expect $10K+ per year starting costs while Heepsy starts around $600 yearly.
  • While Heepsy doesn't charge extra to store an influencer, Upfluence does at $0.09 per influencer.
  • Upfluence doesn't give a free trial.
  • Heepsy offers annual contracts with special discounts for those clients who choose to avail of them, while Upfluence only deals with annual contracts.
  • Upfluence operates as a hybrid agency which hinders building influencer relationships making you too dependent on a third party.


While there are three plans, Upfluence doesn't provide transparent pricing. You’ll have to contact them to get a quote based on your business needs.

See also: Upfluence alternatives.

5. Shoutcart

Shoutcart works like an influencer marketplace. Influencers advertise their services along with their pricing, and marketers can browse by category, price, and number of followers until they find a profile they like.

While Shoutcart is simple, fast, and easy, it comes with a few drawbacks. Buying a one-time shoutout from an influencer (who is simultaneously promoting several other brands) isn't an effective marketing strategy.

While you can select influencers based on your budget, a marketplace-based model has a limited database of influencers who register on the platform themselves. So, Shoutcart houses influencers aggressively monetizing their audience — leading you to miss out on untapped creators with highly engaged audiences.

Shoutcart vs Heepsy

  • Shoutcart has a pretty straightforward search engine, while Heepsy employs AI to help filter and find the exact match.  
  • After shortlisting your list of influencers, you can export it to a spreadsheet and integrate it into your email to automate outreach with Heepsy.
  • Both platforms don't have a relationship management tool.


Shoutcart offers a free plan with limited features, but you need to have at least $100 in your account before you try and engage influencers. Paid plans start from $49/month and go up to $99/month.

See also: Shoutcart alternatives.

6. Traackr

Traackr is one of the first influencer marketing platforms and provides a complete suite for influencer discovery, campaign management, collaboration, and reporting.

With a huge global influencer data set, you can find influencers based on job title, gender, location, language, follower count, and engagement rate. With the Audience Attribute tool, you can filter your search by specifying audience gender, age, family status, interests, brand affinity, location, occupation, and income level.  

You can categorize influencers by which relationship stage you're with them — aware, engaged, and advocate. With in-depth benchmarking, you can access a complete ranking of your brand and competitors.

Traackr also provides features for tracking clicks and conversions for each influencer. While Traackr is one of the most robust influencer marketing platforms on the market, it comes with a few drawbacks.

Traackr is not for small businesses with a limited budget. Subscriptions are sold on an annual or multi-year basis and are’nt cheap. They also have a limited influencer database, especially on a local level.

Traackr vs Heepsy

  • Heepsy is quite simple to use, while Traackr is set up completely differently than other influencer marketing platforms.
  • Traackr's in-depth benchmarketing data ensure you remain on top of what your competitors are doing. Heepsy doesn't provide any such reporting.
  • Traackr's platform is more expensive, and more comprehensive overall
  • Traackr's database is minimal, and influencers often have to request to be added to the platform.


Traackr doesn't have pricing plans on the website, and neither do they offer a free trial.

See also: Traackr alternatives.

7. Klear

Klear is an easy-to-use influencer marketing platform that offers discovery, analytics, tracking, and relationship management.

Klear's monitoring tool is both a social listening and an analytics tool. You can filter your searches by accounts that are actively talking about you, along with plenty of other valuable data for gathering excellent insight into the type of content you should be creating.

The platform puts together all campaign-related content, including Instagram Stories, by unlimited @brand mentions, #hashtags, or keywords.

The Klear Influencer Score is powered by AI and looks at dozens of metrics to generate a 0-100 score, which quantifies a user's influence. You can also track all the affiliate sales and pay within the platform.

Klear vs Heepsy

  • Klear provides in-depth monitoring and automatically tracks all influencer-generated content. Heepsy doesn't have any tools for monitoring.
  • Klear allows you to verify content before it goes live and share your feedback.
  • Heepsy doesn't offer affiliate marketing management, while Klear has a very efficient affiliate tool.  
  • Klear's management features are fairly basic, while Heepsy doesn't provide any tool for relationship management.


Like other tools mentioned above, Klear doesn't provide a pricing plan on the website. You can contact the sales team to get a demo and pricing details.

