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How to find fitness influencers for free. A step by step guide.

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There are a ton of people producing fitness related content on Instagram. You are probably following someone like that yourself, but most likely they won’t be a good fit for your influencer marketing campaign. Why? Because you need someone who speaks directly to your target audience.

Here is a small list of things for you to do and consider when looking for the right influencers for your campaign. These methods for finding fitness enthusiasts are 100% free. Although you might see in the end why investing up front can be better in the long run.

To make things concrete, let’s agree that we are running a campaign targeting Fitness enthusiasts in New York.

Search engines. Google fitness influencers in New York

looking for fitness influencers in new york city
top search result for finding fitness influencers in NYC

Simply starting with a google search to find influencers in a city that are popular enough to have a blog writing about them is a decent start to a manual search. In this case, we found a list from

3 New York Fitness influencers that are listed there.

instagram profile of a fitness influencer sweatwithbec


fitness influencer hannahbronfman


fitness influencer runningbrina


After finding the potential influencers to work with, the next step is to verify the ones who relate with your brands values, message and identity. Of course, these influencers so be double checked to make sure they really are fitness related.

We wouldn’t want to end our search with non-fitness related influencers. Reach out to them and confirm if their pricing is within your budget range and that they are up for a collaboration.

To reach those influencers, the best bet is to visit instagram directly. Even Micro-influencers in fitness will often list contact details for brands to get in touch. If not, DMs do the trick.

Search on Instagram

Directly go to the source. This time search Instagram for the location New York and start scrolling. About 150 results in you will find some one like Jimmy Velez – @hiit_machine.

His content mostly focuses on showing how he does different types of exercises, giving tips and motivating you to go to the gym. Most of his content is tagged with the location of New York and when diving into comments as far as our eye can see, he is a perfect fit. People seem to trust him. Thats true influence right?

fitness influencers in new york tag
sketchy instagram profile
fake comments example on instagram
influencer content with fake followers

If your target market is broader, you can also dive into using hashtags. Here is a list of some popular hashtags used by fitness bloggers.

#Fitness # FitnessMotivation #FitnessAddict #FitnessTrainer #ExerciseTime #FitnessJunkie #FitFam #InstaFitness #FitFam #Fitness #Fitspo #Fitporation #FitnessDedication #IGFit #InstaFit #Fistagram #GetFit #Exercise #StayFit #Sweat #StrongNotSkinny #FitForLife #FitLifestyle #FitnessForLife #FitGoals #FitInspiration #WorkoutTime #HomeWorkout #FitnessGuru #FitnessBody #FitnessFirst #FitnessPhysique #FitnessTips #FitBody #InstaFitness #FitnessBlogger #FitnessAddict #FitnessLover #FatLoss #WeightLoss #WeightLossJourney #Trainiac #WorkoutAtHome #NoShortcuts #HomeFitness #FitFun #HandleIt #ExerciseTime #ExerciseForLife #FitnessPartners #FitnessGoal #BodyBuilding #Gym #GymShark #Workout “WeightLifting # GymTime #CrossFit #FitnessModel

Word of mouth

You are likely to know someone who is a fitness enthusiast. Ask them who they follow on social media, who are their favorite content creators. Who to they look for advice.

You can also look for other brands in your niche and see who are they working with and reach out to them. It is possible to find someone who has stopped working with that brand, to switch or to promote both brands.

Make sure also to ask for referrals once you have found and influencer who suits your campaign. Ask them the same questions. They should know best who are the ones killing it with content in that area. They might even be able to provide contacts to their network.

Vet the creators as best you can.

One way to do this manually is to check Socialblade. Search for the fitness influencer that you have selected for your campaign and look for their historical data.

If you see any big sudden jumps in the following then that may refer to the user having bought followers at some point.

The influencer should have a steady curve in the increase of following. Here’s an example of what to watch out for.

how big growth in following

Results of finding influencers manually.

So, we have found couple of influencers that we would like to work with and we didn’t spend a dime on it. However it is still really hard to know what you are getting yourself into. Where all these comments and followers are actually coming from?

Well here’s a shocking reality of their audience data.

modash influencers on instagram data
fake followers on instagram

Best way to find out the actual following of influencers is with

When looking for creators, the only criteria we were seeking was related to fitness and who can reach audiences in New York. As you can see if we would have decided to work with some of them, we would have ended up paying a premium without having any sense who is actually following them. Maybe they aren’t fitness creators after all.

After calculating in the cost we would have paid for fake followers or for the audience that is not in New York, relying on manual labor in this circumstance is not cheaper at all. Plus all the time spent looking for the influencers and trying to reach out to them needs to be calculated in.

This is why sometimes it makes sense to invest in an affordable influencer marketing tool to help you identify your favourite influencers.

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