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Influencer outreach email template and tools to contact influencers

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October 23, 2019

Influencer outreach often blindsides marketers the first time the task ends up on their desk. Often appearing without an outreach strategy, let alone a recommendation for influencer outreach tools. 

Here’s an influencer outreach email template and all the tools you need to contact influencers. 

Influencer outreach email templates

Influencer outreach is a lot like a sales process. It requires emails, followups and sometimes cross-channel communication. 

A mistake that is easily made by marketers the first time they do outreach is to use and outreach message that sounds like it’s being written to the CEO of a fortune 500 company. 

Stale, impersonal email will leave you with a 0% reponse rate. Here’s a whole set of email templates (with follow ups) that we have seen achieve a 75% response rate. 

Here are a few templates influencers are proven to respond to. 

How to get influencer contact details? 

Obviously getting contact details is often very difficult and time-consuming. But there are some great ways to find someones instagram email.


Modash is an influencer search engine with more than 50,000,000 creators from all over the world. That makes it the perfect tool to get influencer contact details. 

In Modash, you can find influencers based on target audience criteria and see important data like audience location, age, and more. Then, while browsing for the perfect fit, you can save them to lists. 

Lists are exportable into CSV, and contain emails for millions of influencer’s. CSV format makes it easy to import into email automation tools or even CRM. 

CSV exports also contain other important information about the influencer, in case you need to work with the data outside of the Modash platform.

Top Influencer outreach tools: 

1. Using Woodpecker as an influencer outreach tool

using woodpecker for email automation

Woodpecker is easily my favourite email outreach tool. It’s super easy to use, does automated followups and it sends emails 1 at a time, like you’re sending them yourself. 

Unlike other email tools, woodpecker seems focused on being the best at automated email followups. While many outreach tools build a huge number of features, but unfortunately don’t do anything that well. 

It’s great for influencer outreach. You can use the email template and follow up sequence in Woodpecker and achieve crazy response rates.

Woodpecker also gives you easy-to-follow but powerful stats to help you make optimizations on your outreach campaigns.

2. Using GetResponse as an influencer outreach tool

email automations with getresponse

GetResponse is a more robust option and better if you’re also trying to get other things done at work. For example, GetResponse offers a webinar platform, sales funnels and more. 

What’s great about building these campaigns in GetResponse is that you visually build the flow of emails and get a bit more custom.

Let’s say I send an email and the influencer opens it, but does not respond. GetResponse let’s me visually build custom flows for these circumstances. 

In the example above, I might want the next email the influencer receives to include something like:

“I noticed you opened my last email, is everything okay? I didn’t hear back.”  

GetResponse makes it easy. There are two options for sending email outreach to influencers. But sometimes you need to go directly to Instagram to catch their attention.  

3. Phantombuster 

Phantombuster is the rightful holder of the 2018 growth hacking product of the year award. Amongst their huge suite of workflows, api’s and scrapers, Phantom buster offers automated instagram comments. 

A powerful part of our influencer outreach strategy is using phantom buster to comment on influencer’s posts. 

After we send them 2 emails, we often upload our Modash CSV to Phantombuster and leave comments letting the influencer know we have sent an email. 

Often with something like: 

“Hey! We hit you with a couple email’s but didn’t hear back. Is that one the best email to reach you at? A response would mean so much, thanks!” 

There you go. The tools and resources you need to kickstart your influencer outreach strategy. If you need help getting started, consider booking a free call with me to get things on the right track. 

I’m happy to answer any questions I can and be as helpful as humanly possible.

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