8. Mavrck

Mavrck is an Official TikTok Marketing Partner, which means you can easily find and activate TikTok creators available on the marketplace at scale, track their performance, and integrate them into their holistic influencer marketing program.

One of the most extensive influencer marketing platforms on the market, Mavrck provides end-to-end relationship management, workflow automation, and loyalty programs.

One way Mavrck stands out is the Incentivize feature. You can incentivize influencers in a variety of ways — cash, free products, gift cards, promo codes, or exclusive experiences — and track it all within the platform to save time and budget.

With automated workflows, you can manage thousands of influencers at every stage of the process, share your feedback on content drafts before they go live, and ensure all content and FTC disclosure requirements are met.

Mavrck also lets you syndicate content and reviews from influencers and advocates to your eCommerce site and retail partners and repurpose influencer-generated content across various customer touchpoints.

Mavrck vs Heepsy

  • Mavrck doesn't provide a free trial or a free version of the platform.
  • Heepsy doesn't offer payment tracking and influencer management.
  • Mavrck provides proprietary fraud detection for followers and engagement. It also ensures visual brand safety through visual intelligence via Google Vision AI capabilities.
  • Mavrck has a minimal influencer database of 3M creators.
  • While Heepsy is limited to four platforms, Mavrck is active on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, and even blogs.


Mavrck's pricing is based on your business needs.

9. Influence

Influence is a hybrid of a social networking platform and a marketplace for influencers. While typical features like influencer discovery, relationship management, and analytics are available, Influence stands out because influencers can edit their profiles and showcase their work.

Brands can also create profiles (similar to a LinkedIn page), generate campaign briefs, and let influencers apply. Influencers can interact with the brand page by liking and sharing posts.

You can build long-term relationships with brand ambassadors and advocates with Creator Communities.

Influence vs Heepsy

  • While Heepsy doesn't provide campaign reports, Influence has limited monitoring and reporting.
  • Creators can interact with brands directly on Influence.
  • The quality of creators on Influence seems more personalized and authentic.
  • Influence offers a more hands-on approach to influencer marketing. With Heepsy, you can reach out and get started with the campaign. With Creator Communities, brands can interact with influencers, keep them updated on new products and build long-term relationships with them.


Pricing starts from $600/month, and no free trial is available.

10. #paid

#paid is an influencer marketing platform that offers features to connect with creators, communicate with them in-app, and track your influencer campaign ROI.

The platform's "Handraise" tool allows you to create a brief and uses the brief to match you with creators ideal for your campaign. With centralized communication, you can stay connected with every creator on your campaign.

#paid also lets you review each post, share feedback, and remain updated on when the content is scheduled to go live.

One way #paid stands out from other influencer marketing platforms is "Creator Licensing." With this tool, you can run ads through an influencer's social media account — adding authenticity to your social ads.

One drawback of #paid is the limited database with only 20,000 creators. Once you start adding required filters, there aren't going to be many influencers left to choose from.

Similar to Shoutcart, you'll only find people proactively looking for brand collaborations and working with multiple brands simultaneously. It will also result in you missing out on smaller accounts with a highly engaged audience who aren't actively looking for brand collaborations.

#paid vs Heepsy

  • #paid has one of the most limited databases of just 20,000 creators, while Heepsy boasts 11M influencers.
  • Heepsy is well suited for small businesses due to its pricing and smaller commitment, while #paid is too expensive for SMBs.
  • Real humans vet #paid's influencer proposals.
  • #paid has a creator matching system, while Heepsy has an influencer discovery feature.


# paid's pricing starts from $499/month and goes up to $999/month. You can also get a custom plan based on your business needs.

Which Heepsy alternative to choose?

To select the best influencer marketing software for your business, list all your specific brand needs — how many campaigns to run, whether you want to find local influencers for local events, and the type of data and reporting you need — and make a decision based on that.

And if you want us to make up your mind for you, check out Modash. You can find influencers, analyze their profiles, and get their contact information all within the app. With Modash, you get one of the most comprehensive influencer analytics to ensure you choose the best fit for your brand.

Sign up today to avail your 14-day free trial.

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